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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things that make women happy.... okay, THIS woman....

SEX - Well, for sex to happen you have to be in a good place right? So you're happy, feeling loved and desired.. and then you get to cum!!! Win-win!!!

BACK RUBS.... In fact, I have an ongoing fantasy about going for a massage where it leads to all sortasa nasty goodness hehe! Fellas, take note - back rubs relax us, make us feel GOOD - in turn, we'll wanna make YOU feel good too!

WINE - another relaxer.... is it just me or does a nice glass o'vino warm up your pink parts even more????

PDA's - okay, not a wet frenchie kiss in the middle of the grocery store - but hand holding... a guy's hand on my lower back when we're out... simple little signs that he's into ME when we're out and about ;o)

REMINDERS - reminders that he's into you.... it can be as simple as a text message, a card... a snuggle with a hard c*ck at the end of a long day ;o) TMI?? Well, it is MY blog peeps!!!

KITCHEN MAKE OUTS - I don't know of any girl who wouldn't like a little sneak up from behind while making dinner or doing dishes - yes those tasks need to get done and are mundane, but add a little 'I'd still f.ck ya' squeeze into the mix from my man and YOWZA - that will make my day!

BEING COMPLIMENTED - Okay, I love being complimented by my fella - makes me feel GOOD inside and out... ie: Dancing with the stars was on, and lie or not - it felt great to know he thought I was just as hawt as one of the curvier dancers (not Kristie Ally - love her tho!)... hehe!

BEING TREATED LIKE A GF - although many of us hold the wife title or 'life partner' (PUKE) - no one really wants to be treated like the dowdy ol' wife.... so here's a little tip for the fellas - you want us to f.ck you like we're your GF and not just your old ball n' chain? Then TREAT us like we're your spicy hawt gf!!!! And ladies - this works in reverse too. Give'n'take peoples!!!

BEING APPRECIATED - again, a give and take situation here - remember the GF/BF ideal as mentioned above ^^^ if your Gf had come over and done your laundry or made you dinner - you'd be so thankful, don't let those little moments of appreciation ever slip away ;o)

That's all for now, stay kinky!

Chick xo

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