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Monday, May 3, 2010

Embracing your sexual alter ego...

I think women either HAVE this or have the POTENTIAL for this... your sexual alter ego. It's one of those things that allows us to open the door to uninhibited sexual freedom. To fully enjoy the possibilities and satisfaction of completely 'letting go' during sex.

It's not always easy to clear our minds of the every-day goings on. Sometimes clearing our heads and getting into sex-mode is the furthest thing from a woman's mind (okay not mine, but I'm not talking about me here - I'm an odd bird that way!!). I often times enjoy adding a little SPICE to the game of sex - and that's what it should be - a full on game - play it - challenge yourself - think outside the box! (no pun intended lol!!).

Recently I put on a little cowgirl hat, added some high heel boots and sauntered down the stairs to greet my prey... After a few brief poses - it was ON!! Make him watch in the mirror when you do things to him - he can visualize that it's some dirty cowgirl down on him.. some slutty stripper that lives in his deepest darkest fantasies - but the best part - it's YOU!!! Let that cowgirl hat open the door to embracing your sexual alter ego. Behave in ways that the 'good housewife' would never think of. A little costume can take you far.

Maybe even just some sexy panties - something that breaks you out of the routine - the norm. Keep things on the edge once in a while. Everyone likes to get revved up for a surprise or two. And ladies, heels provide for leverage in certain positions that bare feet just can't compete with!!! Not to mention when in mid-air they make for wicked thrust handles ;o) MEOW!!! Maybe let him catch you 'already warming up' and see how quickly he catches up or begs to assist - let the woman take control ;o)

Don't just wait for the mundane to occur in the bedroom at the regular time on an anticipated date. Be spontaneous - allow yourself to be someone you wouldn't normally be from day to day. Let the mild mannered kitty transform into the hungry pussy once in a while. If a wig or costume or piece of lingerie does it for ya - own it! You'll be amazed what playing the role can do for you (and of course for him!)...

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Cowgirl in heels - and owning it!! ;o)

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