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Friday, May 23, 2008

Love wearing thongs...

"Hello, my name is 'chick-in-heels' and I am a self proclaimed, shamelessly proud, love the feel of them.. THONG WEARER' ;o) Welcome one and all.. this is a good read even if you are of the granny-panty sect lol!

I too once held the misconception about thongs. They MUST be uncomfortable, dental floss for your butt, they hurt, only sluts wear them... etc etc.. I am proud to say, many years back now, I crossed the line - I was a bikini cut panty type of girl and now I am a full fledged tawdry thong wearer YAHOOO!!!!

Ladies, misconceptions aside - if you have ever tried a thong and were not impressed might I suggest that you were wearing the WRONG style for you. Thongs come in so many sizes.. as for the commentary about having 'undies up your butt' - thongs actually make that experience LESS disruptive then full backed panties do... it's mere physics - you have full back panties and they creep up - they will end up in your crack. Now, I'd much rather have a delicately soft piece of fabric grazing that area then having a handful of cotton bunched up like a towel in there!!!

My initial experience with thongs was not great, as I said, there are so many styles. I found if it was too tight it 'did' feel uncomfortable (same as full back panties tho). I also found that I preferred the very thin t-back thongs where you barely feel like you are wearing a thing! Thongs provide GREAT lines under dress pants - make em' wonder if you are wearing any at all!! Just like with full back panties too, you have to pick the right 'height' of panty - it IS tacky to have your thong showing above the waist of your jeans - no ands-ifs-or-BUTTS! Thongs aren't privy to being shown when ladies bend over though, we've all seen our fair share of icky full backed flashes when in 'full bend' I'm sure.

I do believe that thongs are the best choice if you do not require panties for 'shapely support'. In that case it would be best to wear a seamless boy-short.. I agree. But for the most part - wearing a thong - or at least TRYING a FEW out is fun! I definitely feel a little sexier when my bf is well aware that I have a kinky pair on under my jeans. Even clothes feel better - less constricting...

Oh.. and did I mention that most men LOOOOOOVE IT???? Yep, shocking as that may seem they do! And as a former skeptic myself, I have to say I'm voting with the men on this one. It's wroth a try ladies - try different types, fabrics.. I am sure you will find one that you end up buying every shade of before you know it! And guys, if you read this.. pass it along to your girl.

.........ummm... and just so it's not left unsaid... guys.... the same vote doesn't go for you. A thong on a guy is actually a huge turn off! Trust us, it does nothing to enhance the packaging. Boxer briefs are my undie of choice for the man in my life.

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Cheers xoxo!! (by the way - hot pink is what I'm wearing now)

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