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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jeans on a man... what does it for me....

I'm the kinda girl who's favourite look on a man is when he's in a perfectly fitted pair of his old jeans. Not the ones that look scraggly... the ones that fit him just right, in ALL the right places. Now, I'm not a 'labels' kinda girl.. I just want to see him in the jeans where the view looks GOOD from all angles. You know, the ones that he wears with a little bit of strut to his walk.. they are comfortable and his ass is HOT in them!! Plus, the trendy-trendy jeans kinda give me the sign that the guy would be a little too ~fake~ or pretentious for my liking. Everyone knows what jeans are their fav's and what ones they feel sexiest wearing.. those ones!

So, my criteria for hot looking jeans on a guy is... 1. they don't have to be the trendsetter styles, 2. the ASS has to catch my eye. Now, if your guys is blessed with a lovely apple bottom then hallelujah!!! Those butts look the best in jeans if you ask me. You know, the ones where there is a curve to the lower back that leads down to a bite-worthy, totally squeezable set of buns, the ones that fill out the back side of jeans so perfectly! 3. The jeans have to FIT the man not the opposite! There is no bigger turn off then to see a guy who is wearing his jeans hanging low and way too over sized - puke me out! Even for those not so blessed, who may have the flat or tiny butt curse - find jeans that fit YOU - the loose-hanging butt jeans do nothing for the small butted fella. 4. do not buy jeans that are too tight! No one wants to see jeans on a guy so tight that you can still see that he wears whitey-tighties - that's a no no! I don't mind using my talents in being able to tell whether my fella is hanging left or right that day - so long as I can't tell if he's been circumcised as well lol!!! (Naughty joke - sorry!) 5. I am not a big fan of the jeans with the buttoned-pocket in the rear - I feel that style looks best on women or teenagers - but would a real guy's guy purchase jeans like that... ?? 6. A bit of comfort-wear zones in the jeans can look cool - some of the distressed jeans have the 'comfortably worn' look already worked in for ya! Never confuse this with full on visible ass-rips or overly obvious wallet wear - You know what I'm talking about - guys, don't ruin the ass-view for us ladies, keep your wallets in your jackets k?? We wanna see BUNS!!!! 7. My final tip would be to NEVER wear your jeans so low that any bending would be cause for crack-itis - if I wanna see more, I'll remove them myself thanks!!

Those are my tid bits on men in jeans. A guy wearing a great pair of jeans makes me wanna touch and squeeze... or at the very least, *THINK* about touching and squeezing!!! Whether my fella matches his jeans with a plan t-shirt, a nice sweater, a dressier collared shirt - jeans have been around for a long time & continue to be a staple in most peoples wardrobes. Most importantly, if you CARE how you look when you walk out the door - others will too!

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