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Monday, June 29, 2009

What I've learned from my build up sex experiences...

So, recently I tested myself with playing the ~waiting game~ for sex. Instead of everyday - I decided to challenge and *TOY* with myself and waited a whole 4 days for sex... no masterbating... I wanted to see how CRAZY I could drive myself and my man ;o)

Now, I know for a guy... build up creates HUGE urges... and once those urges are released.. LOOK OUT!!! I think the old saying 'the more the merrier' applies here doesn't it fellas??? So, I was curious to see if the same would be true for me - I can't say it's the same for all women as I don't seem to think like most gals - or so I'm told ;o) I did know that by day 4 my man was extra attentive and EXTRA HUNGRY!!! ;o) I kept teasing him that he LOVED me so much more when he had a LOADED GUN hehe!! And by the time we FINALLY got down to it... I could have easily confused him with granite ;o) Yummmmmm....

Without doubt I was also ON FIRE when it came to the intensity and excitement. As much as I tried to force the big O away - in anticipation - driving myself even CRAZIER - I couldn't... I think that was record breaking cum time for me ;o) And I couldn't help myself - greedy biotch that I am hehe!! Lucky for me I can catch that ride multiple times during a session.. BUT, what I DID find was that in the LONG DAYS building up to the final frontier - the more I got away from it the less my urges were... I mean, I'm a sexually charged girl and it's never far from my mind - but I am MUCH more insanely horny when I can have sex everyday - or at the least, every other day!!!!! For whatever reason, when I HAVE IT MORE... it makes me WANT IT MORE!! Apparently my gun is perma-loaded when it comes to desire ;o)

Have you tried this experiment before??? What did you prefer... build up?? More regular release?? Or maybe what I want to know - is what kept the intensity of your horniness going - waiting for it or getting it?? My vote is simple... I want it, and I want it NOW... screw the build up I've got an O to get to ;o)

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Patience.. build up.. horny...

Let's talk about keeping things fun, playful, spicy!! Remember when you first met - you likely didn't see one another every day right at the start.. The moments when you DID meet up, things felt irresistible, insatiable and you HAD to have each other!!! I think, if you like sex it's easy to keep the fires a' burnin'.. However, in order to keep 'routine' from cooling things off - consider ways to make things playful and stimulating..

Even the sex addicted couples can fall into quantity vs quality in the bedroom. I say, MIX IT UP!!! And this is coming from a gal who's ideal would be twice a day - EVERYDAY!!! What can I say, I know what I like ;o) One of the things I sometimes like to do is create a little build up. I'm NOT talking more than a week - because a day off is a BREAK to me ugh! This advice isn't for those who 'maybe' have sex once a week or less - if you're in that predicament then you've gotta take WHATEVER you can get!! I'm talking about the couples who are in sync - who still love having sex together but who like to create the fun - foreplay - build up.

Think about it in advance - a night when you have no other plans but to be with your partner. If you usually have sex every 2 or 3 days - wait it out for say, day 5... Here's the key - in the days between - keep the flirty play in high gear ;o) THIS is when it gets to be ultra kinky and super fun!! Ever have teasing playfulness during foreplay?? - the build up can make your session insanely exciting!! So imagine filling that cup of ~cock teasin'~ to the brim - it's sure to make the level of release CRAZZZY!!

Keeping things in the bedroom fun and playful is sure to enhance the spice!!! Little things like this shouldn't feel like a grandiose effort - both people should want to participate in the excitement factor - never let complacency take over ;o)

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Chick xo

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visually stimulating... Position chit chat...

I recently saw this picture of Bruce Willis - yes, I said Bruce Willis -
Now, let me clarify, he's "never" been one to turn my crank but what I LOVED about this shot was how his hand was gripped onto her hip bone. It just reminded me of how much I love that grab'n'push motion when I'm on top. So in my books, it was hawt!!!

I realize I'm a whole lot more of a 'visual' creature than most other females in this galaxy - but hey, whatever turns my crank ;o) So yeah, those soap operas never worked for me - I'd rather pay to see the movies with the money shots at the end tee hee!! There's something so kinky about fleeting images that can summon the most delicious tingles when you least expect it yummmie!! I love it when I catch an image that instantly turns me on - who doesn't?!?

Surprisingly enough it doesn't ALWAYS have to be a sexually explicit photo either. It can be a kinky look in the eyes, etc.. body language has SO much to do with visual stimulation.

What seems commonplace in the photos I've chosen however, is they all identify sexual positions. And, positions that I quite enjoy!! Maybe that's the trick, these photos trigger something in my mind that reminds my body of what I LIKE ;o)

What does it for you?? Some people like less 'evident' pictures leaving most to the imagination.. if you're like me - you want to get to the good stuff hehe! Which embarks on another topic thought altogether, ever do any kinky self portraits? Hmmm.... where's my camera ;o)

Let me know... am I alone in my visual stimulating world here??? Is it a guy thing?? Lordy! I must be in my prime - that's the only excuse lol! Vote on the poll, email me your topic suggestions or questions chicktidbits@live.ca subscribe, comment & come back often!!
Happy viewing my furry friends ;o)


Chick xo

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boobies ( o )( o )

Everyone has their own feelings about boobies... what they like and what they don't like. There seems to be a lot more detailed discussion about a woman's breasts vs say.. a guy's schlong. I mean, there are a variety of 'looks' for all body types right - boobies, however seem to invoke attention ;o)

Even tho I am a girl I have a 'type' of boob that I find sexy too. I am NOT a fan of the fake breast - it's too well, FAKE. I find it to be distracting - too round, too perky.. too unreal looking. Instead of getting turned on about looking at a pair of tits I find I'm thinking "those are so fake" and it's distracting from what SHOULD be enticing. Nevermind the botch jobs you can see on some pornos.. the scar marks, the shaking boobies that you can SEE the silicone bag through.. not purdy! On the other side I am not always a fan of the natural boob either tho. I am not a fan of the flat chested tops at all. There HAS to be more there than a nipple for cryin' out loud!! Give me a curvy chick to watch anyday over a skinny, deflated flat top. I think the saying is true... "more than a handful is a waste"... but a handful is ALL GOOD!!!

So yeah, I can definitely say I find a sexy pair of tits on a chick to be a turn on. I like real boobies, with toonie sized nips - bouncy, juicy boobies - I'm like a guy that way, lol!! I guess cuz' I don't mind my own hooters that I tend to lean towards similar ones that I like to watch. If I'm gonna invest my precious time on viewing porn I want to see boobies that I enjoy looking at ;o) I've inserted a pic of some drool worthy boobies that I thought were sexy...

Bras can also throw a loop into things here... There are some kick-ass bras out there these days - ones that can make your boobs look MUCH more appetizing than they really may be. A little advice ladies, don't over-pad those bras cuz' the LAST thing you want is a guy unwrapping you and being disappointed. Bras do offer great lift though.. I even wear a bra to bed to keep the girls in check. Gravity won't win if i have anything to say about it lmao!!

What's your take on boobies...??? Is it the best feature on a woman in your opinion? Do you prefer tiny boobies on a skinny frame, curvy boobies on a curvy frame.. Let's here it. Post a comment here, vote on the poll, subscribe, come back often or email me your topic suggestions/thoughts to chicktidbits@live.ca

Happy boobie watching to ya!


Chick xo

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There is no "i" in TEAM but there is an *M* and *E*

Plus, the letters in TEAM can also spell ME... EAT... MEAT... lol! How ironic ...purrrrr!!! So today my feathered friends I share one of my many tawdry fantasies - the team event!! Am I the only one who has imagined being the towel girl in a locker room?! - Okay, MAYBE lol!! Being the focal point in a room of sweaty fellas just aching to corrupt me.. Oh, it's one of my most delicious desires ;o)

Part of me pictures the ravenous wolves who would take me over with throbbing intensity. All vying for the sensation only I can give, in a room that drips with heat where the only focus is to be filthier & nastier than the last.. Ohh, sorry - too much too soon?! Just be glad I leave out the mind numbing (leg shaking) details on this blog hehehe!! (and i do!)...

The other team fantasy scenario is the craving to be in total control of the fellas ;o) A room full of animals who have to follow MY rules.. my requests.. my desires.. Just using the crowd to please me. Truth be told, the mental images I find exciting never really focus on the 'others'... It's just a haze of naked, and very EXCITED men... ready to go... with me ;o) And doing so, while I stare deeply into the eyes of my own man, letting him watch what he KNOWS I can dish... - Should I be blushing at this point, maybe - but I can't seem to get the devilish grin off of my face with this topic...

The variations are many... sometimes it's a locker room, the showers, on the bench, on a boat, in the bathroom of a dark bar... The options are endless.. being held up against the wall, focusing on one or focusing on many... having every opening indulged, DP's (who doesn't love a DP image?!?)... lining them up and taking them down... It's a fantasy peeps - it's supposed to be outrageous ;o)

Ahhhhhh, blame the Stanley Cup playoffs for inspiring this one tonight - either that or the hot heads (I kill me!!)... Maybe this post will inspire a few dirty thoughts - that's what fantasy fun is all about folks ;o)

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Chick xo

Monday, June 8, 2009


Okay, I can admit it... I am a big fan of the purple eye of man!!! Yup... in all it's splendor ;o) From chode to tip and EVERYTHING in between. I am of the few female creatures for whom visual stimulation is likely as tantalizing as it is for my male counterparts. I like the package - (preferable pronunciation with a kinky smirk on your face is PUCK-UHH-JUHH lol!!). The MEAT...and potatoes hehe!

If it's on display, my eyes are glued!! In any form, au natural prior to excitement, dripping after a shower, sweaty after a hockey game, waterlogged after wakeboarding ;o) , raring to go & full of juice, still solid after explosion, and one of my fav's is the tease of the outline under a pair of undies, it's like Christmas morning and the best gift is still wrapped just waiting to be torn open!!! ~ yep, my secret is out ~ I am weak to the peen ;o)

Now, I'm not as much of a raving lunatic as some may think... I do have standards and it is true, there are some not so pretty peens out there too! You know the ones, foreskins that would make George of the Jungle swing through the trees with the greatest of ease ;o) Bushes that best belong in the amazon. Of course anything smelly or small is a no no... 6" and up please - yes... you must be -----THIS LONG----- to go on this ride fellas!!

I just find that I am the only one of the girls I know who really ENJOYS the peen. I like to feel my tongue over every inch of it.. I like to tease it.. to smell it.. to taste it.. to jerk it.. to play with it.. and most of all to ADORE it!!! I don't have one, so I make the most of the ones I come into contact with hehe!!

Fellas does your woman's eyes go south of the boarder when you are naked around her??? Does she fawn over your schlong??? Or maybe ask yourself, does she get stirred up at the thought of your man meat the way you get a rise out of just picturing her pink parts?? I wonder...

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Chick xo!!