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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lingerie ...a MUST!!!

Ahhh lingerie! The topic crossed my mind as I was planning what to pack for an upcoming trip & getting excited about some of the kinky 'night time play' outfits I will bring! To state the obvious, men LOVE it. Let's face it, the whole purpose of lingerie is dressing up to entice sex! What man wouldn't LOVE that kind of eye catching invitation? Thing is, not a lot of women want to put in the effort of lingerie - I guess they figure, putting out is good enough - NEVER I say! Lingerie isn't ONLY for the guys...

It's true that many women are self conscious about their bodies so, the thought of wearing lingerie to invite attention to your body can be a daunting thought for some. Thing is, there are so many different styles of lingerie that there is something flattering for every shape! Plus, most guys are so excited by the thought of having sex and would be SO jacked to see the effort to be sexy for him has been made - they don't focus in on the flaws that we see in ourselves ladies! Really! Plus, if you are self conscious about your body, there is amazing lingerie out there that can enhance the good stuff and distract from the worrisome areas. The bottom line is that men are VISUAL creatures and lingerie adds to the excitement of being tempted - it's a GOOD thing!

I'm a 'gotta match' the bras & thong kinda gal - it's a little thing but it counts (and who knows when you'll ever get in a car accident - who wants to be seen with ratty ol' panties on?! Won't be me!!). I like to make sure I have a good selection of nice bra/thong sets to choose from and mix em' up often. However, lingerie is different - it's not something I wear every day but it is something I wear often enough to need a small drawer to store all of my 'pretties' in lol! I find when I wear lingerie it sets a state of mind. It arouses the sexual prowess within! I've got everything from dress up costumes - darque cowgirl, naughty school girl, daisy duke - to cute little lace camisoles - sweet little teddies - right into corsets, garters & all! I like to play... guilty as charged! The thing is, with all of these options I've collected along the way - I get to 'dress up' for whatever mood may strike. And ladies, here's the key - there is something about slipping into lingerie that creates a mind set - lingerie is sexy - and that's just it - it MAKES you FEEL sexy when you wear it. If you aren't sure, give your man a lil' show and you'll be sure about your sex appeal soon enough!!!

Guys, I think it's a very fine line when it comes to buying lingerie for your lady. In fact, I think you have to know her VERY well to buy her the right stuff. Never mind sizing being an issue for most guys when buying lingerie for their lady - but it can come across as intimidating to a woman to have a guy WANT to see her in something if she's not quite sure of it herself. There are however, ways in which to encourage your lady to wear somethin' fun in the bedroom. Tell her you would really love to buy her something sexy but that you want her to choose it and surprise you with what she likes - Encourage her as to how sexy you know she'll look. I figure that's a win-win situation as she gets to chose something she likes and YOU will ultimately benefit when it's on the bedroom floor - am I right?!? ;o)

As for men, I am not a huge fan of seeing a guy in a man-thong. I mean, there is just something not so MANLY about that for me. I'm a boxer-briefs fan but what guys CAN do is make sure you've got some nice undies yourself. If you don't want your woman wearing old cotton granny undies with holes in them - then you need to set the bar. Women take notice when a guy looks good in his undies too. However, I secretly would love to find my guy with a bow tied around himself underneath (I know, I'm twisted but it's all good!).

Bottom line is, sometimes the effort put into the wrapping can make the present underneath SO much more appreciated!!!!!

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Happy lingerie wearing 2 u!

Chick xo

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