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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

taste test...

Let's face it, if you're having ANY fun whatsoever during sex... at some point you are using your mouth for a little more than kissing. If you're not - pull up a chair and take notes people!!

The potential is limitless as to what your lips can do and where your tongue can linger. If your partner is hygienic (and you should expect nothing less) then there should be no hesitation to find out what they taste like from head to toe. If you're like me, the very thought will make you drool with anticipation ;o)

All too many times "if" you receive oral sex it's limited to the foreplay experience alone. This is a travesty!!!! Half the fun of a good session is knowing that a well dipped blow job can come at any time.. or being lapped at after the juices have been forced out of you *blush* ~ yes, I know what I like hehe! Do you know how kinky it is to see what you taste like coming off of your partner's body? It's DEVINE!! Everyone can brush their teeth or rinse their mouths later - when in the moment the key is to LET GO and ~play~ outside the box (and in hehe!).

Don't confine yourself to the foreplay only oral sex treatment - some people are so uptight they won't even kiss after giving or receiving oral sex - c'mon!!!!! Sex is all about fun and lust and being just a little bit daring... It's not about hesitating - you'll only experience true bliss if you let go of any worry and let the intensity of the moment carry you away!!!
There's an entire body to savour - don't go missing out!!

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