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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods ....Another guy who thinks he just won't get caught

I think even the skeeviest of guys is shaking their heads at Tiger's 'transgressions' and his complete lack of control. Talk about a fall from grace. Was this guy wound so tight that he had to have SOMETHING give eventually? Maybe... or maybe he's just one o those types who thinks they can have their cake and eat it too. That shit always catches up to you though - in one way or another. In Tiger's case I think the count is up to 12 and increasing...

Who knows what the back story is here... how unhappy his marriage was, etc. I'll be the first one to sympathize with the pains of being in a sexless marriage - but was that REALLY the case here? I doubt it - they have a 9 month old baby - and the affairs were ongoing for years with some of these women... Clearly, invincible on the course does not mean invincible in life. It's one thing if your spouse is aware of the lacking in a marriage - but to present it as 'perfect' and continue to welcome children into the mix - it just screams GREED. It's not a situation where he went onto meet his soul mate here - he was pokin' a hole in any warm place that was offering. Not to mention the deets coming out about being unprotected during these indiscretions - yuk! Gawd help his wallet if he ends up passing STD's around this already skanky mess.

And ya know, even if you're married to a dreadful hag - if you have the MEANS (and we all KNOW he did) then *man up* and get out!!! Tiger's flaw was maintaining the facade of perfection while living a lie. I do think that most guys, if they figure they had the capability of getting away with it - would cheat - and still keep their cushy lives at home in tact. That's likely why a lot of affairs DO happen - because people think they'll get away with it. Most think of covering their tracks, not what they will lose when they DO get caught. I hate to think what his kids will feel as they grow up and are able to access the truth about their Dad and what he CHOSE to do... that kinda stuff is irreparable.

I heard a good analysis of this issue recently.... that Tiger was a pretty 'geeky' fella growing up. That he was mastering his golf game instead of sowing his wild oats when he was younger... so it was building up in him and had to come out eventually. It just happened to come out at a time when he was married with two young children and pinned a spotlight on his complete lack of control over himself.

So why is Tiger suffering under such public opinion and David Letterman did not? Well, David Letterman spoke out prior to the public's general knowledge of the indiscretions. ALSO, people seem to have a lot more tolerance for cheating if you are with a 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend' as opposed to a 'spouse' who holds a marriage license. As committed as some people may be, that piece of paper that defines you as 'married' does hold a lot of weight. In other words, had Tiger only been living with Elin and not married to her - I'd bet his 'transgressions' wouldn't be so newsworthy. Sad, but true...

Even if Tiger had legitimate feelings for the women he had affairs with, the sheer number of women discounts any meaning here... I sure hope he thinks it was worth it - his life will never be the same again.

So if you're going to cheat - and you don't have the b@lls to leave your marriage/relationship first - then make sure you are fully prepared for the sh.t to hit the fan. And ensure that you are prepared to lose the person you betrayed because more times than not, it's inevitable. Some situations may seem worth it - but I can tell you, it's NEVER an easy road to take.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

My tramp stamp...

So this is my new tattoo... purdy huh? I wanted something feminine and flowy. Tat's are edgy enough to go through with and I wanted something that would look pretty... always. Pretty, for a "tramp stamp" eh? Gawd I lothe that term. Lower back tat's get a bad wrap. I think the term tramp stamp should belong to someone who is daft enough to put cherries dangled at the top of their ass crack - or the words 'back door lover' - that kinda thing. Truth be told the lower back is one of the SMARTEST places to get a tat. The skin doesn't tend to change a whole lot - it can be well hidden if need be - or displayed when those intimate moments call ;o) Oh... and did I mention that they are fawkin' sexy too??? Well, at least I think so!!

My new tat covered one that I had done when I was 18 - it wasn't even half as pretty (and I can say that cuz I had designed the first little one). For a LONG time I had wanted to update it or change it - and now that summer was over I decided to go through with it. I forgot what tattooing felt like - and it felt a LOT different from how I 'thought' I remembered it - I think that had everything to do with the fact that my new tat was at least 4 times the size of my first. Some spots I could take okay - but SOME spots definitely had me gritting my teeth argggggg!!! I sat slung over a barber-style tattoo chair for about 2 & 1/2 hours - OUCH!!! I couldn't wear proper pants for a week but ya know - it was worth it - I love it!!!

Tattoos are so much more popular now than they were when I got my first tat. Personally, I like one tattoo - a focal point - but I do "get" it - it's a creative outlet. I don't understand people who get them to show their toughness or memorialize a pet?! I flipped through a tattoo magazine while I was being ink'd and saw a girl with a 'strawberry shortcake' on one arm and 'hello kitty' on another - WTF - really W-T-F???????

Anyways, I like my tattoo - tramp stamp - whatever u wanna call it - good thing too, from what I hear - it'll be there for a while ;o) I think I'll call it my 'tramp stamp' when I'm feelin' frisky and my tattoo when I'm feeling like a 'good girl' hehe!!

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Friday, September 25, 2009


Ya know why BJ's are virtually non-existent after marriage... because MOST women (if they are honest) do not LIKE giving them. The only reason they do give them is to PLEASE their man... Yup, I said it - it's true! Rare is the woman who LIKES to give BJ's - If you find one - HOLD ON TIGHT!!! For whatever twisted reason couples seem out to 'impress' one another until marriage - then they often times seem to just 'give up' - and the sex is the first to go.

Think about this... do you have to coax your woman into giving you a bj? Do you have to ask for it? Is it hard enough to get sex as often as you want it - so you don't wanna push it with a request for oral play??? Then guess what... she doesn't LIKE it.

If a woman feels unloved or unappreciated and that you only want to give her attention in order to get sex - guess what - she likely won't wanna blow you. So... that part aside, let's figure you are a good guy - attentive - loving - someone who spends time pleasing your woman - then you SHOULD expect some lickin' love in return ;o) But I guess the REAL key is how do you get your woman to LIKE doing it other than just to please you....???

My tips are simple. First off, be very clean - I don't just mean having your morning shower, going to work all day then expecting a lick-fest that night. Tidy up right before you get physical.. if you can, grab a quick shower.. if that's not possible then make your way to the bathroom and do a sink/dink-rinse ;o) Secondly, pay attention to the BUSH - yes guys - your man-forests!! If you are comfortable - go hairless (my personal favourite - allows me to lick and suck and drip all over my guy's skin).. If bald-eagle isn't your style MAKE SURE you groom - yes, trim those pubes fellas!!! Get down there, and trim away - the less hair the better chance your woman will want to venture south. I mean think about it - would you prefer to munch on a hairy bush or glide your tongue and lips across some 'barely there' action?? - the answer is simple... My final tip is to pay close attention to what your partner likes or dislikes about oral sex... If she doesn't want you to cum in her mouth - don't! If she doesn't want you to hold the back of her head and force her to take you deeper - don't!! The more comfortable you can make your woman the more apt she will be to TAKE you down...

A little tid bit - if you find a woman who likes to give a bj, will take it in her mouth, wants you to pull her hair while you shove it deeper into her throat... (*blush*)... keep'er ;o)

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Cheers!! And happy blows 2 u...


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I hate it when I don't get laid....

Yeah, that's the MAN in me I guess - I just get *miserable* when I go a day or so without it. It actually pisses me off!!! No wonder guys are at the mercy of most women when it comes to getting some action. At least I know I will have relief in the very near future - I can't imagine what kind of tension would build up if I did not have a foreseeable cum within site.

For as RILED up as I get.. I won't 'do the deed' myself at this point... it's been too long (3 days eek!!) and when I get to this place the only reasonable release would have to come from nothing less than a FUCK RAMPAGE. (where did that LADY in me go???)... don't worry she'll show face again when it's time to cuddle ;o) FYI, it won't be time to cuddle until I can no longer stand up lol!!

Seriously, am I the only one who gets this way??? I wanna be kissed and grabbed, pushed up against the wall and ripped apart... over and over and OVER again ;o) After a day or so I wanna f.ck my guy like he's being punished for keeping it from me. Make him PAY... As much as that may make me sound like a man - that's what makes me ALL woman!!!

What do u think? Do you get cranky without sex?? Is it a slow boil for u or an instant FLASH ATTACK that oozes from your pores??
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Love thru the ages... does it change?

From puppy love.. to dreamy teenage dating.. twenties romances.. and adult relationships.. do you think the love changes??
At first it's all so innocent - puppy love that is. It's easy and it just IS - because you don't know any better. It's giddy and it's part of being a little kid at some point. Teenage relationships are usually hormone driven/inspired.. so much is changing and new emotions come onto the scene. In your twenties you are exposed to the 'bar scene' of dating and relating - perhaps you're looking for that 'lifetime mate'... or what may be the START of that kind of relationship. Getting a true taste of Independence, perhaps a career is started... Into your thirties, fourties and so on seems to be a little more 'settled and directed'... you have some sort of LIFE established and you want to find someone who fits into that scene without too much of a struggle.

I tend to think, if you've met someone when you were younger and managed to stick it out together and STILL feel the love - then you are indeed, a rarity. I would think, if this is the case then you and your partner obviously were able to grow TOGETHER which isn't usually the norm. If on the other hand, you are in the majority - then you have likely dated several people through several different stages of your life - which will (or has) eventually bring you to whoever you are with at THIS stage of life. I am of the belief that each relationship provides a clearer and clearer picture of what you truly want in a mate. Does the love change? I think so - I believe, the more you have been through the more you understand what you really want in a relationship. I do also think, that whatever the LOVE feeling is for each of us - many of us knew how we wanted it to feel from very early on.

When you're young all you think about is whatever makes you feel good, or who pays attention.. in your twenties it's likely more to do with fun - who fits in with your friends and makes for a good time.. into your thirties and fourties I think you start to get a little bit more grounded and mature about who you want to build a life with.. and onward from there - the important things are who makes you happy and who will be there for you thru the long haul...
Of course life, and kids and bills and jobs.. etc... tend to affect the lives of so many couples. And it's the couples in mid-life who face the challenge of balancing it all - and still wanting their relationship to take centre stage. That's just the thing though, too many people lose site of their relationship being a focal point during this time. Think of the stories of people who send their kids off to college and realize they no longer know one another. Yet, there are those who grow closer and closer over time - and as they go thru various things in their lives - together. You know the ones, the old fogies who are still holding hands. No matter what phase you are in now - I think you have to believe in it - if you really want it.
Regardless, no matter what stage you're in - when you feel the magic - you'll know it. There will no longer be the 'check boxes' for what ideals your mate will fit - they just will. Those relationships are the ones that go the distance. That are meaningful past the first few months ;o)
What's the key... I think, if you want it to be a priority as your life goes on... then it's upto you to make it your priority - hopefully the partner you've chosen will do the same ;o)
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Messy sex

When I think of 'messy sex' I immediately think FUN!!! I mean, who wants neat & tidy boom-boom?! NOT MOI!!! The more bodily fluid that's spewed - the more fun you'll have ;o) There's sweat, spit, blood, cum, squirt... never mind the wine spills (cheers!!). Sheets?! What sheets... that's what laundry is for hehe!

Messy sex is having wildly kinky fun abandoning any inhibitions. Sex without sweat means you're not working hard enough ;o) I pride myself on squirting thru 3 layers of bedding - now THAT's a good time!!! Ever get so riled up with your partner that spitting in their face while you're in the thick of it only ads to how hard you fuck? ...oh, just me then? oops! I'm not talking about EVERY time - that would be a wee bit degrading right?? (hehe!) But... yeah, whenever the mood strikes that makes you wanna rip into your partner's body to GET YOURS ;o)

Don't be afraid of messy sex - everything can be cleaned off later. Let the fluid FLYYYY!!! Slippery, dirty sex is earned I say ;o) If you've ever had the sensation of being squirted, then you know what I'm talkin' about... If you've ever let your yogurt shoot all over her face, you'll be on board with this train of thought hehe! If you have yet to play in this manner - get on board folks. Leave that missionary, lights out, ironed sheet sex for the "happily" married couples hehehe!!! I kid...

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The tendency to go 'SAFE' after being *burned*...

How many of us can admit that we went SAFE after being burned??? ME... see me raising my hand over here?? Yup, it's true... I went from the good-looking, crazily obsessed and over-protective guy to a chubby, safe guy... why is it always after MUCH reflection that this seems so pathetically obvious?

I even went as far as to marry Jabba The Hut.. I can say that now because I've since moved on from that minor distraction ;o) I later learned of the nick-name some friends of the family had for us as a couple 'beauty and the beast' - thankfully my ex was referred to as the latter...

Unfortunately safe isn't always BETTER. In some cases, maybe it is - perhaps going with someone who appears safe can make life easier. Maybe they are heavier set or not so easy on the eyes.. and perhaps that unconsciously puts our mind at ease for the risk of cheating - the less attractive our mate is, the less attractive they will be to others. Maybe you're shaking your head reading this now - but I'm sure, if you haven't experienced this phenomenon yourself - you can guess someone around you that has. I've known the odd guy or two who SETTLED down with the SAFE girl after being cheated on... went with the less attractive girl physically but went for the girl they felt was loyal. Knowing what I know about guys, I doubt they'd have gone that route had they not been burned first off. I know, it sounds shallow and vain - well, it kinda is... no one will admit this, but it's likely often the case after surviving a rough relationship.

I do believe you can have both, the attraction and the loyalty - a fine mix for sure - one we are all searching for. Ultimately if you're happy that's all that matters... I just think defense mechanisms tend to kick in when choosing a partner after a burn-experience.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Do men only get married for pussy???

So, apparently this is true in MANY M-A-N-Y cases of marriage. This is a very common theme as to WHY a guy will propose and marry a woman - so that he doesn't have to 'do the work' anymore to get pussy. Sounds a little f.cked up eh? But - if guys are honest - I'll bet you, that this is true for most.

It's much easier for a girl to go out and get laid than it is for a guy. Guy's usually have to work for it - play the game - put in their time - to even have the potential to get some action. Once in a relationship - guys don't forget what it felt like to previously go without - and a motivating factor to 'hang on' or commit to a girl via marriage - is to have guaranteed pussy. So ladies, just when you think your guy is a romantic, is deeply in love with you or that he's your soul mate... consider this, that ring on your finger... is similar to a regularly-redeemable-lap dance ;o) It was likely purchased with your pussy in mind - not just your MIND... Most guys won't man-up and admit it - but ask other guys - they know better...

Megan Fox was recently quoted saying "Women hold the power because we have vagina's. If you're in a heterosexual relationship and you're a female, you win." And most of the time - this is true. Unless you are like me... the rare breed of cock-whipped-females out there - If all it took was to put a ring on it - I would!!!!! And you'd better believe that a commitment like that DOES and SHOULD come with expectations of a healthy sex life ;o)

As highly reported, sex often dwindles after marriage - but these guys can still likely get action easier from their wives than they can from anyone else - so they stay, and they hope they'll get laid every once in a while... sad huh? I've been on that side of a marriage - wanting sex with no desire from my husband coming my way.. it sucks, and it was a BIG factor that ended that situation.

So, shocked as I was to hear that most men are heavily motivated to marry for pussy - I guess it's probably true. So much for true love, fireworks and all that jazz huh....

Oh well - if you're like me, you still think that the HAVE IT ALL situation DOES exist... If you're married I hope you're getting laid, if you're single - make sure the one you eventually commit to loves sex... good luck to us all!!


Chick xo

Monday, August 31, 2009

My thoughts on masturbating...

So, we all do it.. and anyone who says they don't do it are either extremely repressed or lying - more than likely it's the latter ;o) I think masturbating is fantastic - it's healthy, it feels good - no one gets hurt and it's reliably satisfying!! So long as masturbation doesn't REPLACE your sex life it's all good..

I know I'm not the only one who has done the deed in spaces other than my bedroom. Anyone else take it into the bathroom stall at work? At your desk maybe - *blush* - in your car - on a boat down below while everyone else thinks you're changing hehe! I'm sure tons of us have done it in bed while our partner slept.. There are times when I get so greedy I'll play even after an intense round of sex with my partner - when on a roll why stop the game?!??

Subjects of my masturbation fantasies vary. Anything from the simple images from watching porn, to staring at my partner's body or imagining it, to fantasizing about encounters with multiple men... ahhhh the list goes on. What is fairly consistent though, is that when I do masturbate - I've got that goal of cumming in mind and I can get there pretty quickly if I want to ;o) Sometimes, once isn't enough either... I'm capable of getting there when I need to ;o)

My favourite means of pleasuring myself is circular motions with my moistened fingertips. Many women prefer vibrators - I've got my share of toys but they never seem to measure up to the feeling of real, warm skin on skin play ;o) In a pinch tho, I'm able to take myself over the edge fully clothed - with the right amount of stimulation of course hehe! I like my scent, I like my taste - I like to play and I KNOW I'm not alone... Afterall, if we can't enjoy ourselves fully how is anyone else gonna be expected to do it? Lucky for me, masturbating doesn't take anything away from sex with my partner - in fact the more I cum - the more I WANT to cum - so it only benefits him ;o) Every now and again I'll with hold - and by the time I get to cum the ramp up is intense!! You can also consider throwing a little self-pleasure into your sex play - doesn't the thought of watching your partner touch themselves turn you on??? EXACTLY!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I (often) do hehe!!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The perfect tease...

I have to share one of my favourite bedroom ‘themes’.. and that’s THE BIG TEASE. Now, most of us are fully aware of the ‘pre-bedroom-tease’ games. Maybe a low cut blouse, short skirt, maybe he’s freshly shaven, is wearing cologne – all of the many ways in which we lure our partner into further contact.

My partner knows I’m always OVERLY eager to get him naked and POUNCE!!!!! Every now and again I like to throw a loop into the mix and tell him I could go without... That’s when I’ll kiss him a bit... gently touch him... but make sure it’s in his head I could wait until another time to hit the sheets with him... If you’re a ‘GIVE-IT-UP-ER’ like me, this little ditty is bound to raise the eyebrow... Suddenly he thinks, ooh, a challenge – make her want it – and the game is on!!

Surely enough, I let him TALK me into it... NOW THIS is where you perfect your teasing. It’s all about timing, pressure and taking control!! This applies to all aspects, from kissing lightly until you can tell he wants MORE... to oral sex where you barely allow your tongue to touch just under his tip (mmmm!!) – feather light touches make anyone’s desire overflow – and at just the moment when they can’t take it anymore – TAKE HIM DOWN ;o) Just when he thinks he’s finally gotten what he wants – slow it up again and tease all over... the more you tease the more intense the final results will be. I like to continue to play this game when I’m on top too. Ever so gently gliding myself on him.... just barely moistening the tip.. tease, tease, tease... pause... then FULL entry!!!!! A few good grinds then back to the tip-tease ;o) Ohhhhh that game is such fun!!! And payback – HEAVENLY!!! Be aware that by the time he flips you over or gets on top of you – the punishing penetration for teasing him may be EXACTLY what the good little kitty wants ;o) MEOW~~~

You wanna get into it more? Feathers, light blowing on wet surfaces, touching yourself before you let him touch you.... you catch my drift ;o)

Tease, please and have yourself a wickedly tantalizing time!!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What men want women to know....

I was reading an article about amazing husbands or something like that and one of the sections identified what the men wanted women to know about MEN... I thought these points were vital!

What he wants women to know about men:

"We're different than you! Also, I think it's important to realize that marriage won't change a person. You're marrying the man in front of you, so make sure you can accept him as he is."

~SO TRUE!!!!! Side note here: After watching ‘Bride Wars’ last night I can sure tell ya that there are WAYYYY too many women who get caught up in the wedding and don’t realize that’s the START not the PURPOSE. Weddings last a day, marriages are meant to be for a lifetime.. Whether dating or marrying – never be out to change someone – would you want them to change you???

"We're not really that complicated, so you don't need to overanalyze us. There aren't usually five meanings behind everything we say. We're pretty straight-forward."

~I am so freaking guilty of this one – women think about 10 different things at once on a dull day – it’s easy to fall into over-analyzation mode!!

"I can't speak for all men, but for me, the small gestures, like a 'thanks' or a hug, are significant. They're simple reminders that I'm appreciated and loved."

~This one goes for women too – everyone likes to feel appreciated – and it’s the little gestures that count!

"We can't read minds. We're simple creatures, and we need to be told what to do. If there's something that needs to be done, just tell us!"

~You see, EVERYONE knows that no one can READ MINDS but sometimes I am sure we expect that without even realizing it... so, definitely a good point to consider ;o) I know I’m not the only one who has thought ‘can’t you SEE what I mean?!’ but NO, he can’t – he’s not YOU!! Oh yeah.... (insert red face here)...

"The stereotype that men only want one thing — and I think you know what that is! — isn't always true,"
Okay, well, all but that last one – I mean c’mon..... who is he trying to convince?? Probably buttering up his lady love so he WILL get some more action lol!
I think the truth in that tip is that men don't only want one thing - they want oral sex too lmao!!!! I can safely say that because I am wired like a fella in that dept ;o)
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Playful sex.... taking the reigns...

Isn't it fun to shed the 'work/parent' mode once in a while and bring out the sexually charged playful side?? To get to that place where you don't think about the project you have to work on tomorrow, or cleaning up after the kids - that place where your mind is taken over by the playmate in you ;o)

Even without the final sex act in mind.. I just love to tease and be playful and giggle and touch.. whisper in my fella's ear - naughty little tid bits that ever-so-often cross my dirty little mind ;o) Being at ease with flirting - it's all about the flirt - being playful with your partner is guaranteed fun - and if you do it well - a guaranteed score lol!!

This is what happens when you allow your mind to be clear - which it should be - in those intimate moments. After all, when your mind is clouded by other things you really aren't THERE for your partner or yourself... I'm sure we can all vouch for that! We all have stresses in our lives but if you're going to indulge in having sex, do yourself a favour, regardless of what else is happening in your life, clear your mind and let the sparks fly!!

If you've read this blog before you'll know I feel routine sex can get dull - so spice it up and keep it interesting - you'll both benefit from this. The best orgasms come from places where you hold no inhibitions. Sometimes that means you take control of how the session goes - push him down, do what you want to do to him... and other times, let him take the reigns ;o) Believe that you are sexy and you'll both get off a lot more intensely ;o) Or even better, have sex come out of nowhere - on a night where you weren't 'planning' for it - and it just suddenly comes over you.

Everyone likes it when their partner pursues them - who doesn't want to feel wanted right???? Now, how you go about it has a lot to do with the response you'll get - I mean, don't grab your partner right after their work is done for the day - allow for some 'chill' time - then go for it!! You'd be amazed how a little back rub can turn into a night of pleasure!!!

Keep it kinky!! Go out of your comfort zone or routine and be spontaneous once in a while - you'll find you end up playing on a whole other level and I know you'll like it!!

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Chick xo

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cut or Uncut - my preference.........

I consider myself somewhat of a penis connoisseur ;o) And I know what I like. First of all unless a guy is unhygienic, penis is penis and it's ALL GOOD ;o) It seems that everyone has an opinion when it comes to circumcised vs uncircumcised. Now, I'm not going to delve into the medical mumbo-jumbo on this one - my point of view is simply regarding sex and attraction when it comes to a cut vs uncut fella...

I honestly can't believe people who have predisposed judgements when it comes to what TYPE of cock they prefer. I mean, all Va-jay-jay's certainly don't look the same now do they?? And overall, once you're having sex.. it ALL feels good - I mean, unless a guy is 2" long or a woman is so loose you'd get more sensation from a bucket of hot water.. on looks alone, the cock/pussy connection is always a good thing!!

I suppose we can all have our ideals - Personally, one of the highlights of foreplay for me is putting my lips around the forskin on the tip and using my lips and tongue to work it back over the tip.. knowing I'm the one exposing that sensation is such a turn on!!! There is definitely a whole WORLD of sensitivity on an uncircumcised guy that a circumcised fella will just never truly be privy to. It's natural, and I even get worked up just thinking about it... It's the sexy hoddie that ever-so-thinly keeps my favourite fuck toy wrapped up - I admit it, I love that outline - and it makes me want to unwrap it with animalistic urges ;o) (it's getting HOT in here!!!!).

Now, I have had the unfortunate experience with some not so fantastic peens too. I am not a huge fan of a guy who'se foreskin doesn't go back when he's erect. I mean, the tip is such a kinky part of the penis - having that hidden during sex it's like... well, like you're missing something!?! I also think a lot of women THINK they prefer a circumcised cock for hygiene reasons alone. Well ladies, cut or uncut an unhygienic peen is NEVER appealing. So, as long as it's clean (as us chicks should be too!!!) once hard, cut or uncut doesn't make much of a difference to look at. Having had sex with both cut and uncut guys I am of the belief that the sensitivity level of an uncut cock trumps that of their cut comrades. For any girl who doesn't like the look of an uncut penis, I sure hope they've taken a look at the bacon sandwich between their own legs lol!!! Looks can be deceiving ;o) All that matters, is that it FEELS GOOD!!!!

There is also a myth that the added sensitivity to an uncut fella means they won't last as long in bed. Ummmm.... how do I say this.... NOT TRUE!!!! Lasting is all based on control - having hold-back control is individually based and doesn't have anything to do with being cut or uncut. I'll never forget the 'cut' guy who came in his shorts when I kissed him - he certainly doesn't measure up to the guy who waits for my O's to hit double digits before he considers finishing ;o) I find that the exposure of a cut penis can make for a tip with somewhat less intensity.. constant exposure will do that.

So, for anyone fearing the hoddie fella - I hope I've opened your eyes... If you like the guy and the sex is good that's ALL that should matter - identifying who you'll date based on being cut or uncut is vain if you ask me.

Think what you will, the only facts that matter to me are the ones that get me off in the bedroom ;o)

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Cheers xo!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

My personal man turn offs....

K, so here goes... things that I commonly find cause a gag reflex when it comes to some guys... In no particular order ;o) CHEAPNESS - that has GOT to be one of the biggest turn offs. Now, I'm not talking about wanting a guy who flaunts money - I'm ALL for a good bargain. I'm talking about guys who avoid picking up the cheque - or who don't bring a bottle of wine when invited to a dinner party - guys who never consider picking a little something up for their lady (and the same should be expected in reverse fellas!). The person who won't leave a half decent tip.. that sorta thing.

FACIAL HAIR that's another one of my 'icks'. Now, I don't mind the guy who wears facial hair and is committed to taming the beast - some guys can carry off facial hair when it's well kept - and by well kept - I mean minimal!! Ya know, that scruff that's 'in' right now - I'm on the fence over that one but as for a turn off - it's for the guys who wear the furry moustaches, beards, goatees - (insert fake puke face here) yeah, it's gross! Not only is it distracting when you are kissing - but who wants to kiss hair in the first place?!?!? ANYWHERE for that matter ;o) (nudge, nudge - wink, wink!!).
Another turn off is guys who are KNOW-IT-ALL's or UPPITY - Phaleeze!!! Who has time for that?? You know the ones, the guys who talk OVER you not TO you - who are more into hearing their own voice than that of others. The guy who ALWAYS has an opinion and deems himself an expert in the area. Yeah, those guys... the ones who induce internal eye-rolling.. the guys who NEED to be the centre of attention wherever they go. The ones who buy all the drinks just to SAY that they did. The guy who WANTS you to be well aware of what label he's wearing - ick. Just plain ick!

This blends well with guys who are ignorant, rude or demeaning towards others. NOTHING could be a bigger turn off - even bad breath is better than this! I have no time for people who are out to make others feel LESS THAN. You know them, the guy who treats the waitress like she should be kissing his a$$ or takes issue with people who have different lifestyles than they do.. etc.. This is the guy who's always shouting at other drivers in traffic - pathetic.

What else grosses me out? SLOBS.. people who don't care what they look like - who wear clothes with 'unintended holes' in them - who really don't give a shit what they look like going out the door. Who are not out to take care of themselves or their things. After all, if you don't care about yourself you'll likely carry the same lack of effort into a relationship. This category also includes the unhygienic type. I use to work with a guy who had these yellow pit-stains on every dress shirt he owned - the thought still turns my stomach to this day. You can also have a perfectly dressed fella, looks very well taken care of - but when you get him naked - LOOK OUT - no one wants to deal with a cheesy peen or hairy ball odour.. hurl!!

And how about the commitment-phobes? The guys who just won't jump in with both feet - always keeping the door slightly ajar?! You know them.. the ones who introduce you as their 'FRIEND' even tho they reap from all of the boyfriendly-benefits.. The guy who doesn't introduce you to his family or shelters you from seeing what he's like with his buddies. The guy who doesn't let you into his whole life - keeps you at arms length. The one who wants to have his cake and eat it too.

I may hear backlash from this turn off - but it's a BIG one for A LOT of ladies. And that is GAMERS.. yep, the grown men who are still buying the latest video games. Seriously??? WTF? Now, I'll admit to enjoying the initial fun of Guitar Hero one Christmas Holiday - but I wasn't out buying accessories or trying to 'beat the game' or whatever?!? I mean, some of these people have actual HEAD GEAR and spend a LOT of money on video games - not to mention how time consuming it is. So fellas, if you are a gamer - and not having so much luck with the ladies - perhaps it's time to change up the hobbies just a bit... Leave the games to the kids ;o)

And... last but not least, people who are FAKE. The ones who are out to impress you for the first 3 months then drop the ball completely. Or the ones who act one way to your face, and change the moment you are gone. This includes players, who act like the perfect boyfriend when they are with you but have a lot going on behind the scenes. There would be nothing worse than getting duped by someone who plays the FAKE game.

So, those are some of MY turn-offs - Yup, I'd much rather deal with something stuck in their teeth, or bad breath over these... Vote on the poll above, share your turn offs at chicktidbits@live.ca or comment below.

If you've managed to wrangle a partner who is turn-off-free - hold on tight!!


Chick xo!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

What I've learned from my build up sex experiences...

So, recently I tested myself with playing the ~waiting game~ for sex. Instead of everyday - I decided to challenge and *TOY* with myself and waited a whole 4 days for sex... no masterbating... I wanted to see how CRAZY I could drive myself and my man ;o)

Now, I know for a guy... build up creates HUGE urges... and once those urges are released.. LOOK OUT!!! I think the old saying 'the more the merrier' applies here doesn't it fellas??? So, I was curious to see if the same would be true for me - I can't say it's the same for all women as I don't seem to think like most gals - or so I'm told ;o) I did know that by day 4 my man was extra attentive and EXTRA HUNGRY!!! ;o) I kept teasing him that he LOVED me so much more when he had a LOADED GUN hehe!! And by the time we FINALLY got down to it... I could have easily confused him with granite ;o) Yummmmmm....

Without doubt I was also ON FIRE when it came to the intensity and excitement. As much as I tried to force the big O away - in anticipation - driving myself even CRAZIER - I couldn't... I think that was record breaking cum time for me ;o) And I couldn't help myself - greedy biotch that I am hehe!! Lucky for me I can catch that ride multiple times during a session.. BUT, what I DID find was that in the LONG DAYS building up to the final frontier - the more I got away from it the less my urges were... I mean, I'm a sexually charged girl and it's never far from my mind - but I am MUCH more insanely horny when I can have sex everyday - or at the least, every other day!!!!! For whatever reason, when I HAVE IT MORE... it makes me WANT IT MORE!! Apparently my gun is perma-loaded when it comes to desire ;o)

Have you tried this experiment before??? What did you prefer... build up?? More regular release?? Or maybe what I want to know - is what kept the intensity of your horniness going - waiting for it or getting it?? My vote is simple... I want it, and I want it NOW... screw the build up I've got an O to get to ;o)

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Chick xo

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Patience.. build up.. horny...

Let's talk about keeping things fun, playful, spicy!! Remember when you first met - you likely didn't see one another every day right at the start.. The moments when you DID meet up, things felt irresistible, insatiable and you HAD to have each other!!! I think, if you like sex it's easy to keep the fires a' burnin'.. However, in order to keep 'routine' from cooling things off - consider ways to make things playful and stimulating..

Even the sex addicted couples can fall into quantity vs quality in the bedroom. I say, MIX IT UP!!! And this is coming from a gal who's ideal would be twice a day - EVERYDAY!!! What can I say, I know what I like ;o) One of the things I sometimes like to do is create a little build up. I'm NOT talking more than a week - because a day off is a BREAK to me ugh! This advice isn't for those who 'maybe' have sex once a week or less - if you're in that predicament then you've gotta take WHATEVER you can get!! I'm talking about the couples who are in sync - who still love having sex together but who like to create the fun - foreplay - build up.

Think about it in advance - a night when you have no other plans but to be with your partner. If you usually have sex every 2 or 3 days - wait it out for say, day 5... Here's the key - in the days between - keep the flirty play in high gear ;o) THIS is when it gets to be ultra kinky and super fun!! Ever have teasing playfulness during foreplay?? - the build up can make your session insanely exciting!! So imagine filling that cup of ~cock teasin'~ to the brim - it's sure to make the level of release CRAZZZY!!

Keeping things in the bedroom fun and playful is sure to enhance the spice!!! Little things like this shouldn't feel like a grandiose effort - both people should want to participate in the excitement factor - never let complacency take over ;o)

What's your take? Vote on the poll above, comment, subscribe, email me at chicktidbits@live.ca and come back often!! Here's to build up - sometimes - cuz' other times, ya just wanna get some ;o)


Chick xo

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visually stimulating... Position chit chat...

I recently saw this picture of Bruce Willis - yes, I said Bruce Willis -
Now, let me clarify, he's "never" been one to turn my crank but what I LOVED about this shot was how his hand was gripped onto her hip bone. It just reminded me of how much I love that grab'n'push motion when I'm on top. So in my books, it was hawt!!!

I realize I'm a whole lot more of a 'visual' creature than most other females in this galaxy - but hey, whatever turns my crank ;o) So yeah, those soap operas never worked for me - I'd rather pay to see the movies with the money shots at the end tee hee!! There's something so kinky about fleeting images that can summon the most delicious tingles when you least expect it yummmie!! I love it when I catch an image that instantly turns me on - who doesn't?!?

Surprisingly enough it doesn't ALWAYS have to be a sexually explicit photo either. It can be a kinky look in the eyes, etc.. body language has SO much to do with visual stimulation.

What seems commonplace in the photos I've chosen however, is they all identify sexual positions. And, positions that I quite enjoy!! Maybe that's the trick, these photos trigger something in my mind that reminds my body of what I LIKE ;o)

What does it for you?? Some people like less 'evident' pictures leaving most to the imagination.. if you're like me - you want to get to the good stuff hehe! Which embarks on another topic thought altogether, ever do any kinky self portraits? Hmmm.... where's my camera ;o)

Let me know... am I alone in my visual stimulating world here??? Is it a guy thing?? Lordy! I must be in my prime - that's the only excuse lol! Vote on the poll, email me your topic suggestions or questions chicktidbits@live.ca subscribe, comment & come back often!!
Happy viewing my furry friends ;o)


Chick xo

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boobies ( o )( o )

Everyone has their own feelings about boobies... what they like and what they don't like. There seems to be a lot more detailed discussion about a woman's breasts vs say.. a guy's schlong. I mean, there are a variety of 'looks' for all body types right - boobies, however seem to invoke attention ;o)

Even tho I am a girl I have a 'type' of boob that I find sexy too. I am NOT a fan of the fake breast - it's too well, FAKE. I find it to be distracting - too round, too perky.. too unreal looking. Instead of getting turned on about looking at a pair of tits I find I'm thinking "those are so fake" and it's distracting from what SHOULD be enticing. Nevermind the botch jobs you can see on some pornos.. the scar marks, the shaking boobies that you can SEE the silicone bag through.. not purdy! On the other side I am not always a fan of the natural boob either tho. I am not a fan of the flat chested tops at all. There HAS to be more there than a nipple for cryin' out loud!! Give me a curvy chick to watch anyday over a skinny, deflated flat top. I think the saying is true... "more than a handful is a waste"... but a handful is ALL GOOD!!!

So yeah, I can definitely say I find a sexy pair of tits on a chick to be a turn on. I like real boobies, with toonie sized nips - bouncy, juicy boobies - I'm like a guy that way, lol!! I guess cuz' I don't mind my own hooters that I tend to lean towards similar ones that I like to watch. If I'm gonna invest my precious time on viewing porn I want to see boobies that I enjoy looking at ;o) I've inserted a pic of some drool worthy boobies that I thought were sexy...

Bras can also throw a loop into things here... There are some kick-ass bras out there these days - ones that can make your boobs look MUCH more appetizing than they really may be. A little advice ladies, don't over-pad those bras cuz' the LAST thing you want is a guy unwrapping you and being disappointed. Bras do offer great lift though.. I even wear a bra to bed to keep the girls in check. Gravity won't win if i have anything to say about it lmao!!

What's your take on boobies...??? Is it the best feature on a woman in your opinion? Do you prefer tiny boobies on a skinny frame, curvy boobies on a curvy frame.. Let's here it. Post a comment here, vote on the poll, subscribe, come back often or email me your topic suggestions/thoughts to chicktidbits@live.ca

Happy boobie watching to ya!


Chick xo

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There is no "i" in TEAM but there is an *M* and *E*

Plus, the letters in TEAM can also spell ME... EAT... MEAT... lol! How ironic ...purrrrr!!! So today my feathered friends I share one of my many tawdry fantasies - the team event!! Am I the only one who has imagined being the towel girl in a locker room?! - Okay, MAYBE lol!! Being the focal point in a room of sweaty fellas just aching to corrupt me.. Oh, it's one of my most delicious desires ;o)

Part of me pictures the ravenous wolves who would take me over with throbbing intensity. All vying for the sensation only I can give, in a room that drips with heat where the only focus is to be filthier & nastier than the last.. Ohh, sorry - too much too soon?! Just be glad I leave out the mind numbing (leg shaking) details on this blog hehehe!! (and i do!)...

The other team fantasy scenario is the craving to be in total control of the fellas ;o) A room full of animals who have to follow MY rules.. my requests.. my desires.. Just using the crowd to please me. Truth be told, the mental images I find exciting never really focus on the 'others'... It's just a haze of naked, and very EXCITED men... ready to go... with me ;o) And doing so, while I stare deeply into the eyes of my own man, letting him watch what he KNOWS I can dish... - Should I be blushing at this point, maybe - but I can't seem to get the devilish grin off of my face with this topic...

The variations are many... sometimes it's a locker room, the showers, on the bench, on a boat, in the bathroom of a dark bar... The options are endless.. being held up against the wall, focusing on one or focusing on many... having every opening indulged, DP's (who doesn't love a DP image?!?)... lining them up and taking them down... It's a fantasy peeps - it's supposed to be outrageous ;o)

Ahhhhhh, blame the Stanley Cup playoffs for inspiring this one tonight - either that or the hot heads (I kill me!!)... Maybe this post will inspire a few dirty thoughts - that's what fantasy fun is all about folks ;o)

Vote above on the poll, subscribe, comment, email your topic suggestions or thoughts to chicktidbits@live.ca and remember... what fun is a fantasy if you are the only one who knows about it?!?


Chick xo

Monday, June 8, 2009


Okay, I can admit it... I am a big fan of the purple eye of man!!! Yup... in all it's splendor ;o) From chode to tip and EVERYTHING in between. I am of the few female creatures for whom visual stimulation is likely as tantalizing as it is for my male counterparts. I like the package - (preferable pronunciation with a kinky smirk on your face is PUCK-UHH-JUHH lol!!). The MEAT...and potatoes hehe!

If it's on display, my eyes are glued!! In any form, au natural prior to excitement, dripping after a shower, sweaty after a hockey game, waterlogged after wakeboarding ;o) , raring to go & full of juice, still solid after explosion, and one of my fav's is the tease of the outline under a pair of undies, it's like Christmas morning and the best gift is still wrapped just waiting to be torn open!!! ~ yep, my secret is out ~ I am weak to the peen ;o)

Now, I'm not as much of a raving lunatic as some may think... I do have standards and it is true, there are some not so pretty peens out there too! You know the ones, foreskins that would make George of the Jungle swing through the trees with the greatest of ease ;o) Bushes that best belong in the amazon. Of course anything smelly or small is a no no... 6" and up please - yes... you must be -----THIS LONG----- to go on this ride fellas!!

I just find that I am the only one of the girls I know who really ENJOYS the peen. I like to feel my tongue over every inch of it.. I like to tease it.. to smell it.. to taste it.. to jerk it.. to play with it.. and most of all to ADORE it!!! I don't have one, so I make the most of the ones I come into contact with hehe!!

Fellas does your woman's eyes go south of the boarder when you are naked around her??? Does she fawn over your schlong??? Or maybe ask yourself, does she get stirred up at the thought of your man meat the way you get a rise out of just picturing her pink parts?? I wonder...

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Chick xo!!