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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Internet *sparks*..... my take.......

Ahhh.. A topic I know a little something about. I admit, I've tested the waters of the internet dating pool. And for me, it was the perfect scenario. I was at home with two young kids so that kept me from being able to socialize at a bar - and REALLY - who EVER meets anyone of 'quality' at a bar?? Internet dating is a time saver for many - you can easily weed out those who don't immediately capture your interest. Pictures can be exchanged prior to any awkward meetings at a coffee shop - WHO has that kind of time to waste these days. Take it from someone whose lived through a marriage before - once you've managed to survive that - you do NOT want to waste any time and you know EXACTLY what you want and DON'T want.

Internet dating was a good avenue for me because I tend to 'type/write' in the same fashion as I speak. Many people, however, don't. You know someone like that I'm sure - someone who is GREAT and personable in PERSON but give them a keyboard to punch away at and you get one word answers that seem completely lame. At the very least, internet dating can give you a glimpse into the person you are communicating with - and most of us know if we feel 'some' sort of a connection or not.

It's also quite easy to move on if you find you are not interested in the other person and there is always someone else to choose from. You have to be somewhat guarded as there are people who misrepresent themselves. Photos are not always legit - I love the idea of having the person you are dealing with hold up today's paper in their photo ;o) Even the TYPES of pictures you view will tell you a lot about the person aside from their looks. Don't even get me started on the 'questionable' photos I was sent... that kinda guy... is TACKY and tactless! And likely more interested in HIMSELF then anything else. Nudie pics?!?!? Seriously - not cool. Besides, that's so much more fun to do once you're actually 'in' the relationship - but that's for another blog tee hee ;o)

A photo exchange early on is a good idea. The last thing either party wants is to feel connected through email/chat exchange and find the person they are speaking with looks NOTHING like how they described themselves or that you are simply not attracted physically. Plus, before getting to know the person's whole life story you can easily decline anything further if the photos don't suit your search. Also, be somewhat guarded as to what 'information' you give out about yourself - don't instantly give out your address or phone numbers.. you don't want to end up with a stalker either.

Be yourself, nerves can be set aside as you have that 'filter' prior to a face-to-face meeting.. And if you connect, if your conversation flows, if the photo exchanges go well.. then make plans to meet. My suggestion is a public place and a short initial meeting to break the ice - leave it open ended so you can decide whether or not you wish to meet again.. and voila!

I was lucky enough to find a needle in a haystack online. How a few clicks can change your life.. let me tell ya!

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Cheers xo!!!

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