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Monday, August 31, 2009

My thoughts on masturbating...

So, we all do it.. and anyone who says they don't do it are either extremely repressed or lying - more than likely it's the latter ;o) I think masturbating is fantastic - it's healthy, it feels good - no one gets hurt and it's reliably satisfying!! So long as masturbation doesn't REPLACE your sex life it's all good..

I know I'm not the only one who has done the deed in spaces other than my bedroom. Anyone else take it into the bathroom stall at work? At your desk maybe - *blush* - in your car - on a boat down below while everyone else thinks you're changing hehe! I'm sure tons of us have done it in bed while our partner slept.. There are times when I get so greedy I'll play even after an intense round of sex with my partner - when on a roll why stop the game?!??

Subjects of my masturbation fantasies vary. Anything from the simple images from watching porn, to staring at my partner's body or imagining it, to fantasizing about encounters with multiple men... ahhhh the list goes on. What is fairly consistent though, is that when I do masturbate - I've got that goal of cumming in mind and I can get there pretty quickly if I want to ;o) Sometimes, once isn't enough either... I'm capable of getting there when I need to ;o)

My favourite means of pleasuring myself is circular motions with my moistened fingertips. Many women prefer vibrators - I've got my share of toys but they never seem to measure up to the feeling of real, warm skin on skin play ;o) In a pinch tho, I'm able to take myself over the edge fully clothed - with the right amount of stimulation of course hehe! I like my scent, I like my taste - I like to play and I KNOW I'm not alone... Afterall, if we can't enjoy ourselves fully how is anyone else gonna be expected to do it? Lucky for me, masturbating doesn't take anything away from sex with my partner - in fact the more I cum - the more I WANT to cum - so it only benefits him ;o) Every now and again I'll with hold - and by the time I get to cum the ramp up is intense!! You can also consider throwing a little self-pleasure into your sex play - doesn't the thought of watching your partner touch themselves turn you on??? EXACTLY!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I (often) do hehe!!

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Chick xo!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The perfect tease...

I have to share one of my favourite bedroom ‘themes’.. and that’s THE BIG TEASE. Now, most of us are fully aware of the ‘pre-bedroom-tease’ games. Maybe a low cut blouse, short skirt, maybe he’s freshly shaven, is wearing cologne – all of the many ways in which we lure our partner into further contact.

My partner knows I’m always OVERLY eager to get him naked and POUNCE!!!!! Every now and again I like to throw a loop into the mix and tell him I could go without... That’s when I’ll kiss him a bit... gently touch him... but make sure it’s in his head I could wait until another time to hit the sheets with him... If you’re a ‘GIVE-IT-UP-ER’ like me, this little ditty is bound to raise the eyebrow... Suddenly he thinks, ooh, a challenge – make her want it – and the game is on!!

Surely enough, I let him TALK me into it... NOW THIS is where you perfect your teasing. It’s all about timing, pressure and taking control!! This applies to all aspects, from kissing lightly until you can tell he wants MORE... to oral sex where you barely allow your tongue to touch just under his tip (mmmm!!) – feather light touches make anyone’s desire overflow – and at just the moment when they can’t take it anymore – TAKE HIM DOWN ;o) Just when he thinks he’s finally gotten what he wants – slow it up again and tease all over... the more you tease the more intense the final results will be. I like to continue to play this game when I’m on top too. Ever so gently gliding myself on him.... just barely moistening the tip.. tease, tease, tease... pause... then FULL entry!!!!! A few good grinds then back to the tip-tease ;o) Ohhhhh that game is such fun!!! And payback – HEAVENLY!!! Be aware that by the time he flips you over or gets on top of you – the punishing penetration for teasing him may be EXACTLY what the good little kitty wants ;o) MEOW~~~

You wanna get into it more? Feathers, light blowing on wet surfaces, touching yourself before you let him touch you.... you catch my drift ;o)

Tease, please and have yourself a wickedly tantalizing time!!

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Chick xo