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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I always thought I had a different point of view...

Hey sistas!!! I am very thankful to have some faithful female readers (guys too!!). I am fortunate enough to be in contact with some of my readers and am ALWAYS thrilled to get any and all feedback... **hint hint.. comment, vote or email more peeps! (I listen! I listen!!)** and here's proof.. This one's for the ladies who 'may' see this blog as setting unrealistic expectations.. I say, this blog is not for setting standards - it's to create unique thoughts, tid bits that will hopefully bring more fun and excitement into your life ;o)

Sure my blog promotes the 'unique' view I have on life, love & sex. I figure, if I had the same view as 'everyone else' it might not be all that fun to read lol! My hope is to induce thought outside of the box, create conversation, engage the playful side of every one's life. I don't want men to read the blog and think 'I wish I had that' or women to read it and think 'I'd never want that'.. but I do want to spark the question to each person of what 'you' can do to make your relationship more fun to make the MOST of your sex life and to enjoy the person you are with. The kinky suggestions or thoughts are what *I* think about... create your own fun & fantasy - This blog is to inspire that not create false expectations.

Always look at what you put in vs what you want to take away from a relationship. If you are missing passion, put in an effort to be as passionate as possible. If you are unhappy, figure out what YOU can do to make your situation better. Take ownership.. and come here often... for a laugh... for some tips... for a unique view. I always knew my view point was different when it came to sex and love. I'm here to celebrate that instead of hide it. Give the relationship you want in return.. so much is within our control and all to many times we allow our disappointment to set on our partner.. and that is no solution. I've been told so many times that I 'think like a guy' when it comes to certain things ;o) Maybe, just maybe I could create a medium for women to read this blog and hear a different side of what their men aren't quite explaining.

Vote, email me at chicktidbits@live.ca, comment, subscribe - and thank you for taking the time to read.. whether you shake your head, laugh, write down suggestions word for word.. whatever?!? Everyone is welcome to pull up a chair, even if you're not wearing heels ;o)

Chick xo!!

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