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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aggressive sex....

I’ve gotta admit – the thought of kinky, fun & playfully aggressive sex is a HUGE turn on! This isn’t an everyday occurrence but it’s for those times when the HUNTRESS in me has adrenaline running through my veins. I know what I want and I know how to get it – and sometimes I want more than that!! If you have a willing partner it can be very kinky & exciting to unleash some scratch marks down the back or smacks of the ass ;o)

I would only advise this type of play when both parties find it kinky and fun and more importantly, when there is a LOT of trust and comfort already established. The intent is never demeaning or hurtful – it’s like play-wrestling for example, you kinda want to egg your partner on and see who can end up taking control. (side note: some of the hottest sex can come out of play wrestling lol!!)...

Now, if you’ve never “played” this way before you may want to ‘build it up’ before you completely unleash on your partner. After all, you want them to play along here. Start off with some less obvious moves – nibbles that gradually increase in pressure, light dragging of nails down the back, a firm squeeze of the butt cheeks... If all goes well in time, see how adding more to your repertoire goes. Nipple pinching, ass smacks that leave a good mark, a slight squeeze with your hands around their neck, hair pulling – ohhhh the list goes on!!! Everything in moderation though and the focus is on PLEASURE. The point of invoking aggression into your sex play is to heighten the level of intensity – the passion – the FIRE!!

Most guys would probably say they’d like a girl to be aggressive from time to time in the bedroom. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like their partner wants to f.ck the shit out of them sometimes?! – Isn’t that the ultimate compliment (oh... okay, maybe it’s just me hehe!).. The reverse is usually true as well – taking turns with the aggressive play is ideal!! Sometimes feeling overpowered and submissive can give you the feeling of being completely TAKEN ;o) There is a level of kinky play here that definitely gets the blood pumping – among other things!!

As much as I love the naughty play (a.k.a. an intense f.ck session ~MEOW~) I will be the first to admit that I wouldn’t want that ALL the time – After all, anything that becomes ‘routine or regular’ defeats the purpose of having those spicy times come into play. Mix it up – sex is so much more intensely fun when you aren’t quite sure how crazzzzzy it’s gonna get ;o)

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