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Saturday, March 7, 2009

SEX... yes, it's ALWAYS on my mind ;o)

I recently read a quote by Mel B. of the Spice Girls and she said something along the lines about not knowing anyone who has a sex drive like she does - and I thought 'ME TOO!!!' Admittedly, it's crazy how often I think of (and want) sex!!! I swear, I could challenge the most hormone raging teenaged boy over how often sex comes across my mind ;o) Apparently, the average male apparently thinks about sex every 7 seconds - k, I've gotta be around the 3.5 second mark here and I do *not* have a penis lol!!

And when I think about it, often times it's a thought so intense that I can FEEL it creating warmth & *tingles* in all the right places ;o) I call that the 'F-oner' - female+boner if you will (a.k.a. bloodflow to the clitoris) ;o) If I see a couple walking together I'll often think 'hmm.. wonder what they look like having sex?!' - If I catch a couple making out on TV it stirs something in me.. the juices flow very easily for someone who is so sexually charged ;o) Watching porn is always a turn-on too - I appreciate the stuff that looks legit versus staged tho... A few of the pass times of a highly-jacked chickee ;o)

I'm thankful enough to be with a fella who obliges at my every request when it comes to my crazy sex drive!! Thing is, often times once orgasm is achieved it just sets off a whole new level where I want it even more ;o) It opens the floodgates!!! Even after multiple orgasms during sex there are some times where I'll want to cap it off with a little self stimulation as well. Plus, at that point I have my fella as my audience/assistant so why not?!

For those of us who are highly sexual creatures masturbation is a necessity. There have been times when I've been guilty of self pleasuring myself while driving - admittedly tho I was in traffic & for safety reasons I do not recommend it lol! Surprisingly enough tho, I am not a fan of artificial stimulation (vibrators, etc) - they can be fun for a little kink every now and again but they are NOTHING in comparison to genuine skin on skin contact ;o)

If you have a high sex drive it's usually very easy for that to be interpreted physically. For guys it means they can get an erection almost instantly and for women it means you get wet and turned on very easily. There have been times when my cravings have been so high that by the time I have sex there is a huge flow of juices released out of me. I imagine this has a lot to do with being easily turned on, afterall if sex was a DRY topic and uncomfortable ya wouldn't crave it so much.

This doesn't mean that because you are highly sexual being that you are easy or out to do every thing that walks by. It does however mean that sex is important to you and when you are in a relationship you will tend to be very... very sexually active ;o) But hey, consider that an extraordinary connection instead of a vice!

I don't look at my affliction as a bad thing however... I find sex to be exhilarating, healthy and fulfilling in so many ways. If sex is my favourite hobby over say.. knitting, then that's a-okay with me ;o) I do realize that it is not common for women to be the ones with the higher sex drive. It has been difficult to relate to women who are of the majority view point with regards to sex. But hey, this is why I blog - if I had the same views as everyone else wouldn't that be boring??

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