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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lingerie ...a MUST!!!

Ahhh lingerie! The topic crossed my mind as I was planning what to pack for an upcoming trip & getting excited about some of the kinky 'night time play' outfits I will bring! To state the obvious, men LOVE it. Let's face it, the whole purpose of lingerie is dressing up to entice sex! What man wouldn't LOVE that kind of eye catching invitation? Thing is, not a lot of women want to put in the effort of lingerie - I guess they figure, putting out is good enough - NEVER I say! Lingerie isn't ONLY for the guys...

It's true that many women are self conscious about their bodies so, the thought of wearing lingerie to invite attention to your body can be a daunting thought for some. Thing is, there are so many different styles of lingerie that there is something flattering for every shape! Plus, most guys are so excited by the thought of having sex and would be SO jacked to see the effort to be sexy for him has been made - they don't focus in on the flaws that we see in ourselves ladies! Really! Plus, if you are self conscious about your body, there is amazing lingerie out there that can enhance the good stuff and distract from the worrisome areas. The bottom line is that men are VISUAL creatures and lingerie adds to the excitement of being tempted - it's a GOOD thing!

I'm a 'gotta match' the bras & thong kinda gal - it's a little thing but it counts (and who knows when you'll ever get in a car accident - who wants to be seen with ratty ol' panties on?! Won't be me!!). I like to make sure I have a good selection of nice bra/thong sets to choose from and mix em' up often. However, lingerie is different - it's not something I wear every day but it is something I wear often enough to need a small drawer to store all of my 'pretties' in lol! I find when I wear lingerie it sets a state of mind. It arouses the sexual prowess within! I've got everything from dress up costumes - darque cowgirl, naughty school girl, daisy duke - to cute little lace camisoles - sweet little teddies - right into corsets, garters & all! I like to play... guilty as charged! The thing is, with all of these options I've collected along the way - I get to 'dress up' for whatever mood may strike. And ladies, here's the key - there is something about slipping into lingerie that creates a mind set - lingerie is sexy - and that's just it - it MAKES you FEEL sexy when you wear it. If you aren't sure, give your man a lil' show and you'll be sure about your sex appeal soon enough!!!

Guys, I think it's a very fine line when it comes to buying lingerie for your lady. In fact, I think you have to know her VERY well to buy her the right stuff. Never mind sizing being an issue for most guys when buying lingerie for their lady - but it can come across as intimidating to a woman to have a guy WANT to see her in something if she's not quite sure of it herself. There are however, ways in which to encourage your lady to wear somethin' fun in the bedroom. Tell her you would really love to buy her something sexy but that you want her to choose it and surprise you with what she likes - Encourage her as to how sexy you know she'll look. I figure that's a win-win situation as she gets to chose something she likes and YOU will ultimately benefit when it's on the bedroom floor - am I right?!? ;o)

As for men, I am not a huge fan of seeing a guy in a man-thong. I mean, there is just something not so MANLY about that for me. I'm a boxer-briefs fan but what guys CAN do is make sure you've got some nice undies yourself. If you don't want your woman wearing old cotton granny undies with holes in them - then you need to set the bar. Women take notice when a guy looks good in his undies too. However, I secretly would love to find my guy with a bow tied around himself underneath (I know, I'm twisted but it's all good!).

Bottom line is, sometimes the effort put into the wrapping can make the present underneath SO much more appreciated!!!!!

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Happy lingerie wearing 2 u!

Chick xo

Monday, December 15, 2008

Regular sex doesn't guarantee a good sex life... it's all about SPICE!

Sex, it’s the one thing that connects a couple above and beyond all other relationships in your life. So, happy couples who are close and connected ARE the ones having sex, and having it often. This, we know... right? And by often I mean, MORE than once a week. So, if you’ve achieved that continuous connection in your relationship and you’ve got regular, good sex going on – you’ve got it made right? You’ve figured it out and are STILL doing better than most couples out there right? Sure – you CAN say that – but if you really think about it, you can admit that regular sex – however wonderful, can often mean ROUTINE sex – which is NOT always so wonderful.

It’s good to know what you like, but that doesn’t mean that starting off in the same position or using the same moves and finishing style is what’s gonna keep things hot and spontaneous. Might be great to be able to say you and your partner have sex every other day but if it’s ROUTINE sex it may as well be once a week. Routine sex can make even good sex go bad. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on foreplay or do handstands in the bedroom – but it does mean that you each have to put a little thought and spunk into things – keep it SPICEY!

Start off differently, don’t ONLY have sex in the bedroom, rip his pants off in the middle of the kitchen one day! Bend her over the couch.. don’t ask if it’s time for sex.. just GET INTO IT! Sure, it’s the most comfortable to have sex in your bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore a hot screw on the staircase on your way up there – railings were MADE to be clung to!! We all have our favourite positions but switching things up and trying something new is always fun! Imagine if every time you watched TV it was the same episode of your favourite TV show.. what keeps people INTERESTED is not always knowing what comes next – take that train of thought and apply it to your bedroom fun ;o)

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Chick xo

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dirty talk... Gotta give it a try!!!

Dirty talk... Isn't it true that every guy wants his sweet, innocent girlfriend to become a MINX in the bedroom? To turn into that wicked vixen who dishes the smuttiest bedroom talk ever?! OF COURSE it's true!! (Ladies, even if he DOESN'T admit it). So here are a few tips from a chick who knows a thing 'r' 2 about a thing 'r' 2 ;o)

First of all there are a few things to think about with regards to dirty talk.. Dirty talk is NOT for everyone. If it's delivered 'half-assed' then it's just NOT gonna have the effect you want it to have. You've got to be CONVINCING and believable when it comes to your trashy bedroom talk. These aren't the soft 'I love you's' that you can save for AFTER.. I'm talking about raw, uninhibited, animalistic and SLUTTY talk! If you're gonna go this route - you've got to be 'all in'.

This is the time to dig deep and expose the inner sex maniac!! Trust me, every man wants to hear it but they also don't want to hear you giggle after you get started with your 'talk' - Buy into it people! Have a glass of vino before perhaps, let any shy feelings fall away before you make the dirty talk attempt. There are so many things you can say.. start with a simple 'f.ck me baby' and see how JACKED up he gets from that alone! I'm sure the response you get will encourage you to say even more. If you are in a very secure relationship you will find this easier to do, you can feel safer exposing your fantasies during sex while using dirty talk. A safe bet is to talk dirty about how good it feels and how horny he's making you.. talk about his 'parts' and what he's doing. A simple "I love how hard you are when you f.ck me" could blow his mind!!! You don't have to shout this stuff out so the neighbours hear you - even whispering it into his ear will make him crazy ;o) Start slow and see where your comfort levels are and gauge how he reacts - build on it from there.

Even if you have been in a relationship for years and have never tried this before - it's not a part of your sex routine - it's never too late to try! In fact, keeping things HOT and FRESH is so key in long term relationships - give it a go!

Some women may roll their eyes if they are reading this. So, let me be clear - dirty talk is not something that you do ALL THE TIME... anything that you do 'constantly' can lose it's 'edge and effect' which is NOT what you want. This is a 'once in a while' 'toss it in & drive him crazy' kinda thing. Over usage is TOO routine - and being too routine with something that's suppose to be spontaneous and exciting defeats the purpose.

Embrace it and feel in control.. say it like you mean it.. and enjoy his reactions!

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Cheers (said in the dirtiest of sexy voices)

Chick xo

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saying "I love you" and what that means to your relationship...

The "I love you" phenomenon. Never before have three words meant so much or had the potential to cause so much turmoil. What these words mean to your 'new' or 'not-so-new' relationship. As usual... here's this chick's take...

Firstly, I believe (in most cases) whoever says "I love you" first in the relationship usually finds themselves NOT having the upper hand as to how the relationship plays out. Think about it, if you are the first one to take that leap and throw the "ILU" out on the table you're willing to be more vulnerable. After all, no one is guaranteed to get the "ILU2" in return. Unless, you're a girl who throws out the "ILU" because you're the *romantic type* and the guy replies with the "ILU2" because he's the *HORNY* type lol!!

AND.. if you have the "ILU" put out in front of you does this mean you are obligated to give the "ILU2" in return?? What if you haven't even thought about it yet?! Because, in that instance, there is just NOT a whole lot of time to ponder a response - you either LOOK or you LEAP - you usually don't get a chance to do both unless you are very clear about how you already feel... Then it's easy.. but leaves the question.. why didn't you say it first then?

I also tend to believe, if you've been dating someone for any significant amount of time (say.. 6 months or more) and the "ILU" card has not yet been played - then you are likely either trying to avoid saying it because one of you doesn't really mean it - OR (and this is a biggie) you are trying to outlast each other in an effort to not get hurt or to maintain some sort of control. It may seem twisted but I think that happens a lot. Not all of us wear our hearts completely exposed.. If you're like me, and you do - you already know that's a risk but at least you know it's genuine.

So, once the ILU cards have been laid out on the table and life continues merrily along, what's next for these three little words??? Do they continue to mean as much as the first time you said them? Do they build up and mean more as you expand your life together? OR - like so many couples out there - do they just become as reactionary as a 'bless you' after a sneeze?! How many people have heard the ILU card played when their partner 'wants' something - whether she wants an expensive pair of shoes or jewelery ..or whether he wants sex or a night out with the boyz.. It happens all the time - sad, but true.

Some thoughts I have on keeping the "ILU's" meaningful... never let the ILU's become hollow or merely responsive. If your partner is on over-drive with their use of ILU's you don't have to be - if you feel it's cold to not respond or give the "ILU2" in return, then say it but ALSO find those moments when you are looking into their eyes and say it - so they know you mean it - versus the "ILU" as you're walking out the door or ending a phone conversation. You CAN do both - as long as the meaningful and genuine ILU's still exist, you're good! Once in a while (especially if you have been together for a while) indulge in the depth of the ILU.. with, "ILU because..." or "ILU for..." but no matter what - MEAN it - you'll find if you have depth behind your ILU's you're more likely to get that kind of response in return.

Cheesey as it all may sound.. cliche as it just may seem.. that's the kind of fit we all want to some extent. A real love.. with all the fixin's - there's nothing worse then hearing a couple say "ILU' when they really want to say "f*ck off" - there is a world of meaning behind the ILU's - use them wisely!

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Cheers my dirtee martini readers!

Chick xo

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Female sex drive...

It's a pretty common belief that women tend to have a lower sex drive then that of men. There is the general assumption that men ALWAYS want it and that women are continually brushing them off. I mean, it's everywhere.. talk to most couples who have been together for a while.. the men almost always complain that they never get sex or that it's routine and dulled over time.. and women tend to think that's all men ever want and dismiss it all together. This is not true of ALL couples however, it seems to be true of the majority.

First off I believe that many women simply do not really know how to freely receive pleasure. A HUGE part of knowing HOW to receive pleasure is by knowing your own body and knowing what YOU enjoy. I think that many women just don't have the interest in exploring themselves fully - which is a shame because that is the KEY to broadening your sexual horizons. There is the stigma that it's "all or nothing" with women when it comes to sex. Meaning, some women may figure they need to portray **porn star** like performances in the bedroom & they simply aren't like that... Side note here though, any discerning eye can tell you the porn star 'showings' are all about quantity not quality - There is nothing genuine in about 99% of female orgasms in pornographic performances... so take those pressures off ladies. Besides, most men just want sex, they don't need you to know how to pull off the Swedish helicopter move ;o)

As women age, as the newness of relationships settles in - it seems they become so much more uninterested in sex. Distractions of life and work causing exhaustion at the end of the day.. but the overall unimportance they place on 'sex' being a vital part of their lives is a trend you see all the time. There is scientific proof that as women age they tend to have lower levels of testosterone in their bodies - testosterone is what charges up the DRIVE to want to have sex. Now do you see what I'm getting at.. and why men want it more then women in most cases? (Sidenote: being ladylike with good testosterone levels is amazing!!). The thing is ladies, that DRIVE that is missing - is also what gives you a BOOST a 'zest for life' that we all need to feel energized - ALIVE!! Why wouldn't you want your whole body to experience 'living'.

Maybe your orgasms are non-existent or just so/so. Ever tried KEGELS??? It's the pelvic floor exercise that can be done anywhere at anytime!! You simply use the same 'squeeze' muscles that you use to stop the flow of urine. It only needs to be a few a day - and TRUST ME - this move alone can make SO MUCH DIFFERENCE in what you experience while having sex. If you keep it up, your partner will enjoy the benefits of your little 'sexercises' as well!

So many women attribute sex with love. So, for those women who are tirelessly working to take care of everything - day in and day out - if you aren't feeling those 'romantic vibes' from your man - I can fully appreciate how that can kill your desire. Men are not the best of mind readers though, state it loud and clear if you require that 'lovin feelin' to be built up before gettin' dirty!

I truly believe that a lack of sexual desire is confining... in so many ways. What is life if there is no spring in your step? What is there to sacredly bond you to your partner if sex isn't a primal drive in your connection? Like so many things in life - if you go long enough without it - you get use to that. And when you get to that point, I hope after some thought and maybe reading this blog - you'll see that you're truly missing out.

Waving the flag for the ~insanely sexually charged chickee's of the world~ (oh yes, I am!).

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Chick xo

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Worshipping the penis...

I think there are a majority of women out there who simply cannot imagine the thought of 'worshipping the penis'. I've heard the commentary among women.. how it looks like a 'dead birds nest' how there is nothing attractive about the male sex organ.. I too have had my own cringe-worthy experience with a smelly 'ant eater'.. I know, GROSS! Trial and error I say... but when you find a cock that does it for you - GRAB HOLD ladies ;o)

If you are lucky enough to have found a penis that you deem attractive (and attraction is all a state of perception) then it's time to show your appreciation. There is a lot to be said for not just 'manipulating' a penis in order to achieve sexual gratification - a whole new level of sexual connection lies just beneath the surface. It has to do with your mind & how you really FEEL about your partner's most erotic body part.

Getting up close and getting to know all of the folds and creases of your man's cock is half the fun! Besides, it would truly be a shame to only acknowledge the TIP of his iceberg! Spend some quality time with your guy's penis.. get to know it.. no two are alike.. meet the whole gang while you're at it - never forget the dangle-brothers. The more interest you show in how your man's cock really works.. the better you can please him.. and a girl who knows her way around a cock is a goddess in every man's eyes. Oral sex is one of the top pleasure seekers by men - so if you take a genuine interest in worshipping your man's penis and learning how to enjoy it - your man will certainly have a whole new appreciation for you too.

All too many times women seem to dismiss blow jobs as being only for special occasions like his birthday... c'mon! Imagine if men viewed sex in this way - if they would only provide penetration on a special occasion - there'd be some mighty cranky people out in this world with some majorly pent up angst! So, if giving your man a blow job isn't something you currently enjoy - it might be time to consider how to WANT to enjoy his manhood. I have a few ideas...

If you have a man who has 'scent' from down below that turns you off - work around it - strip him down and take him into the shower.. be playful.. soap him up.. rinse him off and give him the experience of being explored by you in the steamy setting of the shower. Once his bewilderment over an experience like that has subsided.. remind him of how you like to fully enjoy him when he's squeaky clean like that ;o) I guarantee you.. any worries of a stinky pee pee will soon be history! If you are really adventurous try enjoying him all the way from the front to the back when you know he's all cleaned up... just a suggestion hehe!

Now, if don't mind the scent of your man.. or if a touch of 'marinade' (as I like to call it) is something you find appealing try making some time where you ONLY enjoy him. There are enough books out there that indicate a man should do this - but why not a woman? I for one, don't think that giving your man the 'basics' should cut it (and of course vice versa). After all, don't you want him to think of you as his ultimate sex fantasy - if the answer is yes, then INDULGE him sistas! Lie your man down on the bed.. unzip.. and take your time teasing and exploring.. and just when he's dying to touch you and return the favour.. tell him you want a little more time to enjoy HIM. I'd lay money most men will have never experienced something like this before.

If you have a man who tends to be on the 'bushy' side there are ways to convince him to do some manscaping as well. Start with yourself.. show up with a freshly shaved pussy and ask him how much he likes it bare.. tell him how much you love it.. tell him how you would love to spend more time savouring his cock if it was free of any 'furry' inhibitors ;o) I can attest to being the kind of woman who SHOWS her appreciation for a cleanly kept landscape on my man..

Point being, if you can find ways to genuinely be turned on by your man's penis then you are likely ahead of the game. This is about using your mouth, tasting, smelling, touching, admiring - using all of your senses to LOVE his cock... even before you feel him inside of you. I am certain that your man will soon show you his gratitude and that your desire for each other will be heightened beyond what you thought was possible.

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Chick xo

Friday, October 10, 2008

The road from ~sweet kitty~ to ~dirty MILF~ ...

I remember when I first heard the term MILF.. wondering what it was.. 'googling' my way to becoming more informed on the code name. Coming across such websites as 'milf hunter' (kinky and somewhat funny it's so fake in my opinion).. Realizing that MILF actually meant 'Mother I'd Like-to Fuck'. Gotta admit, a devilish grin came across my face. Was this the category I was now in? No longer the fresh little kitty who could make men purrrr... Now I was identified as a 'mother' - it was different. For me, the term MILF just inspires those of us who crave to hold fast to our desirable & sexual side of life. It means there is a SEXUAL creature under all of the ~mommy-ness~ that shields us ;o) Perhaps the 'kitty' had just evolved into a well experienced TIGRESS.. and that, was okay with me. After all, I happen to believe a true TIGRESS can make a man scream with passion vs a little kitty who can only entice a purr... hehe!

On another note however, many women tend to lose sight of their sexual prowess once they become consumed by motherhood - it happens - a lot. It's the tried & tested rule that most couples experience a lowering in sexual activity when children come into their lives. I feel it's so important for us Mama's to celebrate our sexuality and continue to harvest it. Too many women lose their individuality and the sexual connection with their partners with being so Mommy-focused. It's important to find the space where your sexual being still exists & to NEVER lose it. We all know who these Mommy's are - they carry themselves well, they still have the swagger yet benefit from having more life experience and most often are in the throws of their prime sexual years.

Believe me, I take my kids to the park, I grocery shop with them, etc, etc... doesn't mean I can't look good doing it - When you feel sexy - people know it. I think in most cases a MILF is even more desirable then a fresh kitty We are sexually mature women in our prime! - We know what we want & more importantly, how to get it ;o)

Here's to my MILF sistas of the world.. never lose your swagger ladies! Someone is always taking notice.

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Cheers xo

Monday, September 29, 2008

Just when I thought I was the expert of the ORGASM...

Isn't one of the best parts about sex that there is always something new to discover. Here's me, queen *O*.. I bashfully admit that I am one of the lucky few women who is blessed with the capability of achieving multiple orgasms during sex. Thankfully, I have a partner who knows how to work me and who entices me to 'work' on him to reach those heights!!

I recently found the most delicious of positions which happens to ROCK my world into mind-blowing, cross-eyed orgasms!!!! So of course, I had to share with my readers. Now for technical purposes I'm going to explain the set up. Woman on top.. Guy on the bottom.. guy has 2 pillows behind his head (I believe this helps with the angle).. girl has him fully inserted and is leaning over top of his chest... now the kicker, have him press (not push but PRESS) down on your butt cheeks. This spreads the girl open and pushes him towards her g-spot and with the right motions from the chick on top - you too, may be of the small percentage of women who can achieve g-spot orgasm!! If it sounds confusing, take this photo I've selected.. imagine it horizontally and that's the press move that the guy has to make.. Oh.. and being naked helps too lol!!

From the small to the earth-shattering, I am so grateful to experience a variety of orgasms several times over during a session. Let everything escape your mind and tell your partner what you like, what you want to try.. and NEVER be afraid to venture outside of the box. Variety is the spice of life as they say ;o)

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...and have yourself a fantastic orgasm!!

Cheers xo!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jeans on a man... what does it for me....

I'm the kinda girl who's favourite look on a man is when he's in a perfectly fitted pair of his old jeans. Not the ones that look scraggly... the ones that fit him just right, in ALL the right places. Now, I'm not a 'labels' kinda girl.. I just want to see him in the jeans where the view looks GOOD from all angles. You know, the ones that he wears with a little bit of strut to his walk.. they are comfortable and his ass is HOT in them!! Plus, the trendy-trendy jeans kinda give me the sign that the guy would be a little too ~fake~ or pretentious for my liking. Everyone knows what jeans are their fav's and what ones they feel sexiest wearing.. those ones!

So, my criteria for hot looking jeans on a guy is... 1. they don't have to be the trendsetter styles, 2. the ASS has to catch my eye. Now, if your guys is blessed with a lovely apple bottom then hallelujah!!! Those butts look the best in jeans if you ask me. You know, the ones where there is a curve to the lower back that leads down to a bite-worthy, totally squeezable set of buns, the ones that fill out the back side of jeans so perfectly! 3. The jeans have to FIT the man not the opposite! There is no bigger turn off then to see a guy who is wearing his jeans hanging low and way too over sized - puke me out! Even for those not so blessed, who may have the flat or tiny butt curse - find jeans that fit YOU - the loose-hanging butt jeans do nothing for the small butted fella. 4. do not buy jeans that are too tight! No one wants to see jeans on a guy so tight that you can still see that he wears whitey-tighties - that's a no no! I don't mind using my talents in being able to tell whether my fella is hanging left or right that day - so long as I can't tell if he's been circumcised as well lol!!! (Naughty joke - sorry!) 5. I am not a big fan of the jeans with the buttoned-pocket in the rear - I feel that style looks best on women or teenagers - but would a real guy's guy purchase jeans like that... ?? 6. A bit of comfort-wear zones in the jeans can look cool - some of the distressed jeans have the 'comfortably worn' look already worked in for ya! Never confuse this with full on visible ass-rips or overly obvious wallet wear - You know what I'm talking about - guys, don't ruin the ass-view for us ladies, keep your wallets in your jackets k?? We wanna see BUNS!!!! 7. My final tip would be to NEVER wear your jeans so low that any bending would be cause for crack-itis - if I wanna see more, I'll remove them myself thanks!!

Those are my tid bits on men in jeans. A guy wearing a great pair of jeans makes me wanna touch and squeeze... or at the very least, *THINK* about touching and squeezing!!! Whether my fella matches his jeans with a plan t-shirt, a nice sweater, a dressier collared shirt - jeans have been around for a long time & continue to be a staple in most peoples wardrobes. Most importantly, if you CARE how you look when you walk out the door - others will too!

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Miss. Chick ;o)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sex addict..... interesting!

So, I'm sure I can't be alone in this... but has David Duchovny's recent statement regarding his entry into rehab for sex addiction suddenly elevated him to 'even sexier' status?! Crazy I know! I mean, the guy has an addiction.. but YEESH.. Suddenly the mental images of this sex addicted star flood the brain ;o)

Who knows what the real story is. I hope for the sake of his relationship that his addiction was only linked to internet porn.. and if THAT'S the case, really... what's the problem?! That rehabilitation facility had better make room for a LOT more of us if loving internet porn makes you a sex addict!!! Then again, I have been accused of being boarder line addicted myself hehe!

I know my interest has been peaked to check out the 'Californication' series where, from what I understand, David Duchovny plays the role of a sex addict. Guess that could be considered TV porn? Oh boy.. another addiction for me to deal with ;o)

I get it, there IS certainly a serious side to addiction issues.. but I'm sorry, that's not what I'm talking about. Just giving my tid-bits on the fact that I've been wondering what the latest celebrity addict was 'into'....

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Cheers xo!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Unhappily together.... not always!

Truly, I get tired of hearing about it. How everyone has such sh.tty marriages... how marriage ruins everything... blah blah blahhhhh!!! And even *I* have experience in ending a bad marriage. I once remember someone telling me that at least I had the 'guts' to go through with getting out of it instead of just complaining about it. But the thing that got to me most, that wore my spirit down the heaviest.. was believing that the ideal relationship existed & that everyone deserved that. For something that seems so rarely attainable, I believe it's possible for everyone to have.

It isn't marriage or kids or money stresses or family that tears a couple apart. It's allowing all of those issues to be the excuse. A marriage truly falls apart when you stop enjoying the one you are with. THAT is when all of the other issues are easy to blame. If you are not having sex, you are not enjoying one another as you should.. If you are not sharing your free time together (and wanting to).. you are not enjoying one another. Take it as a red flag once you stop wanting to flirt with one another. It's easy to say what's wrong... what's not easy is investing and believing in what you want your relationship to be - which has to be a two way street... if it isn't... MOVE ON. Easier said then done, always! But, if you want your life to be a happy one, isn't it worth finding the person who will give you what you want.. the person who should also be the one you WANT to give everything you have to.

Make your connection a priority. Always.... Never let that change.... and you too, may be one of the 'minority' who can manage to stay happy for the long haul.

Spend your free time together, enjoy one another, laugh often.... when you are with the right person... all of these things should seem effortless... because they just 'are'.

I'll blog at'cha more often in the days to come... email any topic suggestions or questions to chicktidbits@live.ca, subscribe, vote!!!

Cheers xo!

Miss. Chick

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shaved pussy... meow!

I mean, is there ANY other way these days? Personally, I find a landing strip just tacky and most of the ones I've seen on porn aren't so pretty. Anyone who still maintains the 'au natural' look of 'el BUSHWHACKER' is also not into 'being all that they can be' for their partner - unless, for some unhygienic reason they are 'into' that kinda thing. Sorta went out in the 70's didn't it? I am of the frame of mind that keeping your 'area' well groomed is in line with wearing nice undies in case you are ever in a car accident. One never knows when a shaved feline can come into play...

Now, there are tricks to the trade on this one. Once you commit to shaving you have to put in the time to maintain it. Yes, there is stubble.. but NOT if you shave daily.. or.. if you are 'ballsy' (no pun intended) enough to wax it.. Then again, waxing calls for a certain amount of growth which I just can't even 'BARE' to grow!

Plus the fact that it drives most men WILD to see a well maintained, freshly shaved pussy. There is the lure of skin on skin contact.. there is no hesitation based on 'flossing' during oral sex.. and removing any barriers to clitoral stimulation is always a huge benefit.

Now fellas, this doesn't let you off the hook either! I for one, love a man who 'manscapes!'.. it's DEVINE. And yes, it also makes some of us gals a little more 'eager' to venture down below.. Hey, if there is potential for more blow jobs wouldn't you give it a try? I don't necessarily need my man to be clean shaven down south, but I do prefer a man who at the very least knows how to trim ;o)

How to bring this up with your woman?? Easy.. blame it on the blog of a chick-in-heels! Until then, stock up on your shaving cream and keep those blades sharp!

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Friday, July 4, 2008

kinky bedroom play mixed in with some lovin.. = the full spectrum ;o)

So... there ARE those of us girls who like a little *frisk* and *kink* in the bedroom. Tender lovin' is great but I find the ^^^FIRES^^^ ignite when the play gets a little more... intense... heated... forceful... on both parts ;o) Of course, this kind of play is ONLY enjoyable when both parties are into it and realize it's all about the 'fantasy' aspect.

There are times when I want to feel like the man I'm with is 'ALL MAN' and is 'taking complete control' of my body. Dishing out whatever he can give me. However, there are times when I certainly want to teach him a lesson about who can be boss in the bedroom as well. There's something empowering about pushing the limits. Taking the passion and kink right to the edge! Keeping it *HOT*.

I want my man to be the kind who has many ideas in the bedroom... who wants routine when you can have moments of lovin' & moments of unbridled desire!!! So long as both partners are game - enjoy!!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sex on a boat...

It's EVER-SO-KINKY to find new and exciting places to have sex. Who *really* wants to be confined to the 'expected sex' that comes from being tucked into bed at the end of the day? I mean, that's all good and great.. but there's SOMETHING, ever so *delicious* about having a spontaneous romp in an unexpected place ;o) Trust me... I know!!!

Sex on a boat has GOT to be one of my fav's!!! There's something about being out in the sun, scantily clad, a few beverages in tow, tunes playing in the background... and being alone with no distractions to admire my man-meat!! His bare chest.. glistening in the sun.. the rhythm of the water rocking the boat ever so gently while we anchor..

It's a recipe for desire!!! Not to mention the slippery fun that water-play can bring... even if sex in the water isn't your 'thing' - foreplay in the water is undeniably kinky!!!

There is something so 'heightening' about taking sex to a new location... It's guaranteed to take your passion to a new level. It creates a certain *spice* that breaks free from any routine you may normally have regarding your sex life. For me the boat scene sets me into a "frenzy" but there are MANY other spots that can work for a little 'fun' too. Sex in a car can also be quite fun - sure it's not the most comfortable spot - but it's not necessarily about what's most comfortable at that point - it's about what's EXCITING and spontaneous!!!

So.. give it a shot ;o) Be it your kitchen counter.. the back seat of a car.. on a boat.. keep it fresh.. keep it exciting.. and by all means, keep it COMING!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A woman's view on whether 'SIZE' matters...

One of my favourite lines... 'is he a GROW-er or a SHOW-er' lol!!! Because that can affect whether or not size matters ya know!

It's funny when you watch porn and you see that most of the guys are rather LARGE in size. It's even more amusing to know that 99% of the women in those porn movies are *faking it* with these well endowed men. After all, most porn is created to excite a male dominated audience. Anyway.. that's just one tid bit... back to my topic...

Does size really matter??? Here's my theory... Size will ONLY be an issue if you find that you cannot be turned on by your partner due to 'the fit'. Now the 'fit' has a couple of meanings... 1.) if the man is too small - meaning that you just don't 'feel' him much when he's inside. 2.) if the woman is too loose - same outcome. 3.) If the man is too large for the woman and causes pain during sex. SO.. as you can see - the main concern for many men being 'their hung-ed-ness' isn't the only factor that comes into play when being rated by a woman.

Not to mention the obvious, there are many men who are 'rather large' and who have NO IDEA how to finesse a woman's body. So, really - that's like having a Porsche and NOT knowing how to drive stick!!! C'mon! Who wants a Porsche just staring back at them (with it's one eye lol!) but not willing to enjoy the ride. So, not all 'green giants' come through in those clutch moments!

Personally, I like the mid-length in a man.. the size that I can do EVERY position enjoyably with! Average - certainly does NOT mean average in ability to please ;o) I've also known men who have 'great packages' and who have had issues with other women because of how loose the woman was - totally separate issue from the size of the guy's thingie! ;o)

Now, of course.. there are guys who are maybe a little 'less' then in the world of penile size - but you know what, there are MANY girls out there that are of the 'smaller fit' category as well. What it all comes down to is how you both FEEL and if you can both experience pleasure together - and I'm convinced, everyone has a match for that.

Let's not forget GIRTH.. I mean, how could I even broach this topic without speaking of girth? Not only does LENGTH come in all shapes & sizes.. but so does circumference! What a woman prefers and will enjoy all depends on what fits HER body - and since we are all different in that aspect.. don't be sucked in by the absurd pressure to be huge! Everything comes down to 'fit' with your partner.. and that is different for each couple...

Now, run along and have fun finding your perfect fit!!!! ;o)

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Threesome fantasy play...

...and by *fantasy* I am CLEAR that this is something that TOTALLY turns me on in the fantasy world but makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with the slightest hint of reality... For me, this one is definitely a fantasy. It's kinky, it's taboo, it's scary, it's exciting... but... it's a turn on for me.The 3some ;o)

In my fantasy it's her and I, then her and I sharing him, then watching her have him while I instruct them what to do, then making her watch us and knowing she wants him again.. It's watching him enjoy another woman, it's craving his reaction to a new woman right in front of me, it's all of us tasting each other.. making him feel like a sex god..

In version 'B' of my fantasy it's him, another mystery man and me.. It's the thrill of knowing I could easily handle two men in bed.. it's knowing I could please them both and please them well.. feeling that they both crave what I am giving.. having the heat and hunger of two men taking over my body with no hesitation.. Watching my man as I take on another..

And in an INSTANT.. when the fantasy is over and the very thought of reality hits.. I suddenly don't like the fantasy anymore. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever imagined a 3some.. we all likely have to some extent.. at some point.. 'thought' about it. It's definitely something that excites me.. the thought.. but when the moment of fantasy has passed the reality of what that would mean to my man and I - to what we have - is too much to bear. He is my love and what we have is sacred above anything else. What is freeing, is that we share all of these powerful thoughts and we excite in the 'fantasy' together without allowing reality to ever threaten us. There is something about sharing our fantasies and never being rejected for them that has connected us more deeply. No hesitation, no judgement, we are free because we are sharing.. at the same time we are protected as our fantasies remain safe - between us... Oh yes.. there are many more fantasies.. this is just one of my favs...

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not every woman wants a man with a 'perfect' body...

So, although it's always nice to take a 'peek' at a man with a beautiful physique it's not exactly what all women want when it comes to the type of men they desire to be in a 'real' relationship with. Sure the ads of male models perched in their 'ever so snug fitting' boxer-briefs are drool-worthy - but when it comes down to the real 'stuff' I highly doubt most women want such vanity in a man.

First of all, if I am with a man who has perfectly cut abs - it's a turn off for me. REALLY.. REAL-LY!... and here's why... most women are unrealistically insecure about their own bodies.. we see it EVERYWHERE - magazines, movie stars, models, etc.. Women put more pressure on how they look to 'themselves' then anyone else ever could. So, to be with a man who is physically perfect - is NOT comforting to most women I know. My instinct when I see a male model with perfect body is "good gawd.. he must be so vain" - it's a preconceived notion, yes.. but do I want my man shaving his legs or plucking his eyebrows.. or spending MORE time then ME in front of a mirror - NO THANKS. I get the same heebie-jeebies when I see guys with highlights in their hair - 'honey.. pretty isn't manly'. Any girlfriends I've ever had all have the same viewpoint as I do - we want a MAN not 'Rico-Suave'.

At the same time we don't necessarily want someone who doesn't care for their own health and has let themselves go either. That's a common problem once couples hit the 'comfort zone'.. just put on the stretchy pants & figure all will be well - NOT SO.. if you don't feel sexy yourself physically.. guess what, your partner may also start to view you in the same light. No matter what you may look like now, having sexual confidence in yourself only makes you more attractive to others.

I believe that most couples prefer to be with someone who physically is similar to them. Obviously if you are athletic, you like to do be active and would likely be attracted to like-minded types. My point is, so many men think that women desire these huge guys with muscles that go on for miles... NOT SO. I was recently viewing a photograph of Daniel Craig (James Bond) - nice body - definitely - but face, uhhhh... not exactly my cup of tea. Gotta say, he wouldn't make the cut. So fellas, be fit enough to be considered healthy (for yourself and to attract others) and don't cross over into vanity-insanity.. that's exactly where most women's 'perfect type' falls - and more then likely - that's the majority of you out there..

Save your pennies, avoid the fake tan sprays and shaved chest.. be comfortable in your body - after all, how many women have you been attracted to in relationships who have had perfect abs.... EXACTLY!

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The meaning behind HOW u fight & GREAT make-up sex!!!...

So, it's true.. every couple has their ups & downs. EVERY couple fights at some point in time. Even if couples 'never' seem to fight, it likely just means they keep it inside - which can be even more destructive. I believe that HOW couples fight is a good indication of how the rest of their relationship flows as well.

For many couples, fighting includes yelling and raised tempers.. I would say this all depends on the personality types involved. For SOME, that style works - it airs the problem and to some extent indicates a level of passion they have in the relationship. An article I recently read suggested the same 'drive' one gets from arguing with a partner, releases the same 'drive' as they experience with sex. And with that sort of drive - what do we all crave??? Release!! Makes sense to see why so many couples turn to 'make-up sex' as the finality of the argument. In my opinion, that's all great and good - so long as SOMETHING was resolved and it's not just a 'distraction' which is merely delaying yet another, more built-up argument later.

We've all heard people speak of their parents who never fought... and many times, these are the folks, who.. once the kids have been raised - realize that they've been holding in deep hostility and resentment towards one another for years. Silence can be vicious... I think it's often times WORSE to hold in your frustrations then to scream and yell - at least the latter has the potential of coming to a resolution. No one is a mind-reader when it comes to relationships... no one.. Plus, if you are the type who holds in your anger, the chances of experiencing make-up sex are nil. Also, if this type of build up continues over a long period of time - it probably wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that your sex life wasn't what you'd WANT it to be either.

Then, there's the type that I can attest to, as I am one of them. I'm a 'resolver'... Once I'm ready to talk I want to talk until it's fixed. I want to feel content and feel that my partner is also satisfied with the outcome of our discussion. I do not believe that everyone will EVER agree on EVERY topic.. So, weigh how important the problem is to you in the first place - *pick your battles* as they say. You can't make a HUGE deal about crumbs on the counter vs. whether or not you want to get married, if you catch my drift. Having disagreements doesn't mean that you HAVE TO or WILL agree - but it does mean that each of your opinions are heard. Hopefully, if you are able to focus on staying constructive, you will find that there is always room to compromise. After all, if you love the person you are with, and want to continue to make things work - compromise is always worth it in the end. The BEST part of this type of approach to dealing with disagreements/arguments is that both people are more likely to end up feeling satisfied. And in my humblest of opinions, when both people are at ease with the outcome of a discussion - that's when the BEST make-up sex is possible... When you have GROWN as a couple, respected one another and become closer for it - that's when true passion arises - that's when the reconnection through skin-on-skin will be most satisfying.... I speak from experience ;o)

As I always say, sex between a couple is what connects your relationship more deeply then any other in your life... never lose that perspective ;o)

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Female squirting... It's real, it's fantastic!!!

Allow me to share this tid bit... Female squirting (the equivalent of male ejaculation) - hot enough topic for ya? Good! Let's get started..

My initial reaction to learning about the existence of female squirting was 'euwwww gross!'... Oh, how ignorant I was to the pleasures of the liquid of love ;o) My bf was the educator in this case and I just assumed that 'my body didn't do that' sorry! And really, who would want the sheets soaked? (remember, I hadn't tried it yet)...

So, we tried.. apparently there is a 'spider man' type of move.. best described as giving a peace sign with your fingers and curling them inward towards your palm.. then stroking gently to coax the squirt for release. And one day... all of that teasing of my g-spot finally brought me the sweetest eruption of clear fluid that squirted like a sprinkler onto my bf's chest.. and it was SO GOOD!!

From that point on.. I was hooked (kinda like the shape of the finger position my bf had to encourage the squirt after all!)...

If you want to try this with your partner I highly suggest it.. and be patient.. and gentle.. it may take a while to perfect. Insert your fingers into your woman.. two fingers preferably.. separate your fingers about an inch apart.. feel around for her g-spot which should feel like a spongy/walnut sized spot on her inner vaginal wall (towards her tummy). Once you find this spot.. gently massage it.. make sure she's turned on.. slow & steady wins the race here boys!!! If you are doing it right, you may feel it start to slightly grow or bulge.. it's filling up with her squirt... Once you feel she's really turned on.. increase your massage movement and add some more pressure.. and continually press and release that built-up bulge.. the faster the more spray effect.. you may be pleasantly surprised!!!!

Squirting can show itself in many ways.. sometimes it's just a slow gush of clear fluid.. other times it's a lavish spray - chances of that happening increase when your woman pushes down with her stomach muscles when you are beginning to spray her.. We've even gotten to the point where my bf will work the spot during foreplay.. and just by riding him it'll trigger my g-spot into gushing/spraying all over him - makes for a deliciously slippery ride that you won't soon forget!

It's not the SAME as an orgasm.. but can be just as pleasurable and intense.. It's also NOT pee from what you may hear.. and the p.rn that shows girls spraying for miles.. chances are they have been filled with water (give or take Cytheria)... it's tasteless for the most part.. and it's clear.. and any extra lube is always fun!!!

My new goal... work it out on myself... to put on a show for my fella ;o)

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Happy squirting~~~~~

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thoughts from a woman who loves the *p*...

Guilty as charged... I am a woman who loves to watch porn!!! I was recently watching a talk show where the panel of women were collectively bashing porn as a threat to a relationship. WHAT?!? In my opinion, the ONLY reason why porn would be a threat to any relationship is if your man PREFERS watching porn OVER having sex with you. Otherwise, what's the harm in it?!

Porn is exciting to watch, the people are untouchable, there is no 'relationship' there, it's purely for entertainment purposes. Strip joints are a million times worse - there is physical contact there and of course, that's a deal breaker. But porn, should not be looked upon as being a source of contention - it's actually something that you can BOTH benefit from.

If your man enjoys porn, and you find it acceptable, he will be more likely to share his fantasies with you - isn't that something you would WANT? If you venture into watching some porn together you can find out what your intimate likes and dislikes are. Discover new and exciting things to try in your own sexual adventures. Try new positions, techniques, roll play... All of which, will only heighten your intimate connection with your man.

I love to find porn that I enjoy and send it to my man to watch.. he gets so excited just thinking that what I looked at turned me on. Although I am not normally one to watch porn 'while' I'm in the midst of being physical - (I find it to be distracting) - I think couples who enjoy that are likely very in sync and connected deeper then most. If you can be open to sharing something so personal and be accepting instead of judgemental, you will find your partner is even more attracted to you.

As I said before, if your man is watching porn instead of having sex with you, then this IS a problem. However, if he's just watching to get excited and ultimately wants to be physical with you then everyone benefits. Plus, who wants to think about their partner hiding things from them - or who wants to be the one who feels they have to hide their intimate secrets... no one. There is no reason to be jealous of your man watching porn if he is not using it in place of you. There are a lot more threats in every day life that could lead to eventual temptation that are REAL, whereas porn is not real. And yeah, most of the porn I've seen is tacky and completely over acted - but hey, that's what reminds me that I am the real thing when I have my man with me. I find it funny how watching porn with my bf makes him realize how fake it is - we now find we enjoy the stuff that's more 'believable' and less 'oh baby! oh baby! yes! yes! yes!' lol!!! We also prefer the porn that doesn't merely service the man but also shows scenes where the women is the focus of pleasure ;o)

If you have previously been close minded to the idea of your man watching porn.. try this.. find something you are intrigued by online - buy a porn dvd - you can order it and it will come to your mailbox instead of having to go to a sex store... light some candles one night and pop that DVD in the machine - it will be an evening neither of you will soon forget. I'm sure you'll quickly notice that the porn becomes a background accessory and the real fun happens between the two of you!!! - AND.. I'd bet that you both would want to try it out again sooner rather then later.

Sharing everything is one of the best parts of a relationship... have fun! Enjoy each other ;o)

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Cheers!!! Happy porn watching!!! xoxo!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Love wearing thongs...

"Hello, my name is 'chick-in-heels' and I am a self proclaimed, shamelessly proud, love the feel of them.. THONG WEARER' ;o) Welcome one and all.. this is a good read even if you are of the granny-panty sect lol!

I too once held the misconception about thongs. They MUST be uncomfortable, dental floss for your butt, they hurt, only sluts wear them... etc etc.. I am proud to say, many years back now, I crossed the line - I was a bikini cut panty type of girl and now I am a full fledged tawdry thong wearer YAHOOO!!!!

Ladies, misconceptions aside - if you have ever tried a thong and were not impressed might I suggest that you were wearing the WRONG style for you. Thongs come in so many sizes.. as for the commentary about having 'undies up your butt' - thongs actually make that experience LESS disruptive then full backed panties do... it's mere physics - you have full back panties and they creep up - they will end up in your crack. Now, I'd much rather have a delicately soft piece of fabric grazing that area then having a handful of cotton bunched up like a towel in there!!!

My initial experience with thongs was not great, as I said, there are so many styles. I found if it was too tight it 'did' feel uncomfortable (same as full back panties tho). I also found that I preferred the very thin t-back thongs where you barely feel like you are wearing a thing! Thongs provide GREAT lines under dress pants - make em' wonder if you are wearing any at all!! Just like with full back panties too, you have to pick the right 'height' of panty - it IS tacky to have your thong showing above the waist of your jeans - no ands-ifs-or-BUTTS! Thongs aren't privy to being shown when ladies bend over though, we've all seen our fair share of icky full backed flashes when in 'full bend' I'm sure.

I do believe that thongs are the best choice if you do not require panties for 'shapely support'. In that case it would be best to wear a seamless boy-short.. I agree. But for the most part - wearing a thong - or at least TRYING a FEW out is fun! I definitely feel a little sexier when my bf is well aware that I have a kinky pair on under my jeans. Even clothes feel better - less constricting...

Oh.. and did I mention that most men LOOOOOOVE IT???? Yep, shocking as that may seem they do! And as a former skeptic myself, I have to say I'm voting with the men on this one. It's wroth a try ladies - try different types, fabrics.. I am sure you will find one that you end up buying every shade of before you know it! And guys, if you read this.. pass it along to your girl.

.........ummm... and just so it's not left unsaid... guys.... the same vote doesn't go for you. A thong on a guy is actually a huge turn off! Trust us, it does nothing to enhance the packaging. Boxer briefs are my undie of choice for the man in my life.

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Cheers xoxo!! (by the way - hot pink is what I'm wearing now)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drive him wild... slip that condom on FOR him...

Ahhh the condom! The moment where your 'brain' interrupts you before running >>>full steam ahead>>> lol! A pressure cooker for many guys. Fumbling, awkward, worrying about maintaining an erection and putting the darned thing on... yeah... not exactly the *highlight* for many couples. Never mind keeping up your momentum of having HER stay in the 'zone' too. So, I'll tell you a little story...

I never realized what a HUGE deal it was until I saw my bf's reaction. Reached in my side table drawer, pulled out the condom, ripped it open with my teeth, pinched the tip and SLOWLY eased it down over him. This little tid-bit happened to drive my bf WILD!!! He was so impressed and it completely heightened the experience all together - never again would the 'condom-putting-on' be one of those rushed and clumsy moments - it suddenly became a part of foreplay!!!

It's not a difficult feat ladies.. and practicing on your man can be half the fun - tease him with it.. tell him he can't touch... that you want to make him ready for the ride you're about to give him ;o) Aside from the fact that it's a life saving safety measure - and the fact that most men would rather not use them - having the woman participate in making the condom wearing process a kinky one can benefit you both ;o)

The ripping open with the teeth measure is optional obviously lol!!! It happens to be one of the parts my bf finds alluring though. Open the condom, take a quick check that you have it the right side up, place on his head (lower head fyi!) squeeze the tip of the condom to remove the air - and the IMPORTANT part now.. is to use BOTH hands and lightly slide that bad boy on - I like to continually stroke both hands downwards one after the other until I reach the base... Trust me on this ladies, he'll be even harder for you when it's time to enjoy him ;o)

Of course.. going bare is my favourite.. but only if you are in an exclusive relationship and are clear of any std possibilities.. until then, make condom wearing a part of your *play routine* - it'll make something that you do to be responsible.. just a little more fun ;o)

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Cheers xoxoxo!

p.s. and happy dome-wearing 2 u!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Internet *sparks*..... my take.......

Ahhh.. A topic I know a little something about. I admit, I've tested the waters of the internet dating pool. And for me, it was the perfect scenario. I was at home with two young kids so that kept me from being able to socialize at a bar - and REALLY - who EVER meets anyone of 'quality' at a bar?? Internet dating is a time saver for many - you can easily weed out those who don't immediately capture your interest. Pictures can be exchanged prior to any awkward meetings at a coffee shop - WHO has that kind of time to waste these days. Take it from someone whose lived through a marriage before - once you've managed to survive that - you do NOT want to waste any time and you know EXACTLY what you want and DON'T want.

Internet dating was a good avenue for me because I tend to 'type/write' in the same fashion as I speak. Many people, however, don't. You know someone like that I'm sure - someone who is GREAT and personable in PERSON but give them a keyboard to punch away at and you get one word answers that seem completely lame. At the very least, internet dating can give you a glimpse into the person you are communicating with - and most of us know if we feel 'some' sort of a connection or not.

It's also quite easy to move on if you find you are not interested in the other person and there is always someone else to choose from. You have to be somewhat guarded as there are people who misrepresent themselves. Photos are not always legit - I love the idea of having the person you are dealing with hold up today's paper in their photo ;o) Even the TYPES of pictures you view will tell you a lot about the person aside from their looks. Don't even get me started on the 'questionable' photos I was sent... that kinda guy... is TACKY and tactless! And likely more interested in HIMSELF then anything else. Nudie pics?!?!? Seriously - not cool. Besides, that's so much more fun to do once you're actually 'in' the relationship - but that's for another blog tee hee ;o)

A photo exchange early on is a good idea. The last thing either party wants is to feel connected through email/chat exchange and find the person they are speaking with looks NOTHING like how they described themselves or that you are simply not attracted physically. Plus, before getting to know the person's whole life story you can easily decline anything further if the photos don't suit your search. Also, be somewhat guarded as to what 'information' you give out about yourself - don't instantly give out your address or phone numbers.. you don't want to end up with a stalker either.

Be yourself, nerves can be set aside as you have that 'filter' prior to a face-to-face meeting.. And if you connect, if your conversation flows, if the photo exchanges go well.. then make plans to meet. My suggestion is a public place and a short initial meeting to break the ice - leave it open ended so you can decide whether or not you wish to meet again.. and voila!

I was lucky enough to find a needle in a haystack online. How a few clicks can change your life.. let me tell ya!

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Cheers xo!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008

In sync or speaking another language... or both...

Ahhh the difference in how the sexes speak... It's inevitable I suppose. I'm figuring that you should consider yourself lucky if you find someone who is on the same ~wavelength~ 'most' of the time. After all, we are all individuals with unique thoughts, theories and beliefs. Something I believe strongly is that two differing thoughts do not indicate one is right and one is wrong - they are merely, different.

Compromising to respect one another's different thoughts is ideal - (it's not a win or lose situation) it all depends on how much you want the end result to flow together. I try very hard to step back and look at the big picture, however I too am guilty of being sucked into spiral thinking when emotions run high & I feel passionate about something. There are many situations where we mentally weigh the situation & strive to see the 'how will we ever meet' on certain topics. I suppose, if you are trying to see the how in working through your differences.. you are likely making your relationships and communications stronger for it.

Human nature.. what you believe, you achieve - don't they say? So when do you decide to feel weaker and BEND? When do you stand your ground? When do you cross over? I think the best bet is to always TRY to put yourself in the other person's position - as difficult as that may be, it will usually grant you with some sort of appreciation. Appreciating one another's view points (whether or not you ultimately agree) is the best form of compassion and will lead to a common respect regardless of whether or not you agree.

Some topics may have you distanced so far from one another that it brings up the point that men and women will always speak different languages. I hate to generalize though, I'd rather believe that it all comes down to circumstance. If it's not a 'deal breaker' situation, then take it as an 'issue' & do not allow it to rupture your entire relationship. For me, it always comes down to whether or not I am feeling 'good' most of the time.. or not. That is my indicator. However, there are moments where we all have to fall before we can pick ourselves back up again. That's just a part of life..

In the end, there is much to be left up to interpretation... clarity and compassion are always key.

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Cheers... (no kisses n' hugs today)

Monday, May 5, 2008

...and the award for the most romantic proposal ever goes to:


Ahhhh leave it to a gay man to know exactly how to do it ;o) That scene literally gives me goosebumps and I've watched it several times now!!! Simple, honest.. touching. A moment in time that will forever be remembered. No fancy restaurant, no crowd of people, no outrageous display - genuine... how refreshing is that?!

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Ahhh love... it's good stuff...

So, this article made me nod my head several times... some interesting little tid bits about how we are affected by love.


After enduring the end of an engagement & the dissolution of a marriage in my lifetime, the man I have now found definitely has the 'it' factor. How does one know this, well there are many ways - one of which is certainly having the experience of past relationships. Growing platforms, hopefully leading you to the right person or to learn more about what you want in the 'right person'. Once you know it, everything else seems to fit.

Side note here: If you really love someone, the feelings of 'love'... and this is important... LAST. There should be no compromising on that point. Comfort level should only indicate a deeper more lasting love - that continues to make you feel GOOD... otherwise, it's indifference. I believe, when you are truly in love, you find yourself doing whatever it takes to keep it strong and growing.. and feeling the way it should...

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good tips to ponder.. and a little splash of my own thoughts on point 16

16 things it took me over 50 years to learn:
by Dave Barry, Nationally Syndicated Columnist

1. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

2. If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be 'meetings.'

3. There is a very fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness.'

4. People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them. (Ahhh Zeitgeist - love a challenge, wake up peeps!)

5. You should not confuse your career with your life.

6. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. (This one isvery important) Rhythm or not fellas - shake it, it's a huge turn on!!

7. Never lick a steak knife. Lotsa better things to lick ;op

8. The most destructive force in the universe is gossip.

9. You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight savings time.

10. You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.

11. There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age 11. ...or 33 ;o)

12. The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender,religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above average drivers.

13. A person, who is nice to you, but rude to a waiter, is not a nice person.(This is very important. Pay attention. It NEVER fails.)

14. Your friends love you anyway. and ALWAYS

15. Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic. But a genius built the sybian lol!!!

16. Thought for the day: Men are like fine wine. They start out as grapes;and it's up to the women to stomp the crap out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with... I prefer: Men are like fine wine.. pick a good one and savour it!!! Let it fill you up and warm your insides ;o)

Cheers xo!!!

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