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Friday, September 11, 2009

Messy sex

When I think of 'messy sex' I immediately think FUN!!! I mean, who wants neat & tidy boom-boom?! NOT MOI!!! The more bodily fluid that's spewed - the more fun you'll have ;o) There's sweat, spit, blood, cum, squirt... never mind the wine spills (cheers!!). Sheets?! What sheets... that's what laundry is for hehe!

Messy sex is having wildly kinky fun abandoning any inhibitions. Sex without sweat means you're not working hard enough ;o) I pride myself on squirting thru 3 layers of bedding - now THAT's a good time!!! Ever get so riled up with your partner that spitting in their face while you're in the thick of it only ads to how hard you fuck? ...oh, just me then? oops! I'm not talking about EVERY time - that would be a wee bit degrading right?? (hehe!) But... yeah, whenever the mood strikes that makes you wanna rip into your partner's body to GET YOURS ;o)

Don't be afraid of messy sex - everything can be cleaned off later. Let the fluid FLYYYY!!! Slippery, dirty sex is earned I say ;o) If you've ever had the sensation of being squirted, then you know what I'm talkin' about... If you've ever let your yogurt shoot all over her face, you'll be on board with this train of thought hehe! If you have yet to play in this manner - get on board folks. Leave that missionary, lights out, ironed sheet sex for the "happily" married couples hehehe!!! I kid...

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