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Saturday, February 21, 2009


At first I thought, what kind of guy would be attracted to the whole idea of 'actually' going to a rub'n'tug facility??? He likely wouldn't be getting much action in his 'real life', might not feel comfortable going 'all out' with the prostitution route, maybe he wants non-committal, guilt-free interaction with a woman, the kind of guy who figures he can get away with it this way, wants to get more action for less money then a stripper's lap dance would run him, the guy whose drunk buddy wants to broaden his horizons, and/or the guy who craves a little *strange* every once in a while...

So... regardless of how you end up at a rub'n'tug... a.k.a. 'massage parlour' you already know what you're getting into. You'd be hard pressed to find a 'registered massage therapist' who would show up for your massage wearing a bikini, lingerie or some sort of slinky robe - hint numero uno ;o) And, from what I've *heard* you actually DO get a massage - - I mean, on your back, for starters of course lol!! Don't plan on being shy once you roll over though, there is no foreplay or awkward conversation here - oil up the gear and get'er'done ;o)

I'm assuming the guy who would venture into a rub'n'tug would not be all that concerned about the hygiene of the place.. I mean IMAGINE the black-light artwork in one of those rooms eeeek!!! If you're naive enough to think you can't get crabs from the sheets or towels they use, you are sorely mistaken. And the girls.. or ~tuggers~ as I like to call them, are they obsessive hand washers?! They must have fantastic cuticles from using all of that oil.. How do they deal with the "happy ending" - do they aim it away from themselves? Do they clean you off afterwards? Does it cross over into more then a tuggggg?? And if the customer cannot achieve his *happy ending* does he still leave a tip??? Is there a time limit? Can you specify - no massage, I'll have the "all tug" special today please ;o)

My take... you'd be a lot better off and a lot more budget conscious if you just grabbed yourself a bottle of baby oil, lathered up and went to town!!! If you're looking for a different feel then throw on a rubber glove and name her whatever your heart desires ;o) I guarantee you you'll wind up with the same satisfied outcome in the end, more money in your wallet, less guilt on your conscience (if you are in a relationship)... and you'd feel a lot less 'used for your money' by yourself then by a rub'n'tug.

Just on a side note though... why the heck don't they have rub'n'tugs for us ladies?????? Oh.. wait, I guess I'm the only kinda gal who'd raise an eyebrow to that temptation hehe!!!

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Fred said...

completely agree better off to switch hands!