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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I always thought I had a different point of view...

Hey sistas!!! I am very thankful to have some faithful female readers (guys too!!). I am fortunate enough to be in contact with some of my readers and am ALWAYS thrilled to get any and all feedback... **hint hint.. comment, vote or email more peeps! (I listen! I listen!!)** and here's proof.. This one's for the ladies who 'may' see this blog as setting unrealistic expectations.. I say, this blog is not for setting standards - it's to create unique thoughts, tid bits that will hopefully bring more fun and excitement into your life ;o)

Sure my blog promotes the 'unique' view I have on life, love & sex. I figure, if I had the same view as 'everyone else' it might not be all that fun to read lol! My hope is to induce thought outside of the box, create conversation, engage the playful side of every one's life. I don't want men to read the blog and think 'I wish I had that' or women to read it and think 'I'd never want that'.. but I do want to spark the question to each person of what 'you' can do to make your relationship more fun to make the MOST of your sex life and to enjoy the person you are with. The kinky suggestions or thoughts are what *I* think about... create your own fun & fantasy - This blog is to inspire that not create false expectations.

Always look at what you put in vs what you want to take away from a relationship. If you are missing passion, put in an effort to be as passionate as possible. If you are unhappy, figure out what YOU can do to make your situation better. Take ownership.. and come here often... for a laugh... for some tips... for a unique view. I always knew my view point was different when it came to sex and love. I'm here to celebrate that instead of hide it. Give the relationship you want in return.. so much is within our control and all to many times we allow our disappointment to set on our partner.. and that is no solution. I've been told so many times that I 'think like a guy' when it comes to certain things ;o) Maybe, just maybe I could create a medium for women to read this blog and hear a different side of what their men aren't quite explaining.

Vote, email me at chicktidbits@live.ca, comment, subscribe - and thank you for taking the time to read.. whether you shake your head, laugh, write down suggestions word for word.. whatever?!? Everyone is welcome to pull up a chair, even if you're not wearing heels ;o)

Chick xo!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is your sexual schedule in sync?...

In the beginning, sex was EVERYTHING!!! All encompassing and ALWAYS in the forefront. No time, was a bad time for sex. Any chance you had alone was an opportunity to PLAY.. and play you did!!

Sometimes, it ends there and for whatever reason sex was the only thing that you had. Sometimes it goes on longer and develops into a real relationship. Well, as your relationship develops changes in your sex life seem to be inevitable. The question I pose is this.. is it impossible to hold fast to those initial *freaky-deaky* days? Maybe I'm the last one around to believe it's possible - but do you know why that is? Because I WANT it that way...yes, still ;o)

Some people schedule 'date nights' (a.k.a. she gets dinner out and he gets laid). I kinda think the spontaneity is lacking when it comes to a scheduled date night. I mean, even if you have kids at home and find it difficult to have time alone.. there ARE WAYS.. go for a drive - park the car and hop in back ;o) Put a lock on your bedroom door.. have a coffee later in the day if you find yourself too tired for sex at the end of a busy day. Doesn't anyone else look at sex after a long day as a reward anymore? It's a release, it will help you sleep, and it FEELS GOOD!!! However, much of the problem is that too many people view sex as 'work' and that will only kill any hint of a sexual appetite.

So, somehow you manage to find some time for sex even for the busiest of schedules. What happens when your partner isn't 'feeling it'??? If your desire or frequency cravings are off it's something you may want to pay attention to. Is it causing you to have sex a lot less then you want it? Sometimes planning a sex date isn't all it's cracked up to be. The same is true in reverse, if you expect sex all the time it can be a turn off for your partner. My suggestion is TALK, TALK AND MORE TALK. Just because you are in a relationship together doesn't mean you will always agree - but the key is to find a common ground where both people feel satisfied. If that means you give a little, then give a little.. but don't give to the point where you put your wants & needs too far behind.

Pay attention to how things are when you do have sex. If you are having infrequent sex and it's not exciting well that IS a problem. If you find that times you do come together are still worth the wait in between, then that is a GOOD thing. If you have sex frequently ensure that's what your partner desires as well and lead the charge in keeping things fresh to avoid a feeling where sex could lose it's edge.

Point is, both people need to be on the same path. Desire in the bedroom translates into desire for each other in your everyday life. Pay attention to it, because just assuming it will be there is risky. Appreciate what you have and keep the feeling front and centre that you want to be the one to make your partner the happiest, most loved, and appreciated - especially in your sex life. After all, that's what makes your relationship sacred from all others.

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Scrap the sex calenders - if you are paying close enough attention to each other - you won't need them. Make sex a priority - keep it special - everyone wants that skip in their step ;o)

Chick xo

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One girl's review of the 'Viagra' experience...

My initial reaction is to scream from the hilltops that ~I LOVE VIAGRA!!!!~ Yes, I do ;o) So, here's the summary of my virgin viagra experience along with some opinion of Viagra use overall.

So one day a little blue pill came into our lives... I wasn't quite sure what to expect, would his erection fling out of his jeans and slap me in the face right after he swallowed it?! lol!? Seriously.. a little part of me wondered how much control this pill would have over my man?! It was like waiting to see what Santa brought me on Christmas morning (picture hands rubbing together and salivating at the anticipation!!). Fear not my dear friends, viagra doesn't wallop you with an uncontrollable erection upon initial ingestion. It still requires that you have the desire to be 'turned on' which is ultimately in your control. Once you do have the opportunity to feel aroused however, viagra does not disappoint ;o)

Now, we just used viagra to *play* not for any dysfunction type of situation. Our experience was merely that of, "lets see how much fun we can have with THIS" lol!! I do consider myself a bit of an erection expert ;o) and viagra did ROCK my world when I was presented with the FULL EXTENT of it's capabilities. Now, anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am in a very sexually active relationship - but the best way to compare the benefits of viagra would be to say - if you hadn't had sex in a while and you were just EXTRA JACKED UP - those are the times when you are just 'that much more erect' - that's what it's like to experience viagra. You are very easily turned on and the blood flow to your penis is at FULL CAPACITY!! Experiencing sex when you are just 'that much harder' is beneficial to you and your woman. We had a LOT of fun with our first viagra experience - and for those women out there who like to go several rounds (guilty as charged!!) viagra provides your man with means to go like the Energizer Bunny!!! Even into the next day we found it was very easy to coax a full on erection to come out and play ;o)

Now, this isn't something I would use regularly. I figure, most guys really don't need it unless they are experiencing erectile dysfunction. Most of the time, guys seem to be hard up when it comes to sex (no pun intended) so they usually don't have much trouble getting aroused at the thought of having sex. if you have sex almost daily well then viagra is fun to throw in there once in a while for a little 'kick'. I figure viagra is best used for it's advertised purpose - generally for older guys who might want to experience the rigidity in their erections that they experienced when they were 18 ;o) - - - Ladies!! Pay attention here, you receive the love and experience of your man (in his yonder years) with the added bonus of his 18-year-old hardness!!! For me, it was a BLAST. Not anything necessary because I enjoy sex with my man however he dishes it - but - it's always fun to play and mix up the spice.

And for the record - in comparison to Christmas morning - SANTA CAME THROUGH - I must have been a very, very good girl because when I unwrapped my present - it was MAMMOTH and EXACTLY what I wanted ;o)

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Here's to maximum capacity blood flow - I love you Viagra!!!

Chick xo