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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Female sex drive...

It's a pretty common belief that women tend to have a lower sex drive then that of men. There is the general assumption that men ALWAYS want it and that women are continually brushing them off. I mean, it's everywhere.. talk to most couples who have been together for a while.. the men almost always complain that they never get sex or that it's routine and dulled over time.. and women tend to think that's all men ever want and dismiss it all together. This is not true of ALL couples however, it seems to be true of the majority.

First off I believe that many women simply do not really know how to freely receive pleasure. A HUGE part of knowing HOW to receive pleasure is by knowing your own body and knowing what YOU enjoy. I think that many women just don't have the interest in exploring themselves fully - which is a shame because that is the KEY to broadening your sexual horizons. There is the stigma that it's "all or nothing" with women when it comes to sex. Meaning, some women may figure they need to portray **porn star** like performances in the bedroom & they simply aren't like that... Side note here though, any discerning eye can tell you the porn star 'showings' are all about quantity not quality - There is nothing genuine in about 99% of female orgasms in pornographic performances... so take those pressures off ladies. Besides, most men just want sex, they don't need you to know how to pull off the Swedish helicopter move ;o)

As women age, as the newness of relationships settles in - it seems they become so much more uninterested in sex. Distractions of life and work causing exhaustion at the end of the day.. but the overall unimportance they place on 'sex' being a vital part of their lives is a trend you see all the time. There is scientific proof that as women age they tend to have lower levels of testosterone in their bodies - testosterone is what charges up the DRIVE to want to have sex. Now do you see what I'm getting at.. and why men want it more then women in most cases? (Sidenote: being ladylike with good testosterone levels is amazing!!). The thing is ladies, that DRIVE that is missing - is also what gives you a BOOST a 'zest for life' that we all need to feel energized - ALIVE!! Why wouldn't you want your whole body to experience 'living'.

Maybe your orgasms are non-existent or just so/so. Ever tried KEGELS??? It's the pelvic floor exercise that can be done anywhere at anytime!! You simply use the same 'squeeze' muscles that you use to stop the flow of urine. It only needs to be a few a day - and TRUST ME - this move alone can make SO MUCH DIFFERENCE in what you experience while having sex. If you keep it up, your partner will enjoy the benefits of your little 'sexercises' as well!

So many women attribute sex with love. So, for those women who are tirelessly working to take care of everything - day in and day out - if you aren't feeling those 'romantic vibes' from your man - I can fully appreciate how that can kill your desire. Men are not the best of mind readers though, state it loud and clear if you require that 'lovin feelin' to be built up before gettin' dirty!

I truly believe that a lack of sexual desire is confining... in so many ways. What is life if there is no spring in your step? What is there to sacredly bond you to your partner if sex isn't a primal drive in your connection? Like so many things in life - if you go long enough without it - you get use to that. And when you get to that point, I hope after some thought and maybe reading this blog - you'll see that you're truly missing out.

Waving the flag for the ~insanely sexually charged chickee's of the world~ (oh yes, I am!).

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