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Monday, September 21, 2009

Love thru the ages... does it change?

From puppy love.. to dreamy teenage dating.. twenties romances.. and adult relationships.. do you think the love changes??
At first it's all so innocent - puppy love that is. It's easy and it just IS - because you don't know any better. It's giddy and it's part of being a little kid at some point. Teenage relationships are usually hormone driven/inspired.. so much is changing and new emotions come onto the scene. In your twenties you are exposed to the 'bar scene' of dating and relating - perhaps you're looking for that 'lifetime mate'... or what may be the START of that kind of relationship. Getting a true taste of Independence, perhaps a career is started... Into your thirties, fourties and so on seems to be a little more 'settled and directed'... you have some sort of LIFE established and you want to find someone who fits into that scene without too much of a struggle.

I tend to think, if you've met someone when you were younger and managed to stick it out together and STILL feel the love - then you are indeed, a rarity. I would think, if this is the case then you and your partner obviously were able to grow TOGETHER which isn't usually the norm. If on the other hand, you are in the majority - then you have likely dated several people through several different stages of your life - which will (or has) eventually bring you to whoever you are with at THIS stage of life. I am of the belief that each relationship provides a clearer and clearer picture of what you truly want in a mate. Does the love change? I think so - I believe, the more you have been through the more you understand what you really want in a relationship. I do also think, that whatever the LOVE feeling is for each of us - many of us knew how we wanted it to feel from very early on.

When you're young all you think about is whatever makes you feel good, or who pays attention.. in your twenties it's likely more to do with fun - who fits in with your friends and makes for a good time.. into your thirties and fourties I think you start to get a little bit more grounded and mature about who you want to build a life with.. and onward from there - the important things are who makes you happy and who will be there for you thru the long haul...
Of course life, and kids and bills and jobs.. etc... tend to affect the lives of so many couples. And it's the couples in mid-life who face the challenge of balancing it all - and still wanting their relationship to take centre stage. That's just the thing though, too many people lose site of their relationship being a focal point during this time. Think of the stories of people who send their kids off to college and realize they no longer know one another. Yet, there are those who grow closer and closer over time - and as they go thru various things in their lives - together. You know the ones, the old fogies who are still holding hands. No matter what phase you are in now - I think you have to believe in it - if you really want it.
Regardless, no matter what stage you're in - when you feel the magic - you'll know it. There will no longer be the 'check boxes' for what ideals your mate will fit - they just will. Those relationships are the ones that go the distance. That are meaningful past the first few months ;o)
What's the key... I think, if you want it to be a priority as your life goes on... then it's upto you to make it your priority - hopefully the partner you've chosen will do the same ;o)
What do you think? Do you think love is different at the different stages of our lives? Vote on the poll above, email me your ideas chicktidbits@live.ca subscribe and comment here too!!

Chick xo

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