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Thursday, May 8, 2008

In sync or speaking another language... or both...

Ahhh the difference in how the sexes speak... It's inevitable I suppose. I'm figuring that you should consider yourself lucky if you find someone who is on the same ~wavelength~ 'most' of the time. After all, we are all individuals with unique thoughts, theories and beliefs. Something I believe strongly is that two differing thoughts do not indicate one is right and one is wrong - they are merely, different.

Compromising to respect one another's different thoughts is ideal - (it's not a win or lose situation) it all depends on how much you want the end result to flow together. I try very hard to step back and look at the big picture, however I too am guilty of being sucked into spiral thinking when emotions run high & I feel passionate about something. There are many situations where we mentally weigh the situation & strive to see the 'how will we ever meet' on certain topics. I suppose, if you are trying to see the how in working through your differences.. you are likely making your relationships and communications stronger for it.

Human nature.. what you believe, you achieve - don't they say? So when do you decide to feel weaker and BEND? When do you stand your ground? When do you cross over? I think the best bet is to always TRY to put yourself in the other person's position - as difficult as that may be, it will usually grant you with some sort of appreciation. Appreciating one another's view points (whether or not you ultimately agree) is the best form of compassion and will lead to a common respect regardless of whether or not you agree.

Some topics may have you distanced so far from one another that it brings up the point that men and women will always speak different languages. I hate to generalize though, I'd rather believe that it all comes down to circumstance. If it's not a 'deal breaker' situation, then take it as an 'issue' & do not allow it to rupture your entire relationship. For me, it always comes down to whether or not I am feeling 'good' most of the time.. or not. That is my indicator. However, there are moments where we all have to fall before we can pick ourselves back up again. That's just a part of life..

In the end, there is much to be left up to interpretation... clarity and compassion are always key.

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