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Monday, August 31, 2009

My thoughts on masturbating...

So, we all do it.. and anyone who says they don't do it are either extremely repressed or lying - more than likely it's the latter ;o) I think masturbating is fantastic - it's healthy, it feels good - no one gets hurt and it's reliably satisfying!! So long as masturbation doesn't REPLACE your sex life it's all good..

I know I'm not the only one who has done the deed in spaces other than my bedroom. Anyone else take it into the bathroom stall at work? At your desk maybe - *blush* - in your car - on a boat down below while everyone else thinks you're changing hehe! I'm sure tons of us have done it in bed while our partner slept.. There are times when I get so greedy I'll play even after an intense round of sex with my partner - when on a roll why stop the game?!??

Subjects of my masturbation fantasies vary. Anything from the simple images from watching porn, to staring at my partner's body or imagining it, to fantasizing about encounters with multiple men... ahhhh the list goes on. What is fairly consistent though, is that when I do masturbate - I've got that goal of cumming in mind and I can get there pretty quickly if I want to ;o) Sometimes, once isn't enough either... I'm capable of getting there when I need to ;o)

My favourite means of pleasuring myself is circular motions with my moistened fingertips. Many women prefer vibrators - I've got my share of toys but they never seem to measure up to the feeling of real, warm skin on skin play ;o) In a pinch tho, I'm able to take myself over the edge fully clothed - with the right amount of stimulation of course hehe! I like my scent, I like my taste - I like to play and I KNOW I'm not alone... Afterall, if we can't enjoy ourselves fully how is anyone else gonna be expected to do it? Lucky for me, masturbating doesn't take anything away from sex with my partner - in fact the more I cum - the more I WANT to cum - so it only benefits him ;o) Every now and again I'll with hold - and by the time I get to cum the ramp up is intense!! You can also consider throwing a little self-pleasure into your sex play - doesn't the thought of watching your partner touch themselves turn you on??? EXACTLY!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I (often) do hehe!!

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Chick xo!!

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