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Monday, January 24, 2011

Do you REALLY know what your partner wants??

So, you've been together for a while now right? Things are going along swimmingly - or so you think at least. What's KEY is knowing how to KEEP it that way - and the only person that depends on, is your mate. Assuming things are 'great' just because 'you' are happy can be risky.

I think, that after a while, people get complacent, comfortable and perhaps without even realizing end up taking things for granted. I mean, how OFTEN do you stop to think about the things that make YOUR partner happy? When was the last time you did something entirely focused on making your partner feel good?? Even if this crosses your mind, DOING IT is they key - and follow through doesn't have to take a lot of work - but it WILL go a long way ;o)

The thing that people don't do often enough is stop to consider what it is that would REALLY make their partner smile. Ladies, I'm sure many of you would SHOCK the pants off of your man if you initiated sex, tried a new position or wore something sexy to bed. Most guys would list 'anything to do with sex' as their top 5 requests right?! But that's not the ONLY way to focus in on making your fella happy. What's his favourite beer? Pick some up for him - have it in the fridge and he'll see you thought of him. When is the last time you sat and listened to his favourite music and reconnected without having the TV on in the background? I don't know ANY guy who would turn down a back rub either...

Guys, think BEYOND flowers here... what does she REALLY like? When you make her breakfast - but add a little something to that to show you're into her - even a sticky note can go a LONG way to making her feel loved. Give her some loving moments that DON'T necessarily lead to sex... (make a note here fellas - the more of these moments you give the more sex you'll end up having anyways - I SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!).

The REAL key here is actually knowing what it is that would make your partner feel good. Too many people think about that THEY want and not enough about what their PARTNER wants. If you want something in return, try giving it first. If you are always the one giving and you aren't getting the same appreciation in return then there's a problem. It doesn't take hours to make these little moments possible but it can benefit for a long time when you follow through. I think the relationships that go the distance are those that regularly show their appreciation to one another. Think about it, if you're happy where you are now - you'll be glad you did...

Chick xo

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Hollie said...

I've missed your posts, Chick!!!!!

Hope all is great =D