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Friday, September 25, 2009


Ya know why BJ's are virtually non-existent after marriage... because MOST women (if they are honest) do not LIKE giving them. The only reason they do give them is to PLEASE their man... Yup, I said it - it's true! Rare is the woman who LIKES to give BJ's - If you find one - HOLD ON TIGHT!!! For whatever twisted reason couples seem out to 'impress' one another until marriage - then they often times seem to just 'give up' - and the sex is the first to go.

Think about this... do you have to coax your woman into giving you a bj? Do you have to ask for it? Is it hard enough to get sex as often as you want it - so you don't wanna push it with a request for oral play??? Then guess what... she doesn't LIKE it.

If a woman feels unloved or unappreciated and that you only want to give her attention in order to get sex - guess what - she likely won't wanna blow you. So... that part aside, let's figure you are a good guy - attentive - loving - someone who spends time pleasing your woman - then you SHOULD expect some lickin' love in return ;o) But I guess the REAL key is how do you get your woman to LIKE doing it other than just to please you....???

My tips are simple. First off, be very clean - I don't just mean having your morning shower, going to work all day then expecting a lick-fest that night. Tidy up right before you get physical.. if you can, grab a quick shower.. if that's not possible then make your way to the bathroom and do a sink/dink-rinse ;o) Secondly, pay attention to the BUSH - yes guys - your man-forests!! If you are comfortable - go hairless (my personal favourite - allows me to lick and suck and drip all over my guy's skin).. If bald-eagle isn't your style MAKE SURE you groom - yes, trim those pubes fellas!!! Get down there, and trim away - the less hair the better chance your woman will want to venture south. I mean think about it - would you prefer to munch on a hairy bush or glide your tongue and lips across some 'barely there' action?? - the answer is simple... My final tip is to pay close attention to what your partner likes or dislikes about oral sex... If she doesn't want you to cum in her mouth - don't! If she doesn't want you to hold the back of her head and force her to take you deeper - don't!! The more comfortable you can make your woman the more apt she will be to TAKE you down...

A little tid bit - if you find a woman who likes to give a bj, will take it in her mouth, wants you to pull her hair while you shove it deeper into her throat... (*blush*)... keep'er ;o)

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Cheers!! And happy blows 2 u...


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I hate it when I don't get laid....

Yeah, that's the MAN in me I guess - I just get *miserable* when I go a day or so without it. It actually pisses me off!!! No wonder guys are at the mercy of most women when it comes to getting some action. At least I know I will have relief in the very near future - I can't imagine what kind of tension would build up if I did not have a foreseeable cum within site.

For as RILED up as I get.. I won't 'do the deed' myself at this point... it's been too long (3 days eek!!) and when I get to this place the only reasonable release would have to come from nothing less than a FUCK RAMPAGE. (where did that LADY in me go???)... don't worry she'll show face again when it's time to cuddle ;o) FYI, it won't be time to cuddle until I can no longer stand up lol!!

Seriously, am I the only one who gets this way??? I wanna be kissed and grabbed, pushed up against the wall and ripped apart... over and over and OVER again ;o) After a day or so I wanna f.ck my guy like he's being punished for keeping it from me. Make him PAY... As much as that may make me sound like a man - that's what makes me ALL woman!!!

What do u think? Do you get cranky without sex?? Is it a slow boil for u or an instant FLASH ATTACK that oozes from your pores??
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Cheers xo!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Love thru the ages... does it change?

From puppy love.. to dreamy teenage dating.. twenties romances.. and adult relationships.. do you think the love changes??
At first it's all so innocent - puppy love that is. It's easy and it just IS - because you don't know any better. It's giddy and it's part of being a little kid at some point. Teenage relationships are usually hormone driven/inspired.. so much is changing and new emotions come onto the scene. In your twenties you are exposed to the 'bar scene' of dating and relating - perhaps you're looking for that 'lifetime mate'... or what may be the START of that kind of relationship. Getting a true taste of Independence, perhaps a career is started... Into your thirties, fourties and so on seems to be a little more 'settled and directed'... you have some sort of LIFE established and you want to find someone who fits into that scene without too much of a struggle.

I tend to think, if you've met someone when you were younger and managed to stick it out together and STILL feel the love - then you are indeed, a rarity. I would think, if this is the case then you and your partner obviously were able to grow TOGETHER which isn't usually the norm. If on the other hand, you are in the majority - then you have likely dated several people through several different stages of your life - which will (or has) eventually bring you to whoever you are with at THIS stage of life. I am of the belief that each relationship provides a clearer and clearer picture of what you truly want in a mate. Does the love change? I think so - I believe, the more you have been through the more you understand what you really want in a relationship. I do also think, that whatever the LOVE feeling is for each of us - many of us knew how we wanted it to feel from very early on.

When you're young all you think about is whatever makes you feel good, or who pays attention.. in your twenties it's likely more to do with fun - who fits in with your friends and makes for a good time.. into your thirties and fourties I think you start to get a little bit more grounded and mature about who you want to build a life with.. and onward from there - the important things are who makes you happy and who will be there for you thru the long haul...
Of course life, and kids and bills and jobs.. etc... tend to affect the lives of so many couples. And it's the couples in mid-life who face the challenge of balancing it all - and still wanting their relationship to take centre stage. That's just the thing though, too many people lose site of their relationship being a focal point during this time. Think of the stories of people who send their kids off to college and realize they no longer know one another. Yet, there are those who grow closer and closer over time - and as they go thru various things in their lives - together. You know the ones, the old fogies who are still holding hands. No matter what phase you are in now - I think you have to believe in it - if you really want it.
Regardless, no matter what stage you're in - when you feel the magic - you'll know it. There will no longer be the 'check boxes' for what ideals your mate will fit - they just will. Those relationships are the ones that go the distance. That are meaningful past the first few months ;o)
What's the key... I think, if you want it to be a priority as your life goes on... then it's upto you to make it your priority - hopefully the partner you've chosen will do the same ;o)
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Chick xo

Friday, September 11, 2009

Messy sex

When I think of 'messy sex' I immediately think FUN!!! I mean, who wants neat & tidy boom-boom?! NOT MOI!!! The more bodily fluid that's spewed - the more fun you'll have ;o) There's sweat, spit, blood, cum, squirt... never mind the wine spills (cheers!!). Sheets?! What sheets... that's what laundry is for hehe!

Messy sex is having wildly kinky fun abandoning any inhibitions. Sex without sweat means you're not working hard enough ;o) I pride myself on squirting thru 3 layers of bedding - now THAT's a good time!!! Ever get so riled up with your partner that spitting in their face while you're in the thick of it only ads to how hard you fuck? ...oh, just me then? oops! I'm not talking about EVERY time - that would be a wee bit degrading right?? (hehe!) But... yeah, whenever the mood strikes that makes you wanna rip into your partner's body to GET YOURS ;o)

Don't be afraid of messy sex - everything can be cleaned off later. Let the fluid FLYYYY!!! Slippery, dirty sex is earned I say ;o) If you've ever had the sensation of being squirted, then you know what I'm talkin' about... If you've ever let your yogurt shoot all over her face, you'll be on board with this train of thought hehe! If you have yet to play in this manner - get on board folks. Leave that missionary, lights out, ironed sheet sex for the "happily" married couples hehehe!!! I kid...

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Chick xo!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The tendency to go 'SAFE' after being *burned*...

How many of us can admit that we went SAFE after being burned??? ME... see me raising my hand over here?? Yup, it's true... I went from the good-looking, crazily obsessed and over-protective guy to a chubby, safe guy... why is it always after MUCH reflection that this seems so pathetically obvious?

I even went as far as to marry Jabba The Hut.. I can say that now because I've since moved on from that minor distraction ;o) I later learned of the nick-name some friends of the family had for us as a couple 'beauty and the beast' - thankfully my ex was referred to as the latter...

Unfortunately safe isn't always BETTER. In some cases, maybe it is - perhaps going with someone who appears safe can make life easier. Maybe they are heavier set or not so easy on the eyes.. and perhaps that unconsciously puts our mind at ease for the risk of cheating - the less attractive our mate is, the less attractive they will be to others. Maybe you're shaking your head reading this now - but I'm sure, if you haven't experienced this phenomenon yourself - you can guess someone around you that has. I've known the odd guy or two who SETTLED down with the SAFE girl after being cheated on... went with the less attractive girl physically but went for the girl they felt was loyal. Knowing what I know about guys, I doubt they'd have gone that route had they not been burned first off. I know, it sounds shallow and vain - well, it kinda is... no one will admit this, but it's likely often the case after surviving a rough relationship.

I do believe you can have both, the attraction and the loyalty - a fine mix for sure - one we are all searching for. Ultimately if you're happy that's all that matters... I just think defense mechanisms tend to kick in when choosing a partner after a burn-experience.

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Chick xo!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Do men only get married for pussy???

So, apparently this is true in MANY M-A-N-Y cases of marriage. This is a very common theme as to WHY a guy will propose and marry a woman - so that he doesn't have to 'do the work' anymore to get pussy. Sounds a little f.cked up eh? But - if guys are honest - I'll bet you, that this is true for most.

It's much easier for a girl to go out and get laid than it is for a guy. Guy's usually have to work for it - play the game - put in their time - to even have the potential to get some action. Once in a relationship - guys don't forget what it felt like to previously go without - and a motivating factor to 'hang on' or commit to a girl via marriage - is to have guaranteed pussy. So ladies, just when you think your guy is a romantic, is deeply in love with you or that he's your soul mate... consider this, that ring on your finger... is similar to a regularly-redeemable-lap dance ;o) It was likely purchased with your pussy in mind - not just your MIND... Most guys won't man-up and admit it - but ask other guys - they know better...

Megan Fox was recently quoted saying "Women hold the power because we have vagina's. If you're in a heterosexual relationship and you're a female, you win." And most of the time - this is true. Unless you are like me... the rare breed of cock-whipped-females out there - If all it took was to put a ring on it - I would!!!!! And you'd better believe that a commitment like that DOES and SHOULD come with expectations of a healthy sex life ;o)

As highly reported, sex often dwindles after marriage - but these guys can still likely get action easier from their wives than they can from anyone else - so they stay, and they hope they'll get laid every once in a while... sad huh? I've been on that side of a marriage - wanting sex with no desire from my husband coming my way.. it sucks, and it was a BIG factor that ended that situation.

So, shocked as I was to hear that most men are heavily motivated to marry for pussy - I guess it's probably true. So much for true love, fireworks and all that jazz huh....

Oh well - if you're like me, you still think that the HAVE IT ALL situation DOES exist... If you're married I hope you're getting laid, if you're single - make sure the one you eventually commit to loves sex... good luck to us all!!


Chick xo