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Monday, June 8, 2009


Okay, I can admit it... I am a big fan of the purple eye of man!!! Yup... in all it's splendor ;o) From chode to tip and EVERYTHING in between. I am of the few female creatures for whom visual stimulation is likely as tantalizing as it is for my male counterparts. I like the package - (preferable pronunciation with a kinky smirk on your face is PUCK-UHH-JUHH lol!!). The MEAT...and potatoes hehe!

If it's on display, my eyes are glued!! In any form, au natural prior to excitement, dripping after a shower, sweaty after a hockey game, waterlogged after wakeboarding ;o) , raring to go & full of juice, still solid after explosion, and one of my fav's is the tease of the outline under a pair of undies, it's like Christmas morning and the best gift is still wrapped just waiting to be torn open!!! ~ yep, my secret is out ~ I am weak to the peen ;o)

Now, I'm not as much of a raving lunatic as some may think... I do have standards and it is true, there are some not so pretty peens out there too! You know the ones, foreskins that would make George of the Jungle swing through the trees with the greatest of ease ;o) Bushes that best belong in the amazon. Of course anything smelly or small is a no no... 6" and up please - yes... you must be -----THIS LONG----- to go on this ride fellas!!

I just find that I am the only one of the girls I know who really ENJOYS the peen. I like to feel my tongue over every inch of it.. I like to tease it.. to smell it.. to taste it.. to jerk it.. to play with it.. and most of all to ADORE it!!! I don't have one, so I make the most of the ones I come into contact with hehe!!

Fellas does your woman's eyes go south of the boarder when you are naked around her??? Does she fawn over your schlong??? Or maybe ask yourself, does she get stirred up at the thought of your man meat the way you get a rise out of just picturing her pink parts?? I wonder...

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Chick xo!!

1 comment:

Fred said...

Worship the peen!

It is mighty and strong.
It is giving, both with pleasure and gifts.
Watch out when its on Wake Juice, it may never go down.
Worship the peen and it will never let you down.