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Monday, September 29, 2008

Just when I thought I was the expert of the ORGASM...

Isn't one of the best parts about sex that there is always something new to discover. Here's me, queen *O*.. I bashfully admit that I am one of the lucky few women who is blessed with the capability of achieving multiple orgasms during sex. Thankfully, I have a partner who knows how to work me and who entices me to 'work' on him to reach those heights!!

I recently found the most delicious of positions which happens to ROCK my world into mind-blowing, cross-eyed orgasms!!!! So of course, I had to share with my readers. Now for technical purposes I'm going to explain the set up. Woman on top.. Guy on the bottom.. guy has 2 pillows behind his head (I believe this helps with the angle).. girl has him fully inserted and is leaning over top of his chest... now the kicker, have him press (not push but PRESS) down on your butt cheeks. This spreads the girl open and pushes him towards her g-spot and with the right motions from the chick on top - you too, may be of the small percentage of women who can achieve g-spot orgasm!! If it sounds confusing, take this photo I've selected.. imagine it horizontally and that's the press move that the guy has to make.. Oh.. and being naked helps too lol!!

From the small to the earth-shattering, I am so grateful to experience a variety of orgasms several times over during a session. Let everything escape your mind and tell your partner what you like, what you want to try.. and NEVER be afraid to venture outside of the box. Variety is the spice of life as they say ;o)

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...and have yourself a fantastic orgasm!!

Cheers xo!

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