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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Worshipping the penis...

I think there are a majority of women out there who simply cannot imagine the thought of 'worshipping the penis'. I've heard the commentary among women.. how it looks like a 'dead birds nest' how there is nothing attractive about the male sex organ.. I too have had my own cringe-worthy experience with a smelly 'ant eater'.. I know, GROSS! Trial and error I say... but when you find a cock that does it for you - GRAB HOLD ladies ;o)

If you are lucky enough to have found a penis that you deem attractive (and attraction is all a state of perception) then it's time to show your appreciation. There is a lot to be said for not just 'manipulating' a penis in order to achieve sexual gratification - a whole new level of sexual connection lies just beneath the surface. It has to do with your mind & how you really FEEL about your partner's most erotic body part.

Getting up close and getting to know all of the folds and creases of your man's cock is half the fun! Besides, it would truly be a shame to only acknowledge the TIP of his iceberg! Spend some quality time with your guy's penis.. get to know it.. no two are alike.. meet the whole gang while you're at it - never forget the dangle-brothers. The more interest you show in how your man's cock really works.. the better you can please him.. and a girl who knows her way around a cock is a goddess in every man's eyes. Oral sex is one of the top pleasure seekers by men - so if you take a genuine interest in worshipping your man's penis and learning how to enjoy it - your man will certainly have a whole new appreciation for you too.

All too many times women seem to dismiss blow jobs as being only for special occasions like his birthday... c'mon! Imagine if men viewed sex in this way - if they would only provide penetration on a special occasion - there'd be some mighty cranky people out in this world with some majorly pent up angst! So, if giving your man a blow job isn't something you currently enjoy - it might be time to consider how to WANT to enjoy his manhood. I have a few ideas...

If you have a man who has 'scent' from down below that turns you off - work around it - strip him down and take him into the shower.. be playful.. soap him up.. rinse him off and give him the experience of being explored by you in the steamy setting of the shower. Once his bewilderment over an experience like that has subsided.. remind him of how you like to fully enjoy him when he's squeaky clean like that ;o) I guarantee you.. any worries of a stinky pee pee will soon be history! If you are really adventurous try enjoying him all the way from the front to the back when you know he's all cleaned up... just a suggestion hehe!

Now, if don't mind the scent of your man.. or if a touch of 'marinade' (as I like to call it) is something you find appealing try making some time where you ONLY enjoy him. There are enough books out there that indicate a man should do this - but why not a woman? I for one, don't think that giving your man the 'basics' should cut it (and of course vice versa). After all, don't you want him to think of you as his ultimate sex fantasy - if the answer is yes, then INDULGE him sistas! Lie your man down on the bed.. unzip.. and take your time teasing and exploring.. and just when he's dying to touch you and return the favour.. tell him you want a little more time to enjoy HIM. I'd lay money most men will have never experienced something like this before.

If you have a man who tends to be on the 'bushy' side there are ways to convince him to do some manscaping as well. Start with yourself.. show up with a freshly shaved pussy and ask him how much he likes it bare.. tell him how much you love it.. tell him how you would love to spend more time savouring his cock if it was free of any 'furry' inhibitors ;o) I can attest to being the kind of woman who SHOWS her appreciation for a cleanly kept landscape on my man..

Point being, if you can find ways to genuinely be turned on by your man's penis then you are likely ahead of the game. This is about using your mouth, tasting, smelling, touching, admiring - using all of your senses to LOVE his cock... even before you feel him inside of you. I am certain that your man will soon show you his gratitude and that your desire for each other will be heightened beyond what you thought was possible.

Let me know how it goes.. break out that sex queen that you are and LOVE his penis! Email your questions or comments to chicktidbits@live.ca, subscribe, vote... and come back often!

Chick xo

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