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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There is no "i" in TEAM but there is an *M* and *E*

Plus, the letters in TEAM can also spell ME... EAT... MEAT... lol! How ironic ...purrrrr!!! So today my feathered friends I share one of my many tawdry fantasies - the team event!! Am I the only one who has imagined being the towel girl in a locker room?! - Okay, MAYBE lol!! Being the focal point in a room of sweaty fellas just aching to corrupt me.. Oh, it's one of my most delicious desires ;o)

Part of me pictures the ravenous wolves who would take me over with throbbing intensity. All vying for the sensation only I can give, in a room that drips with heat where the only focus is to be filthier & nastier than the last.. Ohh, sorry - too much too soon?! Just be glad I leave out the mind numbing (leg shaking) details on this blog hehehe!! (and i do!)...

The other team fantasy scenario is the craving to be in total control of the fellas ;o) A room full of animals who have to follow MY rules.. my requests.. my desires.. Just using the crowd to please me. Truth be told, the mental images I find exciting never really focus on the 'others'... It's just a haze of naked, and very EXCITED men... ready to go... with me ;o) And doing so, while I stare deeply into the eyes of my own man, letting him watch what he KNOWS I can dish... - Should I be blushing at this point, maybe - but I can't seem to get the devilish grin off of my face with this topic...

The variations are many... sometimes it's a locker room, the showers, on the bench, on a boat, in the bathroom of a dark bar... The options are endless.. being held up against the wall, focusing on one or focusing on many... having every opening indulged, DP's (who doesn't love a DP image?!?)... lining them up and taking them down... It's a fantasy peeps - it's supposed to be outrageous ;o)

Ahhhhhh, blame the Stanley Cup playoffs for inspiring this one tonight - either that or the hot heads (I kill me!!)... Maybe this post will inspire a few dirty thoughts - that's what fantasy fun is all about folks ;o)

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Chick xo

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