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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A woman's view on whether 'SIZE' matters...

One of my favourite lines... 'is he a GROW-er or a SHOW-er' lol!!! Because that can affect whether or not size matters ya know!

It's funny when you watch porn and you see that most of the guys are rather LARGE in size. It's even more amusing to know that 99% of the women in those porn movies are *faking it* with these well endowed men. After all, most porn is created to excite a male dominated audience. Anyway.. that's just one tid bit... back to my topic...

Does size really matter??? Here's my theory... Size will ONLY be an issue if you find that you cannot be turned on by your partner due to 'the fit'. Now the 'fit' has a couple of meanings... 1.) if the man is too small - meaning that you just don't 'feel' him much when he's inside. 2.) if the woman is too loose - same outcome. 3.) If the man is too large for the woman and causes pain during sex. SO.. as you can see - the main concern for many men being 'their hung-ed-ness' isn't the only factor that comes into play when being rated by a woman.

Not to mention the obvious, there are many men who are 'rather large' and who have NO IDEA how to finesse a woman's body. So, really - that's like having a Porsche and NOT knowing how to drive stick!!! C'mon! Who wants a Porsche just staring back at them (with it's one eye lol!) but not willing to enjoy the ride. So, not all 'green giants' come through in those clutch moments!

Personally, I like the mid-length in a man.. the size that I can do EVERY position enjoyably with! Average - certainly does NOT mean average in ability to please ;o) I've also known men who have 'great packages' and who have had issues with other women because of how loose the woman was - totally separate issue from the size of the guy's thingie! ;o)

Now, of course.. there are guys who are maybe a little 'less' then in the world of penile size - but you know what, there are MANY girls out there that are of the 'smaller fit' category as well. What it all comes down to is how you both FEEL and if you can both experience pleasure together - and I'm convinced, everyone has a match for that.

Let's not forget GIRTH.. I mean, how could I even broach this topic without speaking of girth? Not only does LENGTH come in all shapes & sizes.. but so does circumference! What a woman prefers and will enjoy all depends on what fits HER body - and since we are all different in that aspect.. don't be sucked in by the absurd pressure to be huge! Everything comes down to 'fit' with your partner.. and that is different for each couple...

Now, run along and have fun finding your perfect fit!!!! ;o)

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Cheers xo!

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