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Friday, July 17, 2009

Playful sex.... taking the reigns...

Isn't it fun to shed the 'work/parent' mode once in a while and bring out the sexually charged playful side?? To get to that place where you don't think about the project you have to work on tomorrow, or cleaning up after the kids - that place where your mind is taken over by the playmate in you ;o)

Even without the final sex act in mind.. I just love to tease and be playful and giggle and touch.. whisper in my fella's ear - naughty little tid bits that ever-so-often cross my dirty little mind ;o) Being at ease with flirting - it's all about the flirt - being playful with your partner is guaranteed fun - and if you do it well - a guaranteed score lol!!

This is what happens when you allow your mind to be clear - which it should be - in those intimate moments. After all, when your mind is clouded by other things you really aren't THERE for your partner or yourself... I'm sure we can all vouch for that! We all have stresses in our lives but if you're going to indulge in having sex, do yourself a favour, regardless of what else is happening in your life, clear your mind and let the sparks fly!!

If you've read this blog before you'll know I feel routine sex can get dull - so spice it up and keep it interesting - you'll both benefit from this. The best orgasms come from places where you hold no inhibitions. Sometimes that means you take control of how the session goes - push him down, do what you want to do to him... and other times, let him take the reigns ;o) Believe that you are sexy and you'll both get off a lot more intensely ;o) Or even better, have sex come out of nowhere - on a night where you weren't 'planning' for it - and it just suddenly comes over you.

Everyone likes it when their partner pursues them - who doesn't want to feel wanted right???? Now, how you go about it has a lot to do with the response you'll get - I mean, don't grab your partner right after their work is done for the day - allow for some 'chill' time - then go for it!! You'd be amazed how a little back rub can turn into a night of pleasure!!!

Keep it kinky!! Go out of your comfort zone or routine and be spontaneous once in a while - you'll find you end up playing on a whole other level and I know you'll like it!!

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