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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not every woman wants a man with a 'perfect' body...

So, although it's always nice to take a 'peek' at a man with a beautiful physique it's not exactly what all women want when it comes to the type of men they desire to be in a 'real' relationship with. Sure the ads of male models perched in their 'ever so snug fitting' boxer-briefs are drool-worthy - but when it comes down to the real 'stuff' I highly doubt most women want such vanity in a man.

First of all, if I am with a man who has perfectly cut abs - it's a turn off for me. REALLY.. REAL-LY!... and here's why... most women are unrealistically insecure about their own bodies.. we see it EVERYWHERE - magazines, movie stars, models, etc.. Women put more pressure on how they look to 'themselves' then anyone else ever could. So, to be with a man who is physically perfect - is NOT comforting to most women I know. My instinct when I see a male model with perfect body is "good gawd.. he must be so vain" - it's a preconceived notion, yes.. but do I want my man shaving his legs or plucking his eyebrows.. or spending MORE time then ME in front of a mirror - NO THANKS. I get the same heebie-jeebies when I see guys with highlights in their hair - 'honey.. pretty isn't manly'. Any girlfriends I've ever had all have the same viewpoint as I do - we want a MAN not 'Rico-Suave'.

At the same time we don't necessarily want someone who doesn't care for their own health and has let themselves go either. That's a common problem once couples hit the 'comfort zone'.. just put on the stretchy pants & figure all will be well - NOT SO.. if you don't feel sexy yourself physically.. guess what, your partner may also start to view you in the same light. No matter what you may look like now, having sexual confidence in yourself only makes you more attractive to others.

I believe that most couples prefer to be with someone who physically is similar to them. Obviously if you are athletic, you like to do be active and would likely be attracted to like-minded types. My point is, so many men think that women desire these huge guys with muscles that go on for miles... NOT SO. I was recently viewing a photograph of Daniel Craig (James Bond) - nice body - definitely - but face, uhhhh... not exactly my cup of tea. Gotta say, he wouldn't make the cut. So fellas, be fit enough to be considered healthy (for yourself and to attract others) and don't cross over into vanity-insanity.. that's exactly where most women's 'perfect type' falls - and more then likely - that's the majority of you out there..

Save your pennies, avoid the fake tan sprays and shaved chest.. be comfortable in your body - after all, how many women have you been attracted to in relationships who have had perfect abs.... EXACTLY!

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