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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visually stimulating... Position chit chat...

I recently saw this picture of Bruce Willis - yes, I said Bruce Willis -
Now, let me clarify, he's "never" been one to turn my crank but what I LOVED about this shot was how his hand was gripped onto her hip bone. It just reminded me of how much I love that grab'n'push motion when I'm on top. So in my books, it was hawt!!!

I realize I'm a whole lot more of a 'visual' creature than most other females in this galaxy - but hey, whatever turns my crank ;o) So yeah, those soap operas never worked for me - I'd rather pay to see the movies with the money shots at the end tee hee!! There's something so kinky about fleeting images that can summon the most delicious tingles when you least expect it yummmie!! I love it when I catch an image that instantly turns me on - who doesn't?!?

Surprisingly enough it doesn't ALWAYS have to be a sexually explicit photo either. It can be a kinky look in the eyes, etc.. body language has SO much to do with visual stimulation.

What seems commonplace in the photos I've chosen however, is they all identify sexual positions. And, positions that I quite enjoy!! Maybe that's the trick, these photos trigger something in my mind that reminds my body of what I LIKE ;o)

What does it for you?? Some people like less 'evident' pictures leaving most to the imagination.. if you're like me - you want to get to the good stuff hehe! Which embarks on another topic thought altogether, ever do any kinky self portraits? Hmmm.... where's my camera ;o)

Let me know... am I alone in my visual stimulating world here??? Is it a guy thing?? Lordy! I must be in my prime - that's the only excuse lol! Vote on the poll, email me your topic suggestions or questions chicktidbits@live.ca subscribe, comment & come back often!!
Happy viewing my furry friends ;o)


Chick xo

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