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Monday, November 2, 2009

My tramp stamp...

So this is my new tattoo... purdy huh? I wanted something feminine and flowy. Tat's are edgy enough to go through with and I wanted something that would look pretty... always. Pretty, for a "tramp stamp" eh? Gawd I lothe that term. Lower back tat's get a bad wrap. I think the term tramp stamp should belong to someone who is daft enough to put cherries dangled at the top of their ass crack - or the words 'back door lover' - that kinda thing. Truth be told the lower back is one of the SMARTEST places to get a tat. The skin doesn't tend to change a whole lot - it can be well hidden if need be - or displayed when those intimate moments call ;o) Oh... and did I mention that they are fawkin' sexy too??? Well, at least I think so!!

My new tat covered one that I had done when I was 18 - it wasn't even half as pretty (and I can say that cuz I had designed the first little one). For a LONG time I had wanted to update it or change it - and now that summer was over I decided to go through with it. I forgot what tattooing felt like - and it felt a LOT different from how I 'thought' I remembered it - I think that had everything to do with the fact that my new tat was at least 4 times the size of my first. Some spots I could take okay - but SOME spots definitely had me gritting my teeth argggggg!!! I sat slung over a barber-style tattoo chair for about 2 & 1/2 hours - OUCH!!! I couldn't wear proper pants for a week but ya know - it was worth it - I love it!!!

Tattoos are so much more popular now than they were when I got my first tat. Personally, I like one tattoo - a focal point - but I do "get" it - it's a creative outlet. I don't understand people who get them to show their toughness or memorialize a pet?! I flipped through a tattoo magazine while I was being ink'd and saw a girl with a 'strawberry shortcake' on one arm and 'hello kitty' on another - WTF - really W-T-F???????

Anyways, I like my tattoo - tramp stamp - whatever u wanna call it - good thing too, from what I hear - it'll be there for a while ;o) I think I'll call it my 'tramp stamp' when I'm feelin' frisky and my tattoo when I'm feeling like a 'good girl' hehe!!

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Chick xo


Hollie said...

Love your new tat, Chick!

Fred said...

How about u'r name across the middle of u'r back. What is that type of person. :)