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Friday, May 2, 2008

Ahhh love... it's good stuff...

So, this article made me nod my head several times... some interesting little tid bits about how we are affected by love.


After enduring the end of an engagement & the dissolution of a marriage in my lifetime, the man I have now found definitely has the 'it' factor. How does one know this, well there are many ways - one of which is certainly having the experience of past relationships. Growing platforms, hopefully leading you to the right person or to learn more about what you want in the 'right person'. Once you know it, everything else seems to fit.

Side note here: If you really love someone, the feelings of 'love'... and this is important... LAST. There should be no compromising on that point. Comfort level should only indicate a deeper more lasting love - that continues to make you feel GOOD... otherwise, it's indifference. I believe, when you are truly in love, you find yourself doing whatever it takes to keep it strong and growing.. and feeling the way it should...

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