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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shaved pussy... meow!

I mean, is there ANY other way these days? Personally, I find a landing strip just tacky and most of the ones I've seen on porn aren't so pretty. Anyone who still maintains the 'au natural' look of 'el BUSHWHACKER' is also not into 'being all that they can be' for their partner - unless, for some unhygienic reason they are 'into' that kinda thing. Sorta went out in the 70's didn't it? I am of the frame of mind that keeping your 'area' well groomed is in line with wearing nice undies in case you are ever in a car accident. One never knows when a shaved feline can come into play...

Now, there are tricks to the trade on this one. Once you commit to shaving you have to put in the time to maintain it. Yes, there is stubble.. but NOT if you shave daily.. or.. if you are 'ballsy' (no pun intended) enough to wax it.. Then again, waxing calls for a certain amount of growth which I just can't even 'BARE' to grow!

Plus the fact that it drives most men WILD to see a well maintained, freshly shaved pussy. There is the lure of skin on skin contact.. there is no hesitation based on 'flossing' during oral sex.. and removing any barriers to clitoral stimulation is always a huge benefit.

Now fellas, this doesn't let you off the hook either! I for one, love a man who 'manscapes!'.. it's DEVINE. And yes, it also makes some of us gals a little more 'eager' to venture down below.. Hey, if there is potential for more blow jobs wouldn't you give it a try? I don't necessarily need my man to be clean shaven down south, but I do prefer a man who at the very least knows how to trim ;o)

How to bring this up with your woman?? Easy.. blame it on the blog of a chick-in-heels! Until then, stock up on your shaving cream and keep those blades sharp!

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Friday, July 4, 2008

kinky bedroom play mixed in with some lovin.. = the full spectrum ;o)

So... there ARE those of us girls who like a little *frisk* and *kink* in the bedroom. Tender lovin' is great but I find the ^^^FIRES^^^ ignite when the play gets a little more... intense... heated... forceful... on both parts ;o) Of course, this kind of play is ONLY enjoyable when both parties are into it and realize it's all about the 'fantasy' aspect.

There are times when I want to feel like the man I'm with is 'ALL MAN' and is 'taking complete control' of my body. Dishing out whatever he can give me. However, there are times when I certainly want to teach him a lesson about who can be boss in the bedroom as well. There's something empowering about pushing the limits. Taking the passion and kink right to the edge! Keeping it *HOT*.

I want my man to be the kind who has many ideas in the bedroom... who wants routine when you can have moments of lovin' & moments of unbridled desire!!! So long as both partners are game - enjoy!!

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