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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Regular reminiscing ~ a relationship tip...

Ever stop and reflect upon your relationship? I happen to think that successful couples do. Not everyday, but once in a while.. thinking about the little moments you've shared - or having pause in your day to think about your main ~squeeze!!~ The secret world that only you and your partner are completely privy to.

I've heard of people who suggest remembering the things that first attracted you to your partner (usually advice given when trouble is already on the horizon)... My suggestion here is that happy couples often draw upon those shared moments because they STILL hold that level of passion. Basically, if you find yourself smiling when you reflect on your life with your partner it means you are still going strong. People who are in unhappy situations don't look back and recall the butterflies.

The moments that make you stop and smile don't have to be the whirlwind trips you took or even anything extravagant - It can be as simple as your first kiss.. A time you laughed so hard together.. How nervous you were before you met.. If you remain in a space where you couldn't imagine anyone else sharing those experiences with you, than you are likely still moving along strong!!

Remember the spice... does it still stir something inside you today? There is no reason to lose that first feeling of desire and lust. If you still want to impress one another, if you still feel the passion and excitement that drew you together in the first place - you are golden!! If you still think about your partner and want to rip their clothes off - you've GOT IT!

So take a moment, reflect, remember... do you still get tingles? ....GOOD!!!

Now run along and keep the fires a'burnin'!!!

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