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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Public displays of affection....

Ahhh yes, public displays of affection - sometimes known as PDA. What is too much?? There are such varying degrees of PDA.. You have your exhibitionists who get a rush out of attracting attention from strangers. Those who would likely be out for the 'shock & awe' effect.. Versus the couple who holds hands walking down a street or gives a peck on the cheek.

There is nothing sweeter then spotting an older couple who still holds hands. However, there is a fine line as to what is considered classy and what is considered cheesy. I too, who promotes love in all it's forms have thought 'get a room' when I pass an overtly public make out session in progress. There is the train of thought that if you love someone show it however you feel it - live in the moment and I am all for that, but does that take away some of what is sacred and personal between the couple if overdone?

We've all seen the couple at the bar at the end of the night who are sloppily making out not realizing they are in plain view of the rest of the world.. and who probably don't care much about it. That IS different then a couple who shares a sweet fleeting kiss. I suppose it all comes down to what you feel and what is comfortable for you. Many people seem quite uptight about showing ANY affection in public - I am of the mindset, that if it's classy and real - then do what you feel. It's a turn on to know the person you are with is proud of it... but do I want to be up against the window of a Starbucks with his tongue down my throat while being felt up? (in fantasy - OF COURSE!!) in reality, no freaking way!! I guess my rules are classy - YES, tacky - NO.

Ya gotta let people do what they want to do... sometimes you will agree and sometimes you won't. If you are participating in PDA's then you might want to prepare yourself for commentary - put yourself out there and that's a possibility. Nothing wrong with expressing what you feel in the moment, just take into account your surroundings - you can have passionate moments without creating a scene.

For those who are disgusted by PDA's I think you have to look at the varying degrees. If hand holding isn't your thing, why is that? Are you afraid of people looking at you or are you not an affectionate person in your relationship? Regardless of how you carry yourself when you are in public with your partner - if you slip your hand into his back jeans pocket - or if you are the type who walks together but at arms length - do what feels right - you should only really judge yourself anyway.

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Real Tech Mom said...

Interesting post, I find that older cpls who still hold hands are encouraging, it's something else if they're going at it. Also I find it's teenagers that never have this PDA thing under control. They (and I was one of them) don't care what the world thinks and because of their surging hormones... it's almost like they can't help it (i'm sure they'd go at in in Starbucks without a second thought.) Well maybe a Tim hortons, as Starbucks can be quite pricey.

Fred said...

Define public affection better. I am not up for grabbing at my wife so I end up voting reserved. Or hitting a point were the police will give us a ticket. So I am asking that you define it a little better in your survey!