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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SHE'S just not that into you...

She’s just not that into you... Okay so we’ve all heard about the trials & tribulations which inspired the ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ book turned movie (loved it btw!!)... but how about the reverse??? It seems to me that guys, being the natural hunters that they are, often times miss the cues that women give THEM when SHE’S just not that into you. Many guys continue to aimlessly persist with the hunt.

First of all, as is true with both sexes if the person you are pursuing doesn’t make themselves available to see you at every opportunity they can – then it’s true – their interest level is not equivalent to yours. Especially when it comes to women, if they are interested in seeing you – they will. Of course the obvious exception is work – but everyone gets a lunch break right?! The point is, there are always WAYS to see one another. With all of the conveniences of technology available – texting, social networking sites, messenger, and who doesn’t have a cell phone these days?! ...there are no more excuses for not being in contact – other than lack of interest.

These cues are all a part of making an effort. If you do not SEE an effort being made in response to your advances – well, there is a reason for that – not an excuse, but a reason. Take notice in how a woman dresses when she is with you. I mean, sure – she’s dressed but does is it obvious to you that she put quite a bit of effort into her looks when you had plans together? Did she recently get her hair done before your date?? Nails maybe – that’s a good indication! Is she flirty when she’s with you & maintain eye contact – if not, guess what... that’s a sign of disinterest. If she does not initiate contact – be it by communication or even when it comes to being physical – again take note. Does she respond to your attempts at contact with equal levels of response?? (i.e.: a text for a text, a call for a call) if a girl is truly interested you will not have to wait or pursue or...AND THIS IS KEY... wonder! If it’s legit you won’t have to question her interest – you’ll already know. If you’re fooling yourself that she’s playing hard to get or taking things slow – consider yourself now informed – she’s just not that into you.

If a woman is truly interested she will think about her fella constantly – I mean, we’re multi-taskers at heart so if we have interest in you, in one way or another, you are always on our minds. If you don’t catch that vibe – that sparkle in our eyes when we talk to you – the smile you can hear over the phone when we speak – if that’s not obvious (because it should be if we’re really into you) then take note – interest levels are definitely not in sync.

The thing is, being knowledgeable when coming to terms with this is actually to your benefit. No one should be left hanging and if you are then you are wasting time. When in doubt – move on fellas.. when it’s real it’s easy & there is no doubt. Hanging onto hopeless hope only keeps the ‘right one’ further away – release the grip and embrace the next turn on your path ;o)

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Fred said...

Your survey is funny, because the 4th choice is a boarder line stalker choice :)