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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sex in a car ..or truck ..or anything u can park!!

So maybe this hadn't crossed your mind since the teen years.. but I am here to say THINK AGAIN!! I mean, why not?!? What was enticing about having sex in a car when you were a teenager still holds true as an adult.. It's exciting, it's risky, it's naughty, it's spontaneous and it's FUN!! I am sure that most adult relationships could use a little FRISKINESS every now and again - am I wrong??

Most of us have jobs, maybe children and responsibilities that are extremely time consuming. Once you have a home and a bed to have sex in - the excitement of 'where and when' to get kinky can fade out. Even transferring from the couch to the bedroom can lose some of the anticipation and spontaneity. A bedroom is surely great to maximize position potential - but for many couples, regular sex in the bedroom can become routine. Changing up the plans or the environment can add a whole lot of spice to the mix every now and again. For this, I suggest giving sex in a car a consideration.

I like to roll play when the potential for sex in a car comes about. Ya know, the 'we just met' situation or 'maybe he picked me up at the corner for a good time'.. Remember the passion you had as a teen when you made out in the car - you'll find that doesn't go away - but now you are older and wiser and may even be a bit more experienced when it comes to maximizing positions!!
Whether it's reclined bucket seating or full on back seat bench play - there are so many options. Riding reverse cowgirl, girl on top, guy on top, doggie, or my fav - girl on top in the squat position with her feet on the seat tee hee!! ;o) Just ensure it's dark outside and that you've staked out a secluded spot. Country roads are devine for this!!

Lock the doors, turn up the kink & have fun fogging up the windows!!!!!

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