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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drive him wild... slip that condom on FOR him...

Ahhh the condom! The moment where your 'brain' interrupts you before running >>>full steam ahead>>> lol! A pressure cooker for many guys. Fumbling, awkward, worrying about maintaining an erection and putting the darned thing on... yeah... not exactly the *highlight* for many couples. Never mind keeping up your momentum of having HER stay in the 'zone' too. So, I'll tell you a little story...

I never realized what a HUGE deal it was until I saw my bf's reaction. Reached in my side table drawer, pulled out the condom, ripped it open with my teeth, pinched the tip and SLOWLY eased it down over him. This little tid-bit happened to drive my bf WILD!!! He was so impressed and it completely heightened the experience all together - never again would the 'condom-putting-on' be one of those rushed and clumsy moments - it suddenly became a part of foreplay!!!

It's not a difficult feat ladies.. and practicing on your man can be half the fun - tease him with it.. tell him he can't touch... that you want to make him ready for the ride you're about to give him ;o) Aside from the fact that it's a life saving safety measure - and the fact that most men would rather not use them - having the woman participate in making the condom wearing process a kinky one can benefit you both ;o)

The ripping open with the teeth measure is optional obviously lol!!! It happens to be one of the parts my bf finds alluring though. Open the condom, take a quick check that you have it the right side up, place on his head (lower head fyi!) squeeze the tip of the condom to remove the air - and the IMPORTANT part now.. is to use BOTH hands and lightly slide that bad boy on - I like to continually stroke both hands downwards one after the other until I reach the base... Trust me on this ladies, he'll be even harder for you when it's time to enjoy him ;o)

Of course.. going bare is my favourite.. but only if you are in an exclusive relationship and are clear of any std possibilities.. until then, make condom wearing a part of your *play routine* - it'll make something that you do to be responsible.. just a little more fun ;o)

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Cheers xoxoxo!

p.s. and happy dome-wearing 2 u!

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