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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boobies ( o )( o )

Everyone has their own feelings about boobies... what they like and what they don't like. There seems to be a lot more detailed discussion about a woman's breasts vs say.. a guy's schlong. I mean, there are a variety of 'looks' for all body types right - boobies, however seem to invoke attention ;o)

Even tho I am a girl I have a 'type' of boob that I find sexy too. I am NOT a fan of the fake breast - it's too well, FAKE. I find it to be distracting - too round, too perky.. too unreal looking. Instead of getting turned on about looking at a pair of tits I find I'm thinking "those are so fake" and it's distracting from what SHOULD be enticing. Nevermind the botch jobs you can see on some pornos.. the scar marks, the shaking boobies that you can SEE the silicone bag through.. not purdy! On the other side I am not always a fan of the natural boob either tho. I am not a fan of the flat chested tops at all. There HAS to be more there than a nipple for cryin' out loud!! Give me a curvy chick to watch anyday over a skinny, deflated flat top. I think the saying is true... "more than a handful is a waste"... but a handful is ALL GOOD!!!

So yeah, I can definitely say I find a sexy pair of tits on a chick to be a turn on. I like real boobies, with toonie sized nips - bouncy, juicy boobies - I'm like a guy that way, lol!! I guess cuz' I don't mind my own hooters that I tend to lean towards similar ones that I like to watch. If I'm gonna invest my precious time on viewing porn I want to see boobies that I enjoy looking at ;o) I've inserted a pic of some drool worthy boobies that I thought were sexy...

Bras can also throw a loop into things here... There are some kick-ass bras out there these days - ones that can make your boobs look MUCH more appetizing than they really may be. A little advice ladies, don't over-pad those bras cuz' the LAST thing you want is a guy unwrapping you and being disappointed. Bras do offer great lift though.. I even wear a bra to bed to keep the girls in check. Gravity won't win if i have anything to say about it lmao!!

What's your take on boobies...??? Is it the best feature on a woman in your opinion? Do you prefer tiny boobies on a skinny frame, curvy boobies on a curvy frame.. Let's here it. Post a comment here, vote on the poll, subscribe, come back often or email me your topic suggestions/thoughts to chicktidbits@live.ca

Happy boobie watching to ya!


Chick xo

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