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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Anal sex ...

Has it crossed your mind? Is it something your partner has eluded to? Is it the one thing you haven’t tried yet? That taboo position that is almost never a road you can travel for the first time without some sort of conversation about it first... Yes my friends, I’m talking about anal sex ;o)

I’ve always been of the mindset that I’d pretty much be up for trying anything with a partner I felt secure and committed to. After all, sex is fun and exciting so why not explore it in every way possible right?!? Okay, that being said I can share from ‘some’ (*wink, blush, nudge*) experience ;o)

First off, DO talk about this topic before ASSuming you have the green light fellas. Some people are dead set against it whether they have had previous experience or not, obviously, ya gotta respect their feelings. If it’s something you desire and your partner is not interested, you are still warranted to discuss your desires to at least try it. If you cannot come to an agreement – maybe try a little ‘meet in the middle play’ put some lube along her butt crack and thrust along the line of her butt without any penetration (picture when you slide yourself between her breasts, same idea) – maybe you’ll take some ‘boo’ out of taboo that way... just a thought. Plus, that little tid bit can show your partner that they can trust you which is vital to a positive introduction to anal sex. Anal PLAY can also be a good stepping stone into the attempt at anal sex. Anal play can include penetrating the anus with your pinky finger, perhaps simultaneously having finger play with her va-jay-jay, oral play with the anus – licking or lightly tonguing, even just massaging the outside of the anus to show the pleasure you can receive from that area.

The #1 rule for any anal play or penetration is LUBE.. LUBE.. AND MORE L*U*B*E ;o) The #2 rule is to have your partner feeling completely relaxed.. tension and anal sex don’t work well together. If this is something you desire to try more than once, do your best to make the first time a good experience. Listen to your partner, be calming, go SLOW... be constantly aware that the *green light* you have can change to amber at any given moment!! If your partner is game and you plan on giving it a go.. ensure her mind is not focused on the concern of pain, keep her in the mood – make sure she is turned on in other ways – spend time on that before going for the bull’s-eye ;o)

When you are ready, when your partner is ready – coat yourself in a good dose of lube.. lube up your partner as well.. begin with small penetrations.. your pinky fingertip.. up to the knuckle.. etc.. if that is going well and the light is still green – S-L-O-W-L-Y- move in.. Now, as a side note here, the tip is usually the most shocking part of anal sex for the woman. Once the tip is in, keep your movements extremely small, edge in further as the pressure allows... Continue to keep your partner aroused.. kiss her back.. keep her feeling relaxed – remind her you will stop at her first request – but PLEASE, do yourself a favour here guys – don’t THRUST away on her unless she’s an anal-loving-kinda-gal ;o) This article is for the first-timers – the seasoned vets already know the drill & how they like it lol!!

In my humble opinion, the best of anal sex experiences are those that happen with a patient and trustworthy lover. If you try it and it’s not something you want to try again – you still get full marks for giving it a go ;o) But fellas, if this is something you wish to have as a part of your sexual repertoire with your partner then invest the time and patience on a gradual start – your chances of a second go-round will increase tenfold that way ;o)

Ladies, if it’s something you would never consider – do you know why? I mean, there are a lot of people who are appalled by sex itself for any other use then baby making – imagine what they are missing out on?!? Maybe think of it like broccoli – you may not like the thought of trying it – but maybe... just MAYYYYYBE you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you give it a try. Personally, I think vaginal sex is a lot more pleasurable – but I have found the kink of trying anal sex exciting in a different way – Overall peeps, don’t knock it til’ you’ve tried it right??

And fellas, it takes two to tango... if you wanna venture into that kinda play with her – she just may want to explore the depths with you too ;o) the more the merrier right??

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Cheers xo!


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