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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods ....Another guy who thinks he just won't get caught

I think even the skeeviest of guys is shaking their heads at Tiger's 'transgressions' and his complete lack of control. Talk about a fall from grace. Was this guy wound so tight that he had to have SOMETHING give eventually? Maybe... or maybe he's just one o those types who thinks they can have their cake and eat it too. That shit always catches up to you though - in one way or another. In Tiger's case I think the count is up to 12 and increasing...

Who knows what the back story is here... how unhappy his marriage was, etc. I'll be the first one to sympathize with the pains of being in a sexless marriage - but was that REALLY the case here? I doubt it - they have a 9 month old baby - and the affairs were ongoing for years with some of these women... Clearly, invincible on the course does not mean invincible in life. It's one thing if your spouse is aware of the lacking in a marriage - but to present it as 'perfect' and continue to welcome children into the mix - it just screams GREED. It's not a situation where he went onto meet his soul mate here - he was pokin' a hole in any warm place that was offering. Not to mention the deets coming out about being unprotected during these indiscretions - yuk! Gawd help his wallet if he ends up passing STD's around this already skanky mess.

And ya know, even if you're married to a dreadful hag - if you have the MEANS (and we all KNOW he did) then *man up* and get out!!! Tiger's flaw was maintaining the facade of perfection while living a lie. I do think that most guys, if they figure they had the capability of getting away with it - would cheat - and still keep their cushy lives at home in tact. That's likely why a lot of affairs DO happen - because people think they'll get away with it. Most think of covering their tracks, not what they will lose when they DO get caught. I hate to think what his kids will feel as they grow up and are able to access the truth about their Dad and what he CHOSE to do... that kinda stuff is irreparable.

I heard a good analysis of this issue recently.... that Tiger was a pretty 'geeky' fella growing up. That he was mastering his golf game instead of sowing his wild oats when he was younger... so it was building up in him and had to come out eventually. It just happened to come out at a time when he was married with two young children and pinned a spotlight on his complete lack of control over himself.

So why is Tiger suffering under such public opinion and David Letterman did not? Well, David Letterman spoke out prior to the public's general knowledge of the indiscretions. ALSO, people seem to have a lot more tolerance for cheating if you are with a 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend' as opposed to a 'spouse' who holds a marriage license. As committed as some people may be, that piece of paper that defines you as 'married' does hold a lot of weight. In other words, had Tiger only been living with Elin and not married to her - I'd bet his 'transgressions' wouldn't be so newsworthy. Sad, but true...

Even if Tiger had legitimate feelings for the women he had affairs with, the sheer number of women discounts any meaning here... I sure hope he thinks it was worth it - his life will never be the same again.

So if you're going to cheat - and you don't have the b@lls to leave your marriage/relationship first - then make sure you are fully prepared for the sh.t to hit the fan. And ensure that you are prepared to lose the person you betrayed because more times than not, it's inevitable. Some situations may seem worth it - but I can tell you, it's NEVER an easy road to take.

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Fred said...

Think you nailed it bang on! Good read.