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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day.... my take....

Well, it's almost here again - Valentine's Day... I have so many different thoughts with regards to Valentine's Day. Sure, I'm all for celebrating your love and why not have a recognized day for it?! But... then I sorta think, if you're doing things right in your relationship you shouldn't need 'dedicated events' as a reminder to make your partner feel special. And.. what about those single friends of ours who would probably rather skip February 14th all-together... Or what if you're involved in a relationship that is going through a bad spell - then what do you make of V-day?! I'm ALL for promoting love and recognition in a relationship and in life but I hope a day like Valentine's inspires and doesn't pigeon hole merely appreciating one another on expected yearly dates.

So, assuming you are in a relationship. What are the expectations for Valentine's day? Do you agree to go out for dinner? Who makes the plans? Do you purchase gifts? Chocolates? Flowers? Jewellery? Is it an unwritten rule that sex is expected to happen? Do you buy new lingerie? Bring out the kinky play? So... suddenly Valentine's day means you need to figure out what the plans will be. Let's assume that you are n0t the type of couple who 'fakes' happiness on these types of occasions because that would make the whole situation too hollow to go through with. Gawsh this sounds like such a negative view point on Valentine's Day - in reality I think Valentine's Day can be a really nice. I think, the key to avoid any confusion is to talk about what you'd like to do to celebrate - if you choose to celebrate.

I am of the school of thought that everyday should feel like Valentine's Day if you are in the right relationship... cheesy but true, and here's my reasoning.. It doesn't mean wining & dining or spending money on gifts - it's the little things - the little ways that you show how you feel - everyday. Doing things for each other that expresses your appreciation and desire. Treating one another with the same 'special' feelings as you would on special dates such as V-day. Valentine's day type of expressions do not need to cost a fortune or be uniquely extravagant - little love notes, a text, candles at dinner instead of the norm, wearing something fun (or nothing!) to bed.. etc.. turn off the TV at night and listen to some music together.. In other words, if things are on the right track in your relationship then V-day should just be a little icing on top. It's not about who gets the biggest bouquet of roses or guys who may feel they need to bend over backwards to end up getting laid - I think, it should just be a day where you spend a little extra time appreciating what you have & being happy together.

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1 comment:

Fred said...

Is sex expected! So if a couple doesn't get out much but V day helps to ensure they do, what's wrong with that? Its like a national get out for a date day.

And yes sex is expected - dinner was $75, movie $30. Okay a hand job and dirty talk at a minimum.

The real question to ask is how many people actually go out on V day vs waiting for some day just after when things are cheaper :)