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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sex on a boat...

It's EVER-SO-KINKY to find new and exciting places to have sex. Who *really* wants to be confined to the 'expected sex' that comes from being tucked into bed at the end of the day? I mean, that's all good and great.. but there's SOMETHING, ever so *delicious* about having a spontaneous romp in an unexpected place ;o) Trust me... I know!!!

Sex on a boat has GOT to be one of my fav's!!! There's something about being out in the sun, scantily clad, a few beverages in tow, tunes playing in the background... and being alone with no distractions to admire my man-meat!! His bare chest.. glistening in the sun.. the rhythm of the water rocking the boat ever so gently while we anchor..

It's a recipe for desire!!! Not to mention the slippery fun that water-play can bring... even if sex in the water isn't your 'thing' - foreplay in the water is undeniably kinky!!!

There is something so 'heightening' about taking sex to a new location... It's guaranteed to take your passion to a new level. It creates a certain *spice* that breaks free from any routine you may normally have regarding your sex life. For me the boat scene sets me into a "frenzy" but there are MANY other spots that can work for a little 'fun' too. Sex in a car can also be quite fun - sure it's not the most comfortable spot - but it's not necessarily about what's most comfortable at that point - it's about what's EXCITING and spontaneous!!!

So.. give it a shot ;o) Be it your kitchen counter.. the back seat of a car.. on a boat.. keep it fresh.. keep it exciting.. and by all means, keep it COMING!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A woman's view on whether 'SIZE' matters...

One of my favourite lines... 'is he a GROW-er or a SHOW-er' lol!!! Because that can affect whether or not size matters ya know!

It's funny when you watch porn and you see that most of the guys are rather LARGE in size. It's even more amusing to know that 99% of the women in those porn movies are *faking it* with these well endowed men. After all, most porn is created to excite a male dominated audience. Anyway.. that's just one tid bit... back to my topic...

Does size really matter??? Here's my theory... Size will ONLY be an issue if you find that you cannot be turned on by your partner due to 'the fit'. Now the 'fit' has a couple of meanings... 1.) if the man is too small - meaning that you just don't 'feel' him much when he's inside. 2.) if the woman is too loose - same outcome. 3.) If the man is too large for the woman and causes pain during sex. SO.. as you can see - the main concern for many men being 'their hung-ed-ness' isn't the only factor that comes into play when being rated by a woman.

Not to mention the obvious, there are many men who are 'rather large' and who have NO IDEA how to finesse a woman's body. So, really - that's like having a Porsche and NOT knowing how to drive stick!!! C'mon! Who wants a Porsche just staring back at them (with it's one eye lol!) but not willing to enjoy the ride. So, not all 'green giants' come through in those clutch moments!

Personally, I like the mid-length in a man.. the size that I can do EVERY position enjoyably with! Average - certainly does NOT mean average in ability to please ;o) I've also known men who have 'great packages' and who have had issues with other women because of how loose the woman was - totally separate issue from the size of the guy's thingie! ;o)

Now, of course.. there are guys who are maybe a little 'less' then in the world of penile size - but you know what, there are MANY girls out there that are of the 'smaller fit' category as well. What it all comes down to is how you both FEEL and if you can both experience pleasure together - and I'm convinced, everyone has a match for that.

Let's not forget GIRTH.. I mean, how could I even broach this topic without speaking of girth? Not only does LENGTH come in all shapes & sizes.. but so does circumference! What a woman prefers and will enjoy all depends on what fits HER body - and since we are all different in that aspect.. don't be sucked in by the absurd pressure to be huge! Everything comes down to 'fit' with your partner.. and that is different for each couple...

Now, run along and have fun finding your perfect fit!!!! ;o)

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Threesome fantasy play...

...and by *fantasy* I am CLEAR that this is something that TOTALLY turns me on in the fantasy world but makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with the slightest hint of reality... For me, this one is definitely a fantasy. It's kinky, it's taboo, it's scary, it's exciting... but... it's a turn on for me.The 3some ;o)

In my fantasy it's her and I, then her and I sharing him, then watching her have him while I instruct them what to do, then making her watch us and knowing she wants him again.. It's watching him enjoy another woman, it's craving his reaction to a new woman right in front of me, it's all of us tasting each other.. making him feel like a sex god..

In version 'B' of my fantasy it's him, another mystery man and me.. It's the thrill of knowing I could easily handle two men in bed.. it's knowing I could please them both and please them well.. feeling that they both crave what I am giving.. having the heat and hunger of two men taking over my body with no hesitation.. Watching my man as I take on another..

And in an INSTANT.. when the fantasy is over and the very thought of reality hits.. I suddenly don't like the fantasy anymore. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever imagined a 3some.. we all likely have to some extent.. at some point.. 'thought' about it. It's definitely something that excites me.. the thought.. but when the moment of fantasy has passed the reality of what that would mean to my man and I - to what we have - is too much to bear. He is my love and what we have is sacred above anything else. What is freeing, is that we share all of these powerful thoughts and we excite in the 'fantasy' together without allowing reality to ever threaten us. There is something about sharing our fantasies and never being rejected for them that has connected us more deeply. No hesitation, no judgement, we are free because we are sharing.. at the same time we are protected as our fantasies remain safe - between us... Oh yes.. there are many more fantasies.. this is just one of my favs...

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not every woman wants a man with a 'perfect' body...

So, although it's always nice to take a 'peek' at a man with a beautiful physique it's not exactly what all women want when it comes to the type of men they desire to be in a 'real' relationship with. Sure the ads of male models perched in their 'ever so snug fitting' boxer-briefs are drool-worthy - but when it comes down to the real 'stuff' I highly doubt most women want such vanity in a man.

First of all, if I am with a man who has perfectly cut abs - it's a turn off for me. REALLY.. REAL-LY!... and here's why... most women are unrealistically insecure about their own bodies.. we see it EVERYWHERE - magazines, movie stars, models, etc.. Women put more pressure on how they look to 'themselves' then anyone else ever could. So, to be with a man who is physically perfect - is NOT comforting to most women I know. My instinct when I see a male model with perfect body is "good gawd.. he must be so vain" - it's a preconceived notion, yes.. but do I want my man shaving his legs or plucking his eyebrows.. or spending MORE time then ME in front of a mirror - NO THANKS. I get the same heebie-jeebies when I see guys with highlights in their hair - 'honey.. pretty isn't manly'. Any girlfriends I've ever had all have the same viewpoint as I do - we want a MAN not 'Rico-Suave'.

At the same time we don't necessarily want someone who doesn't care for their own health and has let themselves go either. That's a common problem once couples hit the 'comfort zone'.. just put on the stretchy pants & figure all will be well - NOT SO.. if you don't feel sexy yourself physically.. guess what, your partner may also start to view you in the same light. No matter what you may look like now, having sexual confidence in yourself only makes you more attractive to others.

I believe that most couples prefer to be with someone who physically is similar to them. Obviously if you are athletic, you like to do be active and would likely be attracted to like-minded types. My point is, so many men think that women desire these huge guys with muscles that go on for miles... NOT SO. I was recently viewing a photograph of Daniel Craig (James Bond) - nice body - definitely - but face, uhhhh... not exactly my cup of tea. Gotta say, he wouldn't make the cut. So fellas, be fit enough to be considered healthy (for yourself and to attract others) and don't cross over into vanity-insanity.. that's exactly where most women's 'perfect type' falls - and more then likely - that's the majority of you out there..

Save your pennies, avoid the fake tan sprays and shaved chest.. be comfortable in your body - after all, how many women have you been attracted to in relationships who have had perfect abs.... EXACTLY!

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The meaning behind HOW u fight & GREAT make-up sex!!!...

So, it's true.. every couple has their ups & downs. EVERY couple fights at some point in time. Even if couples 'never' seem to fight, it likely just means they keep it inside - which can be even more destructive. I believe that HOW couples fight is a good indication of how the rest of their relationship flows as well.

For many couples, fighting includes yelling and raised tempers.. I would say this all depends on the personality types involved. For SOME, that style works - it airs the problem and to some extent indicates a level of passion they have in the relationship. An article I recently read suggested the same 'drive' one gets from arguing with a partner, releases the same 'drive' as they experience with sex. And with that sort of drive - what do we all crave??? Release!! Makes sense to see why so many couples turn to 'make-up sex' as the finality of the argument. In my opinion, that's all great and good - so long as SOMETHING was resolved and it's not just a 'distraction' which is merely delaying yet another, more built-up argument later.

We've all heard people speak of their parents who never fought... and many times, these are the folks, who.. once the kids have been raised - realize that they've been holding in deep hostility and resentment towards one another for years. Silence can be vicious... I think it's often times WORSE to hold in your frustrations then to scream and yell - at least the latter has the potential of coming to a resolution. No one is a mind-reader when it comes to relationships... no one.. Plus, if you are the type who holds in your anger, the chances of experiencing make-up sex are nil. Also, if this type of build up continues over a long period of time - it probably wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that your sex life wasn't what you'd WANT it to be either.

Then, there's the type that I can attest to, as I am one of them. I'm a 'resolver'... Once I'm ready to talk I want to talk until it's fixed. I want to feel content and feel that my partner is also satisfied with the outcome of our discussion. I do not believe that everyone will EVER agree on EVERY topic.. So, weigh how important the problem is to you in the first place - *pick your battles* as they say. You can't make a HUGE deal about crumbs on the counter vs. whether or not you want to get married, if you catch my drift. Having disagreements doesn't mean that you HAVE TO or WILL agree - but it does mean that each of your opinions are heard. Hopefully, if you are able to focus on staying constructive, you will find that there is always room to compromise. After all, if you love the person you are with, and want to continue to make things work - compromise is always worth it in the end. The BEST part of this type of approach to dealing with disagreements/arguments is that both people are more likely to end up feeling satisfied. And in my humblest of opinions, when both people are at ease with the outcome of a discussion - that's when the BEST make-up sex is possible... When you have GROWN as a couple, respected one another and become closer for it - that's when true passion arises - that's when the reconnection through skin-on-skin will be most satisfying.... I speak from experience ;o)

As I always say, sex between a couple is what connects your relationship more deeply then any other in your life... never lose that perspective ;o)

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