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Saturday, July 4, 2009

My personal man turn offs....

K, so here goes... things that I commonly find cause a gag reflex when it comes to some guys... In no particular order ;o) CHEAPNESS - that has GOT to be one of the biggest turn offs. Now, I'm not talking about wanting a guy who flaunts money - I'm ALL for a good bargain. I'm talking about guys who avoid picking up the cheque - or who don't bring a bottle of wine when invited to a dinner party - guys who never consider picking a little something up for their lady (and the same should be expected in reverse fellas!). The person who won't leave a half decent tip.. that sorta thing.

FACIAL HAIR that's another one of my 'icks'. Now, I don't mind the guy who wears facial hair and is committed to taming the beast - some guys can carry off facial hair when it's well kept - and by well kept - I mean minimal!! Ya know, that scruff that's 'in' right now - I'm on the fence over that one but as for a turn off - it's for the guys who wear the furry moustaches, beards, goatees - (insert fake puke face here) yeah, it's gross! Not only is it distracting when you are kissing - but who wants to kiss hair in the first place?!?!? ANYWHERE for that matter ;o) (nudge, nudge - wink, wink!!).
Another turn off is guys who are KNOW-IT-ALL's or UPPITY - Phaleeze!!! Who has time for that?? You know the ones, the guys who talk OVER you not TO you - who are more into hearing their own voice than that of others. The guy who ALWAYS has an opinion and deems himself an expert in the area. Yeah, those guys... the ones who induce internal eye-rolling.. the guys who NEED to be the centre of attention wherever they go. The ones who buy all the drinks just to SAY that they did. The guy who WANTS you to be well aware of what label he's wearing - ick. Just plain ick!

This blends well with guys who are ignorant, rude or demeaning towards others. NOTHING could be a bigger turn off - even bad breath is better than this! I have no time for people who are out to make others feel LESS THAN. You know them, the guy who treats the waitress like she should be kissing his a$$ or takes issue with people who have different lifestyles than they do.. etc.. This is the guy who's always shouting at other drivers in traffic - pathetic.

What else grosses me out? SLOBS.. people who don't care what they look like - who wear clothes with 'unintended holes' in them - who really don't give a shit what they look like going out the door. Who are not out to take care of themselves or their things. After all, if you don't care about yourself you'll likely carry the same lack of effort into a relationship. This category also includes the unhygienic type. I use to work with a guy who had these yellow pit-stains on every dress shirt he owned - the thought still turns my stomach to this day. You can also have a perfectly dressed fella, looks very well taken care of - but when you get him naked - LOOK OUT - no one wants to deal with a cheesy peen or hairy ball odour.. hurl!!

And how about the commitment-phobes? The guys who just won't jump in with both feet - always keeping the door slightly ajar?! You know them.. the ones who introduce you as their 'FRIEND' even tho they reap from all of the boyfriendly-benefits.. The guy who doesn't introduce you to his family or shelters you from seeing what he's like with his buddies. The guy who doesn't let you into his whole life - keeps you at arms length. The one who wants to have his cake and eat it too.

I may hear backlash from this turn off - but it's a BIG one for A LOT of ladies. And that is GAMERS.. yep, the grown men who are still buying the latest video games. Seriously??? WTF? Now, I'll admit to enjoying the initial fun of Guitar Hero one Christmas Holiday - but I wasn't out buying accessories or trying to 'beat the game' or whatever?!? I mean, some of these people have actual HEAD GEAR and spend a LOT of money on video games - not to mention how time consuming it is. So fellas, if you are a gamer - and not having so much luck with the ladies - perhaps it's time to change up the hobbies just a bit... Leave the games to the kids ;o)

And... last but not least, people who are FAKE. The ones who are out to impress you for the first 3 months then drop the ball completely. Or the ones who act one way to your face, and change the moment you are gone. This includes players, who act like the perfect boyfriend when they are with you but have a lot going on behind the scenes. There would be nothing worse than getting duped by someone who plays the FAKE game.

So, those are some of MY turn-offs - Yup, I'd much rather deal with something stuck in their teeth, or bad breath over these... Vote on the poll above, share your turn offs at chicktidbits@live.ca or comment below.

If you've managed to wrangle a partner who is turn-off-free - hold on tight!!


Chick xo!!

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