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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

taste test...

Let's face it, if you're having ANY fun whatsoever during sex... at some point you are using your mouth for a little more than kissing. If you're not - pull up a chair and take notes people!!

The potential is limitless as to what your lips can do and where your tongue can linger. If your partner is hygienic (and you should expect nothing less) then there should be no hesitation to find out what they taste like from head to toe. If you're like me, the very thought will make you drool with anticipation ;o)

All too many times "if" you receive oral sex it's limited to the foreplay experience alone. This is a travesty!!!! Half the fun of a good session is knowing that a well dipped blow job can come at any time.. or being lapped at after the juices have been forced out of you *blush* ~ yes, I know what I like hehe! Do you know how kinky it is to see what you taste like coming off of your partner's body? It's DEVINE!! Everyone can brush their teeth or rinse their mouths later - when in the moment the key is to LET GO and ~play~ outside the box (and in hehe!).

Don't confine yourself to the foreplay only oral sex treatment - some people are so uptight they won't even kiss after giving or receiving oral sex - c'mon!!!!! Sex is all about fun and lust and being just a little bit daring... It's not about hesitating - you'll only experience true bliss if you let go of any worry and let the intensity of the moment carry you away!!!
There's an entire body to savour - don't go missing out!!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

The drive of a man ~ female style ~

"I love dick. To be honest, that I cannot live without."
- Christina Aguilera tells Out

Oh Christina - I hear ya sister!!!!!! I was asked once, if I could have sex whenever I wanted to - how often would I want it? ...The answer was instant "once a day!!" (sometimes more if I can get it!!! But definitely once a day is my ideal).

I've been told I give a BJ 'with love' - and I know I do.... do you know why? Because I DO LOVE IT!! I love the look of it, the feel of it, the scent, the taste.... it's crazy right?! If guys think about sex every 7 seconds, then I think about it every 5 lol!!
So now I wonder... for all the guys who think they could never be out-sexed by a woman... have you ever really had that experience? I know my breed is a rare one lol! I've had men say to me "we'll see if you can keep up" and I think... oh honey, you have NO IDEA who you're dealing with here - for as long as I can remember, I've had this relentless drive.

I tend to think that guys who have highly sexual women lose something in the pursuit -the chase - the 'hunter' side of a man. If guys can have great sex whenever they want it, does it lose some of it's lustre? Would men rather carry the torch of domination when it comes to s.x? I think most men THINK they would want a highly sexual woman but if they had one - it may overwhelm instead of turn them on...

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Embracing your sexual alter ego...

I think women either HAVE this or have the POTENTIAL for this... your sexual alter ego. It's one of those things that allows us to open the door to uninhibited sexual freedom. To fully enjoy the possibilities and satisfaction of completely 'letting go' during sex.

It's not always easy to clear our minds of the every-day goings on. Sometimes clearing our heads and getting into sex-mode is the furthest thing from a woman's mind (okay not mine, but I'm not talking about me here - I'm an odd bird that way!!). I often times enjoy adding a little SPICE to the game of sex - and that's what it should be - a full on game - play it - challenge yourself - think outside the box! (no pun intended lol!!).

Recently I put on a little cowgirl hat, added some high heel boots and sauntered down the stairs to greet my prey... After a few brief poses - it was ON!! Make him watch in the mirror when you do things to him - he can visualize that it's some dirty cowgirl down on him.. some slutty stripper that lives in his deepest darkest fantasies - but the best part - it's YOU!!! Let that cowgirl hat open the door to embracing your sexual alter ego. Behave in ways that the 'good housewife' would never think of. A little costume can take you far.

Maybe even just some sexy panties - something that breaks you out of the routine - the norm. Keep things on the edge once in a while. Everyone likes to get revved up for a surprise or two. And ladies, heels provide for leverage in certain positions that bare feet just can't compete with!!! Not to mention when in mid-air they make for wicked thrust handles ;o) MEOW!!! Maybe let him catch you 'already warming up' and see how quickly he catches up or begs to assist - let the woman take control ;o)

Don't just wait for the mundane to occur in the bedroom at the regular time on an anticipated date. Be spontaneous - allow yourself to be someone you wouldn't normally be from day to day. Let the mild mannered kitty transform into the hungry pussy once in a while. If a wig or costume or piece of lingerie does it for ya - own it! You'll be amazed what playing the role can do for you (and of course for him!)...

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Cowgirl in heels - and owning it!! ;o)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jesse James Sandra Bullock - Affairs....

You know, I’ll bet that Jesse James really did and DOES love Sandra Bullock. You see, most guys who cheat don’t let the potential consequences of their actions enter their minds. To them, the mistress and the wife are two completely separate worlds and for whatever reason, the majority of guys who enter into affairs – figure they can balance both – that one has nothing to do with the other. The excitement and the ‘rise’ are totally separate entities from their family/wife and what could potentially EXPLODE. And when the affair DOES come to light... it usually doesn’t end the way they’d want it to.

I wonder if any of the guys out there are taking pause now at what’s happened with Tiger Woods and Jesse James. Aside from the risk of losing their wives/families over the affair – the chicks they are having affairs with ALWAYS have the potential go to ‘FATAL ATTRACTION’ on them! Whether you think you’re just having a casual fling or are in love with your mistress – love and sex can do CRAZZZZZY things and turn people very ugly! The moment you cross the line, there is potential for that ‘other person’ to show up at your front door and bring to light that dirty little secret. And now with text messages, emails, voice mails, etc... the potential to get caught only increases. Especially if you’re having an affair with someone who is single – most women are gonna want MORE out of the situation at some point. Convincing yourself otherwise is risky business. I think the ONLY time you can AFFORD to have an affair – is when you don’t CARE if you get caught – meaning, you are PREPARED to leave the marriage at all costs. (Plus the chick Jesse James cheated with is just butt f.ckin ugly!!!)...

Now, aside from causing irreparable damage to your relationship with your spouse... consider it double fold if you have children in the picture too. It’s one thing for your spouse to discover your affair but how would you face your children being aware of it? Sandra Bullock became step-mom to Jesse James’ kids – an affair can have far reaching affects. Thing is, most guys won’t THINK on these levels when getting caught up in an affair. A new woman who shows sexual interest in you seems to be so intoxicating to most men that considering the risks of crossing the line doesn’t usually come into play.

I’m thinking most guys who have affairs aren’t CRAZY IN LOVE with their mistresses anyways... figuring they can stop things whenever they decide – not always the way the mistress thinks though. If asked what was more important to them – their wives/families or the mistress – the guys will almost always say that their wife/family means more to them of course... doesn’t mean they don’t want to take the mistress or potential mistress up on what they’re offering!

Most guys have an idea of what they’d like to see in a wife/mother-of-their-children type. And usually it’s NOT the same as what they would want from a mistress. A lot of guys want more sex from their wives but do they REALLY want their wife to be the dirty slut that the mistress is? It’s the old theory of who you ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ bring home & introduce to the folks.... It’s the rare situation where a man feels he has a presentable wife/mother type on one hand, who turns into the vixen/kinky-whore for him in the bedroom. Guys SAY they want a woman who can offer them both sides – but is that really true? Can they separate the dirty girl in the bedroom and the woman who he brings to Easter with the family? Or is the sex he has with his wife more ‘love’ based and the sex he fantasizes about with a mistress more about ‘getting off’ to his deepest darkest desires. For some reason most people don’t have ‘both’ scenarios in the relationship they have with their spouse.

I always say it’s ONE THING if your marriage is in trouble and you could possible ‘see’ that you haven’t been close physically, etc... those weak moments in a relationship always have the potential to create outside interests. But to be completely blindsided (no pun intended Sandy) has to be the worst of the worst. It’s in those cases that I truly believe the guys think... they just wouldn’t get caught... because they probably were pretty happy with their marriages. Sure most people who have affairs aren’t in the public eye – but what about a workplace affair (which is often where it begins) – there probably isn’t as much consideration for how your career can be affected until it’s too late.. Or an affair with someone that your family knows as being part of your circle of friends.. it all has an affect that most involved in the affairs do not consider until all hell breaks loose.

I think the blindside affair has to be the LOWEST of the low. It’s the true con artist who convinces his spouse he’s completely in love and devoted while living a lie... having your cake and eating it too – is ALWAYS too good to be true. Wonder how Jesse's gonna feel when Sandy finds a new man to treat her right... yeah, that's another thing he SHOULD have considered before dipping his wang in the tattoo skank!

If you’re willing to take the risk, you have to really hate your spouse and expect to leave on ugly terms. Chances are that’s how it’s gonna break down – even if things to come to light long after an affair has ended...

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Chick xo

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Bachelor - overpowered by the pussy!

I think all a man wants is to be adored but MORE importantly, he wants the ease of getting pussy. I’ve come to this conclusion through my observations as a female and from recently watching THE BACHELOR. Here’s a guy (Jake) who has a choice between a quality woman who is seemingly PERFECT for him (Tenley) but who isn’t giving up the ‘tang’ so easily... Apparently sharing the same morals and values with the Bachelor – isn’t as important as the other woman (Vienna) who is an immature and abrasive extension wearing quack who very EASILY uses the cooter to get what she wants. Guess who he picked.... he is, after all, a man.

It became very clear on the overnight dates. Here’s Tenley – the perfect girl, who has only ever been with her ex-husband – they never show in detail what actually happens on the overnight dates but anyone with half a brain could see that Tenley did NOT screw Jake that night. Vienna – the immature fake blonde (who has risqué pics circling the internet) made it quite clear to the viewing audience as she slipped into a skimpy white camisole, that she was about to TAKE ownership of Jake. And from that night forward, Tenley took a back seat – and Vienna was the front runner.

Even when the girls were faced with meeting Jake’s famiy...the pussy took precedence. Tenley met the family and fit in right away – they LOVED her!! She is, after all, perfect. Vienna went in and the initial reaction was that the family was NOT impressed. Yet, in swoops Jake to ensure they give her the benefit of the doubt – you know why – because she f.cked him good – that’s why! If roles were reversed, Tenley would have been a shoe in. I guess there is something to be said for having some experience under your belt versus saving yourself for marriage these days huh? Goes to show, that a man’s urges are top priority.

Jake is a guy who professes to be very ‘proper’ and a ‘good guy’... listens to his parents advice... thinks he holds himself to these high standards – In reality, he’s like every guy out there – They’re on the hunt for some good pussy and once they find it they wanna make sure they can have it whenever they like. Thing is, most guys end up suffering in the end for putting the needs of their cock ahead of the needs of their LIFE. Those who are able to find a balance between the two – have a RARE catch indeed. This is NOT the case here with the Bachelor. There is NO doubt in my mind that Vienna took him to the base... and when you’re in a competition for a man’s affection – that’ll crown you every time!

That’s the key, if you want to hold onto a guy – f.ck him like no one has, or could ever f.ck him again.

You see it all the time – in those ‘what does he see in HER??’ situations.... I’ll give you the answer 99.9% of the time... it’s all about the PUSSY!

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p.s. for anyone secretly loving the Bachelor/Bachelorette show as I do – make sure to take a moment to read www.realitysteve.com – he knows his stuff and makes watching so much more worthwhile!


Chick xo

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I recently read that guys only REALLY want to kiss if it leads to sex... WELL YEAH!!!! If ONLY it were that EASY eh fellas? More times than not I could go for the kiss'n'dip lol! I do however, think kissing says a LOT about the kind of relationship you have. You can tell when you're being kissed as a courtesy, or kissed with passionate urgency or kissed lovingly - there ARE big differences. Personally, I think ALL types should exist in your relationship repertoire.

There are a LOT of awkward kissers out there. You know them, the slobber'ers', the eyes-wide-open kissers, the tongue down your throat - or oopposite - tongue is afraid to come out kissers, the kiss you like you're a sibling kissers, the never open their mouth's kissers, the biters, etc.... Pay CLOSE attention to whether or not you've been complimented on your kissing abilities - if not, then there's likely a GOOD reason for it... maybe it's time for a new attempt.

Why I think all kisses are important in a relationship is easy - peck on the lip kisses are necessary because there are times when that's all that's called for - In public places, around family and friends.... the little peck kisses are good then. However, if you are in the midst of a foreplay session - peck on the lip kisses are a NO NO! Passionate kissing is the opposite - NOT to be done in public or around others - save that for more intimate moments. This is when you kiss with a little more pressure and urgency - use your tongue - heavy breathing, you get the idea... I think anyone can handle working the kisses I've described here - even tho not everyone is good at it ;o)

I think the most important kiss that is a tell tale sign of your relationship is the loving kiss. The one where you can FEEL there's meaning behind it. Maybe it's gentle, it's definitely MORE than the peck on the lips - but a little more loving than the 'I'm about to take you' kiss - somewhere in the middle. I think it's softer, fingers running through your hair maybe, just the right amount of tongue - maybe the slightest nibble... It's the one that every now and again - makes u dizzy ;o)

All too many couples lose the zest for decent kissing as a relationship goes on. Anyone saving those good kisses solely for use in the bedroom, are missing out. (and a hint... what better way to end up in the bedroom then the spontaneous kiss in the kitchen - ahhhh! Now you get it!!). I truly believe anyone who isn't putting an effort into making out with decent kissing is losing out on real intimacy. You want more passion - then give it, and start with those luscious lips of yours will ya?!



Chick xo!