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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I recently read that guys only REALLY want to kiss if it leads to sex... WELL YEAH!!!! If ONLY it were that EASY eh fellas? More times than not I could go for the kiss'n'dip lol! I do however, think kissing says a LOT about the kind of relationship you have. You can tell when you're being kissed as a courtesy, or kissed with passionate urgency or kissed lovingly - there ARE big differences. Personally, I think ALL types should exist in your relationship repertoire.

There are a LOT of awkward kissers out there. You know them, the slobber'ers', the eyes-wide-open kissers, the tongue down your throat - or oopposite - tongue is afraid to come out kissers, the kiss you like you're a sibling kissers, the never open their mouth's kissers, the biters, etc.... Pay CLOSE attention to whether or not you've been complimented on your kissing abilities - if not, then there's likely a GOOD reason for it... maybe it's time for a new attempt.

Why I think all kisses are important in a relationship is easy - peck on the lip kisses are necessary because there are times when that's all that's called for - In public places, around family and friends.... the little peck kisses are good then. However, if you are in the midst of a foreplay session - peck on the lip kisses are a NO NO! Passionate kissing is the opposite - NOT to be done in public or around others - save that for more intimate moments. This is when you kiss with a little more pressure and urgency - use your tongue - heavy breathing, you get the idea... I think anyone can handle working the kisses I've described here - even tho not everyone is good at it ;o)

I think the most important kiss that is a tell tale sign of your relationship is the loving kiss. The one where you can FEEL there's meaning behind it. Maybe it's gentle, it's definitely MORE than the peck on the lips - but a little more loving than the 'I'm about to take you' kiss - somewhere in the middle. I think it's softer, fingers running through your hair maybe, just the right amount of tongue - maybe the slightest nibble... It's the one that every now and again - makes u dizzy ;o)

All too many couples lose the zest for decent kissing as a relationship goes on. Anyone saving those good kisses solely for use in the bedroom, are missing out. (and a hint... what better way to end up in the bedroom then the spontaneous kiss in the kitchen - ahhhh! Now you get it!!). I truly believe anyone who isn't putting an effort into making out with decent kissing is losing out on real intimacy. You want more passion - then give it, and start with those luscious lips of yours will ya?!



Chick xo!

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