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Friday, March 13, 2009

Bromance ...gotta love it!

"Oh, Paul Rudd is dreamy. . . So one time I was fast asleep on the couch, and I just feel Paul and his gentle touch on my shoulder going, 'Hey, Jase, wake up. It’s time to wake up, buddy. Wake up.' And I slowly open my eyes, and Paul is standing there with his dick out. And he just gives me this weird, mischievous smile and walked out of the room."

- Jason Segel on his I Love You Man co-star Paul Rudd, to
Time Out NY
Okay so I admit it, that quote was cause for a naughty little smirk on my face ;o) A secret turn-on for me is being witness to a good ol' bromance. Bromance is described as the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males. There is something enticing about two straight guys who can 'borderline' flirt with one another. Let's be clear though, we aren't talking about guys who are gay or effeminate in any way... These are what I like to describe as a 'guy's guy'. They are easy going, they tend to have a devilishly-delicious sense of humour and they have close guy-friends who they can joke around with hilarious innuendo.

This type of 'bromance' doesn't happen in just ANY guy friendship, it has to be special. There is a level of comradery that is a very fine mix. These guys are close - they can talk about anything together and they are usually familiar with the raunchiest of skeletons in each other's closets. They know anything and everything about each other's sexual escapades, generally share similar likes and dislikes, often times engage in the same sports or hobbies and REALLY enjoy one another's company. It's just like having a crush but between guys!

You know the ones, the guys in the locker room who can whip each other's butts with a tightly wound wet towel ;o) Bromances just happen to be on the top of my list of turn-ons!! There's something frighteningly kinky about two straight guys sharing a little good flirting ;o) If you are a guy and you simply cannot relate to this - picture it in reverse - what guy doesn't find it a little hawt to witness two girls joking around and being flirty together?! See....

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Let's hear it for the boyz!!! You know who you are... ;o)

Cheers xo!


1 comment:

Fred said...

Think you are missing the double standard. As men we of course want to see to women flirting or just down right getting it on. But no real man likes to see 2 guys doing that.