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Friday, December 5, 2008

Dirty talk... Gotta give it a try!!!

Dirty talk... Isn't it true that every guy wants his sweet, innocent girlfriend to become a MINX in the bedroom? To turn into that wicked vixen who dishes the smuttiest bedroom talk ever?! OF COURSE it's true!! (Ladies, even if he DOESN'T admit it). So here are a few tips from a chick who knows a thing 'r' 2 about a thing 'r' 2 ;o)

First of all there are a few things to think about with regards to dirty talk.. Dirty talk is NOT for everyone. If it's delivered 'half-assed' then it's just NOT gonna have the effect you want it to have. You've got to be CONVINCING and believable when it comes to your trashy bedroom talk. These aren't the soft 'I love you's' that you can save for AFTER.. I'm talking about raw, uninhibited, animalistic and SLUTTY talk! If you're gonna go this route - you've got to be 'all in'.

This is the time to dig deep and expose the inner sex maniac!! Trust me, every man wants to hear it but they also don't want to hear you giggle after you get started with your 'talk' - Buy into it people! Have a glass of vino before perhaps, let any shy feelings fall away before you make the dirty talk attempt. There are so many things you can say.. start with a simple 'f.ck me baby' and see how JACKED up he gets from that alone! I'm sure the response you get will encourage you to say even more. If you are in a very secure relationship you will find this easier to do, you can feel safer exposing your fantasies during sex while using dirty talk. A safe bet is to talk dirty about how good it feels and how horny he's making you.. talk about his 'parts' and what he's doing. A simple "I love how hard you are when you f.ck me" could blow his mind!!! You don't have to shout this stuff out so the neighbours hear you - even whispering it into his ear will make him crazy ;o) Start slow and see where your comfort levels are and gauge how he reacts - build on it from there.

Even if you have been in a relationship for years and have never tried this before - it's not a part of your sex routine - it's never too late to try! In fact, keeping things HOT and FRESH is so key in long term relationships - give it a go!

Some women may roll their eyes if they are reading this. So, let me be clear - dirty talk is not something that you do ALL THE TIME... anything that you do 'constantly' can lose it's 'edge and effect' which is NOT what you want. This is a 'once in a while' 'toss it in & drive him crazy' kinda thing. Over usage is TOO routine - and being too routine with something that's suppose to be spontaneous and exciting defeats the purpose.

Embrace it and feel in control.. say it like you mean it.. and enjoy his reactions!

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Cheers (said in the dirtiest of sexy voices)

Chick xo

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