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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I hate it when I don't get laid....

Yeah, that's the MAN in me I guess - I just get *miserable* when I go a day or so without it. It actually pisses me off!!! No wonder guys are at the mercy of most women when it comes to getting some action. At least I know I will have relief in the very near future - I can't imagine what kind of tension would build up if I did not have a foreseeable cum within site.

For as RILED up as I get.. I won't 'do the deed' myself at this point... it's been too long (3 days eek!!) and when I get to this place the only reasonable release would have to come from nothing less than a FUCK RAMPAGE. (where did that LADY in me go???)... don't worry she'll show face again when it's time to cuddle ;o) FYI, it won't be time to cuddle until I can no longer stand up lol!!

Seriously, am I the only one who gets this way??? I wanna be kissed and grabbed, pushed up against the wall and ripped apart... over and over and OVER again ;o) After a day or so I wanna f.ck my guy like he's being punished for keeping it from me. Make him PAY... As much as that may make me sound like a man - that's what makes me ALL woman!!!

What do u think? Do you get cranky without sex?? Is it a slow boil for u or an instant FLASH ATTACK that oozes from your pores??
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Cheers xo!


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